What underwear should I wear under my dress?

A lot of you ask us the same questions at your appointments, what underwear can I wear with this style dress? Do I have to go braless? Big knickers or little knickers? The truth is, our dresses are designed to be worn with all sorts of underwear so we decided to stock some of our favourite’s to match each of our styles.

Style: Brooklyn 

The Brooklyn seems to get the most underwear questions. “ I want to wear a brassiere but its a gloomy back, what do I do ? ! ” well, we have a few solutions for you .
Nipple covers
nipple covers are perfective if you ‘re comfortable not wearing a brassiere, but just want a little something to cover you up. We recommend both silicone nipple covers which are reclaimable, and the fabric petal covers which are capital for one wear.

Option 1: 

Silicone Nipple Covers
These very low-cost beauties give a slick look under the Brooklyn manner dress, both in the crepe styles and satins !
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Option 2: 

framework Nipple Covers
These fabric nipple covers are slightly thinner than the silicone covers which might be effective suited for you. These covers are n’t reclaimable but come with 3 in a carry .
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Low Back Converters
If you would prefer to wear a brassiere with your Brooklyn, then a first gear back converter will be your best acquaintance. Pop it on to any strapless brassiere and pull it down a little act more at the back than in the double here, and you should be able to hide the strap in the back V of the dress, or good under the shank girdle. If you are worry about it showing during the large day you can even loosely stitch the back of the brassiere to the dress using a tack stitch. Just remember it ‘s there when you are taking your dress off at the goal of the day !

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Seam free
These wrinkle free thongs are perfect to be worn under the Brooklyn for a slick expression. If you prefer to wear a bigger knicker, we besides have a brazilian style fit. These both come in nude which means they will work well under any color dress !
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Styles: Mykonos, Ibiza & Berlin

Spaghetti strap styles like the Mykonos and Ibiza look their best when wearing a strapless brassiere. You do n’t have to worry about trying to hide the straps, or not having enough defend with a strapless brassiere, because we have found some perfect options for you !

Marks & Spencers is home to the SOFTEST strapless brassiere you will ever find. We constantly recommend this in our appointments and we know a lot of you love what M & S offer because they are so balmy and slick, and leave no wrinkle lines or lumps and bumps under your full-dress. This brassiere is besides arrant wear with the Berlin full-dress, flush if you keep the straps on like a normal brassiere, it will just give you a truly soft seam free coating .
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Looking for options for a bigger flop ? Do n’t worry, we ‘ve got you !
Where ? Bravissimo
What ? Elomi Moulded Strapless Bra
price ? £44
Bravissimo offer lots of different styles of underwear and go up to a K cup which is perfect for you bigger busted ladies. Multiway and strapless options are perfect under all of our styles, but for ultimate support, our favorite is the Elomi Moulded Strapless Bra. It comes with the straps so you can make it into a hybrid back or a halter neck excessively if your wearing this brassiere with a unlike dash dress .
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Style: Vienna

Our Vienna dress has a racer back, so wearing a convention brassiere will leave you with your straps showing. Do n’t worry though as we have got you covered with our brassiere clips. They are super easy to use and very secure to give you a racer expression bet on to go under your Vienna dress .
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Styles: Berlin, Florence & Seville

If you would prefer and feel more comfortable to wear Bridget knickers and your common day to day bra, then this is perfect with styles Florence & Seville. Go for it, the worlds your oyster !

On the mention of Oyster (One of Rewritten’s favourite dress colours), you’ve got your underwear sorted, now let’s get you that dress!

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