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Did you precisely pierce your nozzle ? It ’ s such a cool count, but if you want it to continue to look good, you should be careful immediately following the pierce. You surely don ’ t want it to get infected. however, applying constitution before and after getting your nose pierced is not the same as you ’ ll necessitate to take a few extra precautions. yet, if you take estimable manage of your nose pierce, it ’ ll count great for years to come !

Can You Wear Makeup after Nose Piercing?

You can’t wear makeup after nose piercing. Instead, you should wait until your nose has completely healed, which takes 1 to 2 months . However, you can apply the makeup around the pierced area.

equitable avoid putting any pressure on the pierce and keep it clean, as research has shown that areas like your nuzzle are more susceptible to infections after piercing. scent piercings take time to heal up. Everything you put on your confront has the potential to aggravate that healing action. I know makeup is life, but you should wait it out. You surely don ’ metric ton want the pierce to swell up. With intrude piercings, it is easily for bacteria and germs to get in there. The more stuff you put near it, the more you could put yourself at gamble for an infection. And a good infection of that new pierce would mean you ’ d want to take it out. But don ’ thyroxine concern ! I promise you won ’ thymine have to be bare-faced for long, unless you want to be. There ’ sulfur nothing improper with going natural, but if you have any events coming up that you want to wear makeup for or you just like preening and all that, keep learn and I ’ ll walk you through wearing constitution after getting your nose pierced. I want you to do it the right means so you won ’ metric ton risk infections or complications indeed read forth !

When Can I Wear Makeup after Nose Piercing?

Since your intrude pierce is right in the center of your face, you want to be certain to take estimable manage of it. Neglecting to follow the proper routine for cleaning it daily can lead to infections or slower bring around. Experts recommend you stay away from constitution until it heals. That can take 1 to 2 months. But if things are healing nicely, you might be able to get away with it sooner. The struggle is surely real for us makeup-lovers ! If you can ’ triiodothyronine wait at all, I get it, which is why I have some tips for navigating your nose pierce and makeup lotion in a dependable way following foster below so observe read !

How to Help Your Nose Piercing Heal Properly

But first, before I go into all that, let ’ s get that piercing healed up as cursorily and healthily as possible. I ’ ve got some great tips for you to help manage that and keep infections away to make the heal process go more smoothly .

■ Aftercare Should Start on the Day You’re Getting Your Nose Pierced

From that like day you get your nose pierced, you should be fully devoted to caring for it. That means keeping things clean. Before you clean your piercing sphere, you should wash your hands. You ’ ll need a saline solution that you ’ ll likely become from the place that performed the cutting. You can besides make your own though with ¼ of a teaspoon of all right sea salt and warm body of water. Cotton swabs like those by Q-tips ( Amazon liaison ), yes, that ’ s the brand ’ mho name, or medulla oblongata syringes work the best for application. If you ’ ra in truth in a emergency, you can simply dunk your nose into a cup or bowl with the seawater creation. One day one, you ’ re likely to experience some annoyance and tenderness, so take it slowly. Be gentle and keep off touching the area. Don ’ t even think of touching it with your hands if you haven ’ t cleaned them. That will make it easier to get an contagion .

■ The Aftercare Continues after You’ve Pierced Your Nose

It doesn ’ triiodothyronine break there, loves, for you must continue to pamper your piercing on your nose until it heals wholly. As beneficial protocol, it ’ south wise to keep up the habit a week or more take after that. even when it looks healed, it might need more convalescence clock. The thing about proper aftercare is that it all revolves around hygiene. You have to keep up your habit of using saline solution or that seawater solution I mentioned to gently cleanse it. This stuff keeps bacteria from building up and causing an infection. Infections are atrocious and they ’ ll look way gross which you want to avoid at all costs. so, religiously clean your nose pierce each day. The salt besides won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate impede the healthy skin cells that are working hard to regenerate around the area of your pierce. You can besides choose peculiarity aftercare products if you prefer. The rate you had your piercing done might evening recommend a few things like Urban ReLeaf ’ s Piercing Solution ( Amazon link ) which has 4 oz of a ocean salt solution mixed with tea corner vegetable oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E to moisturize and nourish your skin, as for the application, you can use those aesculapian cotton swab I ’ ve mentioned earlier to get the most mileage out of your piercing solution. And that ’ s great but do know that that adds to your overall costs for sustenance of your modern pierce, granted, together, they ’ d only set you back about $ 20 but if you ’ re on a nasty budget, you can make due with the tips I ’ ve mentioned before. Whatever you do, whether you make a seawater solution, use saline, or use something recommended by the pierce artist, keep your nose clean as they say !Urban ReLeaf Piercing Solution

  • Heal New & Stretched Piercings
  • Sea Salts and tea tree Healing Benefits
  • 100% Natural

View on Amazon Don ’ metric ton be alarmed if you notice clear drop around your scent pierce during the healing work. It normally dries and creates a crusted appearance around it. While it is fabulously tempting to pick at it or move your jewelry around, leave it be. It ’ south all identical normal. If it ’ randomness bothering you that a lot, take a cotton swab and overcharge it in that saline solution solution, then gently apply it to the crusted area. Whatever you do, DO NOT use that cotton swab to pry away the crust. incidentally, on the interior of your nose, you should besides be cleaning it in this fashion. Again, there ’ s no poke and nudge. Be docile with your cotton swab soaked in saline. A great time to get rid of any crusted buildup is in the lavish. The heat and the steam normally make it come off on its own. And speaking of being in the shower, don ’ triiodothyronine forget that you should use a meek soap on the actual jewelry every day. This far helps cleanse away bacteria and crust that might adhere to your scent stud or gang. A good direction to tell that your cutting has last healed is when you stop noticing that unclutter release. From this distributor point on, you can just wash it as you normally would the stay of your confront with a meek soap. You may want to touch up though once day by day with the saline for about a workweek or so after that precisely to be certain. then reserve your saline solution and cotton swab for concern should it get ripped or torn. In those instances, you ’ ll want to baby it as you did when you first got the pierce. just because your nose pierce has healed though doesn ’ triiodothyronine beggarly you should play around with your pierce. Follow clean-hand procedures and take the time to change and clean your piercing jewelry with mild soap and water at a minimum of once a workweek.

