When Can You Wear Makeup After LASIK Eye Surgery?

however, one of the authoritative things to note before undergoing LASIK surgery is that you can ’ thyroxine wear makeup directly after the procedure. This is crucial to prevent pique and to encourage a flying healing process arsenic well as the best post-operative results. Below, we discuss when it ’ mho safe to wear makeup again following LASIK a well as base hit tips to protect your overall eye health. similarly, without the need for contacts, you don ’ t have to worry about putting them in before doing your constitution or taking them off prior to using makeup remover. You besides nobelium retentive have to wonder whether your makeup products will irritate your contacts or not. It ’ south clear that the exemption from glasses and contacts that LASIK offers can greatly simplify your makeup routine. Makeup is an incredible manner to express yourself, and LASIK eye operating room makes it easier to transform your look with makeup. When you no farseeing have to take glasses into consideration, you don ’ t have to deal with your fake eyelashes hitting the rim or your colorful makeup search being hidden behind your frames .

When You Can Wear Makeup After LASIK

During your pre-operative consultation, you ’ ll be provided with a variety of instructions relating to your care post-procedure, including information on when it ’ randomness dependable to wear makeup again and how best to go about it.

On the day of your routine, you can not wear constitution. It ’ mho best to avoid wearing eye makeup for a minimum of 24 hours before your laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis procedure. If you wear eyelash extensions, you ’ ll need to have those removed. similarly, you probably won ’ triiodothyronine be able to replace or refill your eyelash extensions for a minimum of two months post-procedure. Speak to one of our experts for more information. But it ’ s not only during the routine that makeup must be avoided. You can not wear makeup immediately after your laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis routine. typically, you ’ ll be instructed to avoid eye makeup ( such as mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow ) for at least a workweek following the operation to best support the bring around march. You may be able to wear face products, like basis or concealer, within a few days of your surgery, provided they ’ re not being applied close to the eyes. Our clinical staff will provide you detail instructions on constitution use post-procedure. If there ’ s a specific reason you ’ ll need to wear makeup following your laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis procedure ( such as a extra consequence ), you may want to consider postponing your operating room until a more optimum time. Our team of experts will be happy to discuss the options with your during your detached reference and will help you decide what ’ s right for your specific position .

Tips For Wearing Makeup After LASIK

even when you have the enterprise to wear constitution following your laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis procedure, it ’ south still crucial to take the watch steps to avoid irritation and to protect your overall eye health, not just during the mend process but beyond. Keep the surveil tips in mind when applying makeup post-LASIK.

Stick with face makeup. While you absolutely must avoid eye products immediately after your laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis procedure ( like mascara and eyeliner ), confront products are broadly o. You can however apply foundation, blush, lipstick, and the alike, thus long as it ’ s not besides conclude to your eyes. Make surely to ask our team of experts what constitution products are safe to use and when following your routine, specially when you can re-introduce eye constitution back into your everyday. Avoid the waterline. If you wear eyeliner, then chances are you tightline your eyes, which is when you place liner on your upper berth water line to create a full, more wide-eyed look. But using makeup therefore close to the eye increases the risk of poking or irritating it. We encourage you to avoid using makeup so stopping point to your waterline, at least in the first few weeks following your routine. Don’t rub too hard. When removing makeup, it ’ sulfur best to be gentle. While it may mean you ’ ll spend excess time removing your waterproof eyeliner, it reduces the hazard of excitation. This is specially authoritative in the weeks following your operation. even when you can wear eye makeup again, choose makeup that ’ second easy to remove, at least in the begin.

Wash your brushes. This topple is crucial regardless of if you ’ ve had LASIK or not. guarantee you wash your brushes regularly and carefully to prevent the build-up of bacteria. not only can this improve your makeup lotion and prevent acne or hide irritation, but it helps prevent eye infections. Never use expired products. Be sure to keep an center on the termination date of your constitution products. This is particularly true for eye products, which often expire more promptly. Mascara, for case, has a ledge life sentence of only three months. Using run out constitution raises the risk of acne, center infections, and other undesirable outcomes. If in doubt, throw it out. If you ‘re interested in learning more about how LASIK center surgery or another vision operation can transform your life, book a free, no-obligation consultation today .

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