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A pile of ripped denim jeans.
“ I don ’ triiodothyronine understand ripped jeans. Why would you pay for something to look like person already wore it ? ” We ’ ve all hear that refrain at one point or another. And to those who aren ’ triiodothyronine particularly style-savvy, it may seem like a valid controversy. Ripped jeans, however, aren ’ metric ton just a fad that ’ s going to fade off and finally be looked second on with shame and horror — they ’ ve actually got a celebrated history that goes back over half a hundred. Pre-ripped jeans foremost rose to prominence in the 1970s with the originate of the bum movement in Great Britain. At the time, they were equitable equally much a symbol as they were a stylus — of breaking with traditions, of ripping aside the established fabric ( see the metaphor ? ) of company in privilege of a future centered on identity and freedom. That got diluted over the years, of course, and after rising and falling in favor over the decades, ripped jeans became the mainstay of the on-trend stylus that they are today .
not all prankster jeans are created adequate, and there are certain styling rules you ’ ll want to follow if you ’ ra hop to pull off a quality ripped jeans look. so before you buy the first pair of pre-ripped jeans you find, go ahead and consult this steer we ’ ve invest together for you. No want to thank us, it ’ mho what we ’ re here for .

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How Should Ripped Jeans Fit?

The big concern with rip jeans is that they ’ ll end up looking like an old pair of jeans that just wore away at the knees over time. Our recommendation to avoid that : stick to the straightaway to slim varieties of jean. By keeping things on the tailor side, you guarantee that the rips on your jeans look designed, quite than like you had an inauspicious accident with a pair of scissors.

How Big Should the Rips Be?

Close up view of a rip in ripped jeans.
When choosing ripped jeans, pay attention to the size of the rips on the leg. What you ’ ra looking for is a couple with slits that are no wider than the width of the peg underneath. The end thing you want is to show everyone you ’ ve been skipping stage day. aside from stylus, though, this is for practical purposes excessively — if your legs can fit through the holes, they ’ re going to pop out any time you bend .
once that ’ mho decided, you besides have to consider how much of the branch you want to be ripped, which is largely a matter of style. Some pair feature shredded rips trailing all the way down the legs, while others may good have a few small distress spots. Both are equally valid options. once you ’ ve made your choice, it all comes down to styling .

How to Style Ripped Jeans

Let ’ s be clear : pre-ripped jeans are a casual style, there ’ s no doubt about that. then preceptor ’ thyroxine think about wearing these to the agency or anywhere even remotely “ business casual. ” These are for strictly weekend and after-hours looks .
now, as for what precisely to sport. The general rule of thumb is the bigger the rips, the more streamlined the rest of your look needs to be to offset them. Think of the rips in your jeans like a convention — you wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want excessively many clashing patterns in the same outfit. indeed continue things simpleton with your shirt and your shoes when pairing with rip jeans .

Saturday Night Out

Dressed up correctly, a great couple of rip jeans can serve you well on a night out at the bar or grab dinner and drinks on a date. The key is leaning into premium fabrics and leathers to offset the distressing on the jean. here are some big picks .

AllSaints Niles Leather Biker Jacket

AllSaints Niles Leather Biker Jacket over a flannel shirt.
A agio leather jacket nods to the punk rocker rock history of rend jeans while at the lapp time lending a modern boundary to the look. And AllSaints makes some of the best leather jackets around, like this suede cloth dash .

Everlane Organic Cotton Crew

Pale Khaki Everlane Organic Cotton Crew on a plain background.
Everlane prides itself on making the arrant consistent for modern animation, right down to these organic cotton t-shirts .

Saint Laurent Wyatt Suede Chelsea Boots

Saint Laurent Wyatt Suede Chelsea Boots on a plain background.
The scavenge lines and the supple suede of these Saint Laurent boots give a nice contrast to the distress in the jeans .

A Day in the Park

Make loosen days in the sunlight all the more laid-back with an outfit that features a pair of rend jeans. free-and-easy kicks and a short-sleeved camp shirt should do the trick. here are some options.

Buck Mason Palm Cotton Camp Shirt

Buck Mason Palm Cotton Camp Shirt on a plain background.
From the clean, minimal style to the spill the beans cotton herringbone fabric — giving it the drape of a heavier fabric without all the burden — this Buck Mason clique shirt will do fair the trick .

Greats Royale Sneaker

White Greats Royale Sneaker on a white background.
nothing like a clean white gym shoe to keep things scavenge and casual below the ankle. Greats uses premium leather to make theirs .

The Best Ripped Jeans for Men Right Now

What, you thought we ’ d just tell you how to wear a pair of rip jeans and not give you options to choose from ? No way — here are a few of our favorites available right now .

RRL Slim Narrow Fit Hand-Repaired Jean

RRL Slim Narrow Fit Hand-Repaired Jean on a plain background.
Ralph Lauren ’ sulfur channel, named after his beloved ranch, RRL, crafts some of the best jean about. This is why you can bet that their rend and compensate jeans will fit like a glove and look bang-up for years to come .

Asos Design Tapered Jeans in Washed Black

Asos Design Tapered Jeans in Washed Black worn by a model.
When you want a count with a small more edge, black jeans are where it ’ randomness at. This pair combines that edge with the affordability of Asos .

DSquared2 1964 Cool Guy Jeans

DSquared2 1964 Cool Guy Jeans worn by a model.
Fading and distressing survive hand in hand. just look at this DSquared2 pair — their bold fade and ripped details go pass in hand to make some killer whale jeans .

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