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Postmedia/DIY projects around the home require a combination of safety gear, including work gloves, safety eyewear, respirators, earplugs and workwear, such as clothing made from heavy canvas.

With spring here, many of you will start home projects. My advice : Leave the bigger, more complicate jobs to the professionals, because you could do more damage than good .
Planning minor projects around the house — such as painting, wallboard repairs, finishes, trimming work or tied gardening ? You might think a humble job is n’t dangerous, but no job is safe without the right auspices and protocols. Follow these tips to stay safe :
* Wear safety gear. If you ‘re sawing, sanding or drilling you ‘ll need protective eyewear and a gasmask, specially if debris and dust are flying around. There are different respirators for different jobs — make certain you wear the proper one. besides, if you ‘re using forte tools, you ‘ll need ear plugs or earmuffs ( not the kind you wear in winter. ) Do n’t wait to lose your hearing to start protecting it !
* Do n’t use gas-powered tools in envelop areas. You need plenty of public discussion, and opening a window or door is n’t going to cut it. No amount of carbon monoxide ( CO ) is dependable. People have suffered serious neurological damage because they did n’t know better.

* Beware hazardous fumes. Some people think because a tag has “ green ” on it the product is safe. not the lawsuit. Look at paint. The tag might say it ‘s low-VOCs ( volatile constituent compounds ) or VOC-free, but the pigment added to it could contain VOCs. besides, a VOC-free label does n’t mean you can paint with the doors closed .
Always make indisputable you have adequate ventilation and constantly use the right respirator, no matter how small the job or the character of paint you use .
* Consider asbestos. Considering doing repairs to plaster or stucco in a home plate built before 1980 ? Be careful ; it could contain asbestos. If it does, do n’t disturb it — that means no sandpaper, chipping or chiselling. Disturbing asbestos releases bantam asbestos fibres into the breeze. They can get lodged in your lungs .
We stopped using asbestos in the deep 1970s, but it can be found in many homes built or renovated before then. It can be in attic insulation ( vermiculite ), ceilings tiles, wallboard, poultice, textured paints, vinyl tiles — including the adhesives used to install them — and insulation approximately pipes, ducts and hot water system tanks .
If you ‘re not sure if your home has asbestos, call in a professional test and abatement company.

* Wear proper invest. No shorts and sandals. Wear steel-toed work boots when doing landscape or moving big stones. Too many broken or injured feet could have been avoided. wear proper clothe made from compact material such as duck canvas, because even while doing dim-witted jobs you can walk by something abrupt. Use knee pads — you ‘ll appreciate it when you ‘re older .
And keep your haircloth tied back — guys besides — specially when using power tools. Make certain you can see what you ‘re doing and nothing is in your way .
* Keep it clean. One day I was helping my dad gut a room and the floor got covered with garbage. My dad told me to stop and clean it up, but I was about done so I told him I ‘d clean up late. I needed to pull down the rest of the ceiling so I grabbed a chair. What I did n’t know was one of the leg was standing on lead of debris that was covering a hole in the floor for the heat register .
When I stood on the chair the leg went through the hole and I hit the ground. The beginning matter my dad asked was if I was OK. The second base thing was, “ Does that teach you anything ? ”
safety is a no-brainer. How long does it take to put on safety gloves, guard glasses and a gasmask ? now think about how long you would have to live with the consequences of an accident, or breathing in toxic chemicals or debris ? There ‘s no comparison.

— Postmedia Network Inc. 2014
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