It’s Time to Trade Your Jeans For Polka-Dot Pants

Over the years, jeans have become a go-to solution for a assortment of fashion dilemma. Going out with friends ? Jeans. Working in a casual environment ? Jeans. Do n’t feel like getting dressed, but hush want to look slightly put-together ? Jeans ( in this character, the identical baggy and loose kind ) .

however, as spring approaches, along with its warm-ish, in-between temperatures, we ‘ve been thinking about trading our jean for polka-dot pants. digression from the photographic print being on-trend — brands such as Rodarte, Carolina Herrera, and Marc Jacobs all sent it down the runway — we ‘ve come to realize that it ‘s practically a achromatic. Yes, you can pair polka-dots with solid-colored staples, but you can besides mix them with leopard print and stripes, excessively. The samara is to keep scale in mind ; if the polka-dots on the pants are big, use a smaller print on top to create balance .

think of giving polka-dot pants a go ? We ‘ve put together three not-so-basic kit ideas ( modeled by Senior Beauty Editor Kayla Greaves ) aboard tips on how to mix and match according to occasion. By the end, not only will you be quick to swap out your jeans for polka-dot pants, you ‘ll be a print-mixing pro, primed to manner this piece with any animal-print, chevron, or dot combination that comes to mind .

How To Mix Prints
Erin Glover
FOR THE WEEKEND: For the most part, we consider Saturdays and Sundays to be days of rest and relaxation ( if our schedule permits ), which typically means we ‘re all about comfortable clothes. however, a trusty match of polka-dot pants can be the happy culture medium between getting illusion and throwing on sweats, since they look capital when styled with a dim-witted strip tee or turtleneck. Once you add a copulate of blank sneakers, you ‘re ready for brunch, a trip to the park, or whatever your heart desires, all while looking like you put a lot of feat into a very easy kit .

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How To Mix Prints
Erin Glover
FOR WORK: even if your function dress code is business free-and-easy, we guarantee polka-dot pants weill still be boss-approved. We chose a slim-fitting, structure match that reminded us of basic slacks, and while the pattern is attention-getting, it ‘s not at all distracting. When you ‘re not pairing these babies with a white button-down and dark blazer, make bold to add leopard to your spirit with a modest peak. now, your equip is arrant for that 3 post meridiem confluence and catching up with friends later on .

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How To Mix Prints
Erin Glover

FOR A NIGHT OUT: Surprise, storm — polka-dot pants can be dressed up, besides. If you ‘re looking for an outfit that will work for dinner and drinks subsequently, we suggest investing in a satin, polka-dot top that comes in a contrasting color scheme ( in this case, we tied a scarf into a tube clear of sorts, giving things a sexy twist ). not lone will this trick will make it seem like you ‘re wearing a single, slick piece, you can try it with equitable about any color jazz band, although basic black-and-white is dateless for a reason .

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