Cowboy fashion is a lead tendency. And this is not something we only say, that we love all about western and possibly aren ’ thyroxine “ trustworthy ”. All fashion gurus say that : the biggest international designers, the most relevant influencers and even the celebrities .
The accuracy is that the cowboy expressive style has always been something atemporal not associated to the unpredictable fashion trends. But, at portray, the big brands have included in their catalogs some pieces with a recognizable western flavor that, belated on, big stars have popularized converting the cowboy look into a cosmopolitan tendency. As leave of this irruption, the western style has expanded beyond its limits to integrate with the most urban looks leading us to proudly show our style. We are vogue !
And, like any other fashion style, the key is in the accessories. nowadays, we precisely are going to talk about that, two simpleton accessories that, despite their discretion, will make gain our dash preferences : the colonel ties and bolo ties .

Western ties, cowboy elegance

If we think about western tie, that first gear thing that comes to our heed is Gary Cooper ’ s visualize in High Noon or the iconic image of Colonel Sanders, the one from Kentucky Fried Chicken. It ’ s an accessrory normally connected to the elegant cowboy ’ sulfur figure and the southern gentlemen.

In the erstwhile american West, this accessory, besides known as Colonel Tie, was considered the conventional dress bind. particularly, in the southerly states, where was much more popular than the bow draw. In fact, in the southwesterly of the United States, the cowboy necktie is still considered region of the formal overdress .
Of course, as alternative to the traditional affiliation, is a perfective complement to highlight our love for all about western with an elegant excess touch. By other side, it is besides a very democratic garment for the enthusiast of rockabilly style .
In our catalog you can find genuine colonel ties in divers colors, that easily adjust to our shirt ’ s collar thanks to a identical useful trot on fastening system .

Western bolo ties, a hallmark

If exists a sign that easily identifies the western dash together with the boots and hat, it will probbably be the cowboy bolo tie tie. It was invented in the 40 ’ s ten from the by century by a silversmith from Wickenburg, Arizona, called Victor Cedarstaff.

Cedarstaff was riding his cavalry and the wind about took his hat. For not loosing the silver medal decored cord, he slided it around his neck. A mate told in a curious way : “ Nice link, Vic ”. And so the bolo tie estimate come up. Its mention derive from the argentinian bola for hunt .
It didn ’ t take excessively long for the the western bolo connect to popularize, specially in US occidental states, improving to the point that some states designated it the official bind. Arizona in 1971, New Mexico in 1987 and Texas in 2007 .
Outside the United States, the inaugural to follow this fashion swerve were the Brithish Teddy Boys during 50 ’ second ten. Lated on, in the 80 ’ randomness, were the Rockabillys who made resuscitate this accessary, that got tied more recognition when became very popular among Hollywood film stars .
It besides gained many devotees in Japan, South Korea and China, between 80 ’ second and 90 ’ second, when it was identical common to wear hired hand crafted western bolo tie ties, with luxury cords and unusual tips .
Our westerly bolo tie ties are crafted in metal, silver or german silver, with all kind of american and rockabilly motives : eagles, cowboy boots, horses, cow skulls, arrowheads, native american english mosaics ; and besides with turquoises, onyx, painted sand, disquieted figures, etc.

Whether your style is rockabilly or look for highlighting your cowboy expect, in our collection will find your bolo tie tie .

so, if you want to give your overdress a special touch of cowboy elegance or look for the best western bolo tie necktie to complete your style, do not hesitate visiting our shop in Barcelona ’ s Las Ramblas, or take a look at our colonel ties and bolo ties collection in our on-line storehouse .
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