The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Body Types And How it Relates to Wedding Dress Selection

The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Body Types And How it Relates to Wedding Dress Selection

Why is it Important to Identify Your Body Type Before You Shop For Your Wedding Dress?

Does the identical think of wedding dress shopping make you anxious ?
As exciting as bridal dress shopping is, many brides dread the mind of choosing the wrong trim for their especial day. This can be an expensive and frequently, irreversible err .
now, here ’ s the good news program ! You can avoid such a mistake .

Wedding dress shopping international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate complicated if you understand certain fundamental concepts about dress selection. And this is what we will explore in detail .
first, I ’ ll describe the accurate bit-by-bit procedure to identify your body character since this factor has great significance in your wedding dress selection .
After that, I ’ ll avail you identify the best wedding dress choices based on your findings. Keep understand to find out more .

How to Identify Your Body Type

One of the first and most crucial factors to consider when selecting any dress ( not just wedding dresses ) is identifying your body type .
Yes, this is important because dressing right is about celebrating your best features and hide ( or diverting attention from ) the less desirable ones .
If you search on-line, you will find tons of articles describing unlike ways to identify your body type. Most of these function with three measurements : the burst, waist and hips. however, wedding dresses are more fitted than regular garments. sol, you will require one more measurement, and that is your shoulders .
We will follow the Bayou equation when determining your actual body type, where the shoulder and burst measurements can be used interchangeably. Again, this is because not all women are alike .
so, if you have a peculiarly big or small female chest or broad/narrow shoulders, you may fall into two categories rather of equitable one. In such a case, you should ideally explore suitable options for both body types and find dresses that suit you best .
Let us get on with the actual measurement procedure.  

How to Accurately Measure Yourself to Find Your Body Type

You will be taking your measurements standing good. here is what you will need for it :

  • An accurate tape measure and notepad for the reading
  • A calculator
  • Comfortable fitting clothes
  • A helping hand (optional)

Although you can do the measurements yourself, the shoulder and bust measurements are normally more accurate when person else does it for you .
here is how to carry out each measurement .
Shoulders: It is better to have a friend quantify this for you. Your shoulder measurement is the full videotape length from one edge of the shoulder all around you to the same distributor point .
Bust: This is the circumference meter across the fullest depart of your flop, holding the tape taut but not excessively close .
Waist: Locate the narrowest region of your shank. It will normally be just above your belly button. Use a record measure to go around your body along with this point and note it down .
Hips: This measurement should be taken equitable below the hip bone. Locate this distributor point and find the circumference of this area .
If you aren ’ metric ton sure of getting the measurements right, here’s a guide on wikiHow that will help you with detail instructions and illustrations .

 Identifying your body type based on your measurements

immediately that you have all your measurements, it is fourth dimension to use your calculator and do the pursuit Math .

  1. Shoulders or bust / hips
  2. Waist / shoulders or bust
  3. Hips / shoulders or bust
  4. Waist / Hips

once you have these numbers figured out, you can use them to identify your body type from the four different standard types, which are :

  1. Apple or Inverted Triangle
  2. Rectangle or straight body type
  3. Pear or Triangle
  4. Hourglass

These are based on Bradley Bayou ’ south technique, as outlined in his book, “The science of sexy.”
You can besides find detail explanations for these calculations here on the Oprah website .
now, let us look at correlating the numbers you just figured out to the corresponding body character.  

Different body types and their characteristic features

To discover your consistency type, you will need the numbers you just measured and those you previously calculated. They were :

  1. Shoulders
  2. Bust
  3. Waist
  4. Hips

And the ratios of

  1. Shoulders or bust / hips
  2. Waist / shoulders or bust
  3. Hips / shoulders or bust
  4. Waist / Hips

Read on to understand the four different torso types and determine which of these you identify with best .

Apple or Inverted Triangle

If you are an turn back triangulum, the proportion of ( Shoulders or bust/hips ) will be greater than or equal to 1.05 .
This means that your shoulder or bust measurement will be greater than your hip measurement by 5 % .
Defining characteristic: your shoulders or bust will be larger than your hips .

