Five stunning transmog outfits for your new Demon Hunter

It ’ s last happened. Demon Hunters are here and they ’ ra taking Azeroth by storm. But if you ’ re anyone who ’ s anyone, you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to just be the most impressive Demon Hunter on the battlefield, you besides want to be the best Demon Hunter… on the track ! That ’ s right, today we ’ rhenium bring you five different transmog sets that will bring out precisely what kind of look you want to make pop with your Demon Hunter !
A few things to keep in mind : The sets below don ’ t actually include a headstall since Demon Hunters get a special customization choice for blindfolds that will constantly appear even if your headstall is hidden. second, only swords and axes were featured in the list because those are the lone weapon classes you can transmog glaives into. Yes, Demon Hunters can technically use early weapon classes, but once Legion rolls out, you ’ ll be stuck with glaives, swords, and axes for all your transmog sets .
Blue Steal Header

Blue steal

This first set is a personal darling of mine. certain, you ’ re a Demon Hunter indefinitely borrowing a Rogue ’ s armor bent, but who cares ? This set looks wholly amazing, even on Demon Hunters.

Good for: Night Elves, Demon Hunters with purple tattoos .
Bonuses: The Darkmoon Faire is in town right now, which makes this the arrant time to farm for this arrange. additionally, a set of purple warglaives can be bought once Legion drops and they go very well with this set ( see : header trope ) .
Find the wide put here .
Scrapper Header

The scrapper

This front, on the other hand, shows everyone that you ’ ve been through some sturdy trash in your biography. You scantily escaped Mardum and you had to fight your way out of The Vault of the Wardens with whatever you could get. Those swords ? You stole those from a devil general after blasting it with Fel energy, then used them to cut down even more demons. You ’ re one hood son of a gun and you don ’ t need showy, hulking armor to show you mean commercial enterprise .
Good for: Showing off your tattoo, particularly if you went with the black ones .
Worth noting: The feet are PVP pieces and come in a slightly dark version on Horde side .
Find the full set here .
Bloodfury Header

You make me Bloodfury-ous

Some Demon Hunters — specially Blood Elves — retain a act of their pre-Demon Hunter semblance palette, alternatively preferring reds over greens. This jell is for those Demon Hunters .
Good for: Showing off loss or black tattoo, matching Blood Elf aesthetic .
Bonuses: Utilizes a sword and an ax for maximal deadliness .
Worth noting: The sword is Horde-only but comes in other color variants for all races. Souldrinker and Arcweaver Spell Sword are besides good alternatives.

Find the entire set hera .
Fel Header

I Fel for you

other Demon Hunters, well, they like Fel. And while this fixed is a act more Forest Troll than Fel demon, it gets the problem done .
Good for: Roleplaying as a Troll, embracing the Fel .
Bonuses: many easy-to-buy pieces .
Find the wax set hera .


Just your average, everyday Illidaniel

Look at you. You made it through Outland, Mardum, and the Vault of the Wardens — then you said adequate was enough. alternatively of fighting the beneficial battle, you decided to go into early retirement and live out your days in the countryside with your happy little syndicate. In fact, tonight, you ’ re off to see a turn ! What, these swords ? Oh, these are just property you promised you ’ vitamin d deliver to the actors — after all, you spend your Wednesdays volunteering time to help the Karazhan Theatre Troupe. You ’ re precisely that kind of Demon Hunter .
Good for: Anyone who ’ s not about that rather life .
Bonus: This is some solid RP material here .
Find the full arrange here .
There are batch of transmog sets out there for Demon Hunters, but these have hopefully given you an theme where to start ( or at least revolutionize you to create your own sets ) ! If you have a truly amazing transmog idea, feel rid to partake it in the comments below. And if you ’ re a fan of transmog in general, wear ’ thyroxine forget to check out our regularly scheduled Transmog Tuesday articles .

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