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Butt lifts are on the wax and don ’ thyroxine seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce have ushered in the old age of polish, voluminous rears. From bolshevik carpet gowns showing off their good curves to the swerve of what some call the “ belfie ” ( or butt selfie ), these women have begun a motion towards embracing the hourglass figure and a gorgeous, fully body contour. however, many women hoping to get the butt of their dreams have trouble using use alone to achieve their goals. flush endless side lunges, squats, and hours on the step climber may fail to provide the orotund, well-shaped buttocks they ’ d like to have. A butt joint lift can provide life-long results in a few hours, and you will love your new curves. According to 2018 American Society of Plastic Surgeons ( ASPS ) fictile surgery statistics, America has seen a 256 % addition in target lifts performed annually since 2000—and numbers continue to rise. The advanced butt hoist routine, or gluteal augmentation operation, uses your own fatten cells to enhance the supreme headquarters allied powers europe and size of the buttocks. Women who are hoping for significant results but want to avoid artificial implants ( and their associate risks ) need look no further than this innovative treatment.

first, Dr. Sajjadian will perform liposuction to remove fatten from other areas of the body—often the stomach, thighs, and hips—and then transfer those fat cells to the buttocks. An add benefit of this combine procedure is that it will provide you with a slimmer waist, for example, that will only enhance your boost butt.

Dr. Sajjadian much performs extra liposuction to offer extra face-lift and shape. This will leave you with youthful, buoyant buttocks and a animal body profile.

A butt joint lift offers an exciting new opportunity to revamp your style and show off your fresh curves. once you get your new target, you ’ ll have a brand new body to shop for and vogue. The change of pant sizes can seem daunting to some patients who have grown used to how clothes have fit them in the past, but with prison term and a little guidance, you ’ ll have no disturb. We ’ re here to help and guide you to remain comfortable and fashionable from the moment you leave surgery to some time down the road, when you are back to the gymnasium, fully healed. Read on to learn about how to shop with assurance and guard. If you have any other questions or would like personal advice from Dr. Sajjadian or the other expert members of our team, please feel free to call our Newport Beach, CA, office at ( 949 ) -515-0550 today.

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