Rectangle or banana

Pay attention to the ratio of ( waist/shoulders or raid ). If you are a rectangle, this proportion will be greater than or equal to 0.75 .
If this is the event, adjacent front at your female chest and pelvis measurements. They should be within 5 % of each other. To establish this, take the largest of your three sizes and multiply it by 0.95. then multiply the remaining two measurements. If the consequence is greater than the ( largest measurement adam 0.95 ), you are a rectangle .
Defining characteristic: Your shoulders, hips and bust are alike in size .

Pear or Triangle

If you are a triangle, the ratio of ( Hips / Shoulders or bust ) will be greater than or equal to 1.05
In early words, your hips will measure at least 5 % more than your shoulders or burst .
Defining characteristic: Your hips are broader than your shoulders

Hour glass

There are three factors to satisfy if you are an hourglass
first, the proportion of ( waist/hips ) should be Less than or peer to 0.75
next, the proportion of ( Waist / Shoulders or bust ) is less than 0.75
And finally, your shoulder and hip measurements will not differ by more than 5 % .
Defining Characteristic: Your upper and lower halves are well-balanced, with a chiseled waist .
If you would like to evaluate these formulae further or understand each of these calculations and how they relate to the different body types, visit this article on the Daily Fashion Muse. so, we have now sympathize how to identify each torso type using different measurements and calculations. We besides analyzed the defining characteristics of all four consistency types .
Let us now look at the desirable features and the less favorable aspects of different body types.  

Desirable features and less favorable aspects of different body types—what to highlight and hide

even before you identified your torso type with the avail of this guide, seaport ’ t you felt that certain dress styles look better on you than others ?
This is because each soundbox supreme headquarters allied powers europe has sealed desirable features and some less flattering ones. Different dress styles draw attention to respective aspects that work in party favor of certain consistency types .
so, let us start .

Apple or Inverted triangle.

Best features : Your curves, reduce legs and total bust
Less desirable sport : Thick waist and narrow hips
When choosing a marriage dress, you should create a curvy spirit by adding definition to your core. Styles that flare out at the hips, concealing its narrow dimensions, will balance both halves of your body. besides, look for designs that add volume and curves to the lower half, frankincense toning down the dimensions of the lead half .

Rectangle or Banana

Best features : Smaller raid
Less desirable features : miss of curves and undefined waist
Silhouettes that create the magic trick of curve mho where there aren ’ t any are the best choice for this body type. Skirts with total texture or elements like ruffles and bows that total volume will enhance the dimensions of your hips and create a curvy name .

Pear or Triangle

Best features : Small tear and a narrow waist
Less desirable features : large hips
Keep details in the hip area bare and shade it down with more texture and added volume in the upper half. Dresses that flare from the waist will conceal and distract from the hips. They will besides highlight your amphetamine torso and minor bust .

Hour glass

Best features : Balanced upper and lower halves and well-defined waist
The hourglass is considered the ideal torso type as it is naturally balanced and curvy. close trim styles that highlight your natural curves are the best choice for this body type. Nevertheless, the hourglass can carry off any snip manner easily, and you will have more options to choose from if you are an hourglass than any other consistency character.  

Understanding popular wedding dress silhouettes

By now, you should have successfully identified your soundbox type, and you should besides be aware of the best and less desirable features. therefore, what is adjacent ?
Finding the ideal wedding dress silhouettes for your body type .
well, not just so far .
Before we go there, I think you ought to understand the unlike types of wedding dress silhouettes presently available. This will help you know what each one looks like and why some are suitable for your soundbox character while others aren ’ triiodothyronine .
thus, here are the top-most and democratic wedding attire silhouettes you should be mindful of :


attend at the dress in this persona. Do you see how it resembles the shape of an A, with the dame that flares out from the waist ? Hence the name A-line !
indeed, this dress stylus has a bodice that fits closely along the rib cage and then flares out into a smooth A-shape from the waist .
A variation of the A-line called the change A-line is besides gaining popularity among brides. here is one such gown .
Notice how it is fitted along the bodice and the waist, all the manner down to the hips. then, it gently flares into an a-line supreme headquarters allied powers europe from the hips downwards. The benefit of this style is that it is roomier around the hips. Although the simpleton A-line silhouette is a classic, the modified A-line dress has an edgy attend and is better suited for a modern tint .


The signature princess style silhouette this style is characterized by its full and tortuous skirt. however, the attire style besides features a snug-fitting bodice that offsets the thick annulus. hera is a perfect example .
You can not miss the dense and wide skirt that characterizes this silhouette. It is a very womanly stylus that is dramatic from every lean. Whether it is the meet bodice, the ample hedge or the affirmation aim, the ball gown is the silhouette that can stir up quite an impact .


If you wish to show off your natural curves, there couldn ’ thymine be a better silhouette to choose from. The mermaid fits all the way snugly from the bodice to the waist and hips, down to the knees. It then flares out beyond the knees, creating a sandbag statement. Look at this dress, and you will see what I mean.

not merely is the silhouette aphrodisiac, but it besides oozes confidence and style. not every bride can carry a mermaid-style dress well. so, if you have the body for it, it is a style you shouldn ’ t dominate .


This silhouette is much confused with the mermaid. however, there are arrant differences .
first, the bodice is straight and not snug-fitting like the mermaid. It is besides more forgiving than the mermaid since this style flares out from above the knees .
here is a trumpet-style dress to demonstrate this dispute .
Do you see how the shape close resembles that of a cornet ? The annulus is besides less copious compared to the mermaid. however, it is a vogue that allows you to highlight your curves and feminine visualize .


merely as the name suggests, the sheath is a square silhouette that falls to full length after skimming the body along its natural curves. The sheath is unusually feminine like you can see in the comply image .
This is because of how it gently hugs the body without being besides close-fitted. This creates the delusion of curves, even when there aren ’ t any. The silhouette besides elongates the soundbox, making it appear improbable and slender .


This is a unique silhouette that is defined by its raised waist. Unlike other wedding dress silhouettes, the waist in an conglomerate dress is higher than the natural waist. As a consequence, it appears barely under the flop. The follow prototype illustrates how it looks .
If you look carefully, you will see how the broke has a very distinct limit, and the skirt flows into layers right beneath it. It gradually flares away from the body, but the difference is that this happens from right under the bodice. The annulus is loosely draped, while the bodice is chiseled. This style camouflages the waist and hips and is a very forgiving style that hides the flaws in the lower body .

Dropped waist

merely like the name suggests, this dress silhouette has its waist lower than the natural waist. thus, the bodice continues down to below the waist and lento flares into a dame that flows to full moon length. so, for exemplify, check out this trim .
This is a popular dropped waist design, where the draped bodice continues down the waist to near the hips, where it then flares out into a full dame. The sink waist detail is emphasized with the draping form of the dress. The stylus elongates the torso, making you appear slimmer in the amphetamine body and adding more volume to the lower half beyond the hips .
That brings us to the end of the most popular wedding dress silhouettes that you will come across. immediately, let ’ s move on to the fun part—identifying the best marriage snip silhouettes for each body type !
Remember that there may be more than one silhouette recommended for each consistency type. This gives you an excellent variety to choose from. It besides means you can have a fortune of playfulness trying dresses of each character during your wedding patronize appointee, till you find your darling.  

Best wedding dress silhouettes for each body type

In the former chapters, we looked at how to identify the different body types. We besides covered the characteristic features of each body character, including desirable ones and those that are best camouflaged .
We besides analyzed the most popular marry dress silhouettes available. It is now time to combine all this information. This will help us to find desirable wedding dress silhouettes for each body type .
Read on to find out the commend dress styles for each body type, and don ’ thyroxine forget to note what is suitable for you .

Apple or inverted Triangle

The ideal wedding dress will help you flaunt your curves, which is your most full of life asset. It will besides hide your little hips and create a bosomy search by adding more bulk to this area. here are some suggestions :
Recommended dress silhouettes:
An a-line full-dress with a thick skirt will look beautiful on you. Aim to find one that nips at the waist and flares out beyond it. This will create the illusion of a slender waist and highlight a curvy figure .
besides, expect at ball gowns. The full dame of this style makes it best for brides with slender hips and legs. They achieve the lapp effect as an a-line gown, with a slender waist and compact layers in the skirt that create a curvy name .
Styles to avoid:
The basic mind is to avoid any dress dash that draws attention to your lissome lower half or thick waist. This would mean dresses like the trumpet and mermaid that equip close down to the hips .

Rectangle or banana

If your body type is square or rectangle, you will lack a bosomy appearance. so, dresses that create the illusion of curves where there aren ’ t any are the best choices .
Recommended dress silhouettes:
explore musket ball gowns since these create a very feminine attend with a nip waist and slurred skirt. This will besides draw care to your small bust while balancing out the overall look with a full skirt .
Another preen style that works on uncoiled figures is the cocktail dress. Since the dress broadly drapes along your natural body, it adds the illusion of curves .
Styles to avoid:
Any dress silhouette that lacks a define waist will exaggerate your straight figure. sol, keep off styles like the suit and flare, mermaid or dropped waist gowns .

Pear or Triangle

Your best asset is your tone and reduce upper body. sol, dresses that draw attention to this area and distract from your ample hips will look best. Since you have a small bust, you can besides consider dresses with textured and decorate bodices .
Recommended dress silhouettes:
Ball gowns flow away from the waist, frankincense camouflaging your large hips. so, this is a bang-up choice to consider .
A like effect can besides be achieved with an a-line dress that flares out from the waist, hiding the area below it under layers of framework .
Styles to avoid:
Avoid any style that accentuates the hep or stomach area since these are your less desirable traits. This means that the trumpet is a definite no ! besides, avoid the sheath since it adds more volume to the lower half .

Hour glass

If you are an hourglass figure, you are fortunate. Yours is the body type that looks amazing in any and every marriage dress silhouette. Nevertheless, flaunt your beautiful lifelike curves in dresses that draw attention to your figure. Choose wedding dress silhouettes that will highlight your realistic number, and you will look sandbag. hera are some suggestions .
Recommended dress silhouettes:
Yours is the perfective body type to flaunt fit and flare dress styles like the mermaid and cornet. Since these silhouettes class snugly along your natural curves and flare out beyond the hips, they will create a dramatic attend .
Styles to avoid:
A well-adjusted figure like the hourglass will look good in any dress silhouette. therefore, there are no particular dress styles to avoid. even then, it is a shame to hide your bosomy and sensual figure under dresses that drown you in layers of fabric. therefore, although you will be able to carry it off, you can do better than choosing an a-line or cocktail dress silhouette.  

Wedding dress selection for plus-size and petite brides

aside from the different body types we discussed earlier, there are two more that we haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate looked at cashbox nowadays. These are :

Plus-size and petite

This steer would be incomplete unless we discuss wedding dress survival for women who fit this category excessively. so, let us find out more .

What is plus size and petite?

In the manner diligence, anyone with larger than average proportions is plus-size. then, the typical trim size, in this sheath, would be 14 or more .
Petite women, on the other hand, have a small stature and are shorter than average. Their characteristic feature of speech is a well-adjusted overall design but stature that is less than 5 ’ 3 ” .
Let us look at the marry apparel survival for both the plus-size and petite bridget in detail .

Defining characteristics of plus-size brides

The fit and proportion of plus-size women differ from that of other women, as their curves are more exaggerated. however, most plus-size women are curvy .
Plus-size women besides have body types that fit into the five different categories we discussed earlier : triangle, straight, inverted triangle and hourglass. The only deviation is that the actual measurements for these women will be larger than the average .

Best wedding dress silhouettes:

The best wedding apparel silhouette for your body shape will depend on which soundbox type you resemble closely. Use the guidelines in the previous chapter to determine the best dress silhouettes for your consistency type .
however, a general recommendation is that you choose dresses with good suit, so it plays up your natural human body .
The empire-style and dresses with a well-defined waist like the A-line or ball gown attend amazing on plus-size brides .

Styles to avoid:

Stay aside from loosely cloaked preen silhouettes like the sheath. These only add supernumerary pounds to your front. besides, invalidate fabrics that cling and rather opt for integrated gowns .
Check out our video recording below for more assistant with attire survival when you are plus-size .

Defining characteristics of petite brides

Petite brides are short but with a well-balanced figures. however, their height can make it unmanageable to find many options in wedding dresses, as the distinctive wedding dress is designed for women of acme 5 ’ 5 ” or more .

Best wedding dress silhouettes:

Any wedding preen style that creates the magic trick of extra acme by raising the waist is recommended for bantam brides. a-line dresses, trumpets and sheaths besides work for this body type since it is well-balanced in both halves .

Styles to avoid:

Petite brides will look even shorter in dresses with dribble waists. sol, this is a expressive style you shouldn ’ thymine wear. similarly, elaborate silhouettes like the ball gown can overwhelm the smaller size of a petite bride and are well avoided.  
Do check the be eHow video recording for more tips on selecting your wedding dress as a petite bride.

Checklist for understanding your body type and selecting the right wedding dress

nowadays that we ’ ve covered the stallion telescope of this capable, I thought this quick and easy checklist would help you with your wedding dress choice. sol, here are the steps to follow .

  • Begin by attempting to identify your body type by measuring your
  • Shoulders
  • Bust
  • Waist and
  • Hips
  • Perform the following calculations
  • Shoulders or bust/hips
  • Waist/ shoulders or bust
  • Hips/ shoulders or bust
  • Waist/ hips
  • Correlate your measurements with the identified body types:
  • Apple or inverted triangle
  • Banana or rectangle
  • Pear or triangle
  • Hourglass
  • Plus-size
  • Petite
  • Cross-check with the suggested dress silhouettes to understand your options

And last ,

  • Go wedding dress shopping, armed with this information!

therefore, that ’ s it about the different aspects of wedding dress shopping by body type. Didn ’ thyroxine I tell you that it wasn ’ metric ton complicated if you followed the proper steps ?
now you know all about identifying your consistency type and choosing the equip wedding dress silhouettes accordingly. so, please tell me what new features you will be looking for when you go wedding dress patronize by dropping us a comment below are .
For inspiration and a spirit at the latest trends in wedding dress fashion, sojourn this link to our bridal dresses. You will find an enormous variety of wedding dresses with all style features and details here. Use it to shortlist your favourites and prepare yourself for when you go shopping .

FAQ – Wedding Gowns

What is the average amount spent on a wedding gown?

While the national modal cost of a marry gown is $ 1,631 ( including modifications ), costs vary wide and much range from $ 500 to $ 4,000 .

How long before the wedding should you purchase your wedding dress?

You should begin the plan process approximately 10 to 12 months prior to your marry date. The optimum prison term to shop for a marry gown is at least eight months before the big day !

Do I have to pay for my wedding gown in full?

When it comes to payment, each salon has its own set of rules, so you ’ ll need to know when the final come of your gown is due. Some boutiques ask for full moon payment up front, while others just want a sediment at the decision of your suffer, with the remainder required when your dress comes .

Do you have to wait until you are engaged to go wedding dress shopping?

Yes, it ’ s tempting to go into a marry salon and start trying on gowns, specially if you know you ’ ll be getting married soon. however, we suggest waiting until after the proposal, ideally after you ’ ve established a date and location .

What are the most common sample sizes in bridal boutiques?

Bridal sizes 10 and 12 are the most frequent sizes sampled, with outliers on each end. Most people can try on these sample distribution sizes, although they rarely fit wholly. That ’ sulfur right ; most of our samples will be a moment large or a little close on you, and that ’ s entirely normal.

What size wedding gown is considered plus size?

If you broadly wear a size 14 or higher, which would be a size 16 in bridal, you are called a plus-size bride. Although most designers cater to plus sizes, many boutiques merely have samples in size 8, 10, and 12. Before you go shopping, call your local anesthetic marriage boutique to make certain they can accommodate you .

How does bridal sizing work?

The bridal size differs from that of casual clothing. If you ’ re a size 4-6 in jeans, you ’ re probably a bridal size 8-10, and if you ’ re a size 14-16, you ’ re probably a bridal size 18-20. It ’ s not a boastful deal–sizing is merely a number !

How many sizes can a dress be altered?

A dress may normally be altered by 1 to 2 sizes. Making a dress smaller is typically simpler than making one larger, although both are possible. It ’ sulfur generally preferable to take your dress to a professional if you need it modified more than a few sizes .

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