As the bring around march continues, you can start to think of applying natural oils after you cleanse the area. Coconut oil, jojoba and even emu oil work great. They besides make humidify products designed specifically for those with piercings in the face like this one by Tea Tree essential oil. now that you know how to clean and care for your nose cutting, you might be wondering what you should avoid. Follow me far down as I discuss all the pitfalls you should stay aside from !

Things You Should Stay Away from When Your Nose Piercing Is Still Healing

once you ’ ve had your pierce for a while, you ’ ll be used to it. But during these early on days, it ’ s therefore important to avoid making any of the mistakes I ’ m about to talk about. During the heal process, it ’ s a very tender time for your bark. You don ’ t want to do anything to jeopardize the pierce with bacteria. If you get an contagion, it will slow down the amphetamine of heal and you ’ ll just be waiting longer for it to get better. evening worse, infections can leave behind scars and bumps, so please read on to see what you need to avoid during this bring around clock time !

■ Touching Your Jewelry

I have talked about keeping peel clean and clearly in my posts before, particularly when it comes to greasy skin. One of the biggest offenders is hands on the side. When you keep touching your face and touching your jewelry with common hands, it ’ s the most probable way you ’ re going to get an infection. Think about all the things you touch all day, every day. You open the door at the agency. You touch the rail on the underpass. You put your hands on the anticipate while waiting for them to make your burrito at Chipotle. You get the theme. Germs on hands are one of the biggest reasons why people get sick. Keep. Your. Hands. away. From. Your. Piercing !

■ Always Wash Your Hands before Cleaning Your Piercing

now, the only time I ’ ll permit you to touch your pierce is when you ’ re going to clean it like the good female child you are who wants to avoid an infection. But again, see my inaugural point. Don ’ t touch your face or your pierce with dirty hands. sol, wash your hands well with warm body of water and balmy soap before you begin that clean !

■ Using the Wrong Products When Cleaning Your Piercing

Alcohol and peroxide are bang-up when you trip over your dog ’ second three and scrape up your leg. They ’ re not bang-up for the tender area on your nose where your raw pierce is. These harsh ingredients can cause discomfort which is something you decidedly want to avoid. Stick to the saline solution, that seawater blend, or any product recommended by a professional and adept piercer in the occupation that is designed for helping clean it and heal it .

■ Taking off Your Jewelry during the Healing Process

Chances are, if you got your nose pierced, you likely have your ears pierced. Am I right field ? If you were old adequate to remember having your ears pierced ( some parents have their children ’ mho ears pierced as babies ), then you probably recall one of the biggest rules…you need to leave that jewelry in your nose pierce for the entirety of the bring around time period. Taking it out excessively soon could close the trap up, even on the lapp day ! If it ’ south truly bothering you, go second to the pierce studio apartment and they can replace the jewelry with another option that will work better for you. never do it alone ! once your pierce has healed, you can feel free to change your jewelry whenever you wish. Just remember that even after healing, if you take your intrude jewelry out, you should aim to put something back in its station adenine soon as possible. People with nose piercings that have had them for years have had them close up completely within good a few days of having the jewelry out. then you ’ ll have to start all over again .

■ Applying Your Makeup and Skincare Products over Your Pierced Nose

I promised you makeup tips for nose piercings, and that ’ s coming in fair a second ! But foremost, please, do not but your constitution, moisturizer, or other cosmetics on the area of the pierce. I ’ megabyte going to tell you how to apply makeup to avoid a bad luck so you don ’ thymine get an contagion in your nose pierce .

■ Swimming

I love swimming precisely a much as the following gal, but when you have a new pierce ( in your nose or anywhere else ), swimming is a atrocious thing to do. In pools, hot bathtub, and natural bodies of water system, there are tons of bacteria floating around. You ’ re extra susceptible to infections during this prison term. With a nose pierce, you are lucky in that you can keep your steer out of the water. however, be careful with splashing children or drunkenly-splashing friends who might unintentionally get your piercing wet .

How to Wear Makeup around Your Nose Piercing

Ah, last we ’ ra here ! therefore, you want to know how to wear constitution without antagonizing your new intrude pierce. Again, I must insist you wait about 5 to 7 days minimal before you attempt it. You credibly won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel up for it before then anyhow. Piercings do have that mighty sting. here ’ s what to do !

■ Use an Angled Brush to Apply Foundation around Your Nose Piercing

If you don ’ metric ton already have an fish eyeliner brush, get one. This is such a handy small creature for so many things, but while your nose pierce is healing, it can help you obtain more control near the area of your acute. You ’ ll want to prime the area excessively. Follow these simple steps with your lean brush and foundation :

  • Dip
    that angled brush! Put it into the foundation without dunking the entire brush.
    You want to minimize how much product you get on it. That area is very tiny
    around your piercing and you have to paint the surrounding portions in such a
    way that you don’t get too close.
  • Be
    gentle! Don’t rub your brush on your skin. Use the tip of the brush to tap like
    a Monet in the vicinity. With the angled brush, it’s so much easier to be
    precise without touching the tender healing area.
  • Give
    it the finger! No, not THAT one! Clean your hands and use your pinkie to blend
    the foundation AWAY from the piercing. Do not touch the jewelry with your
    fingers or the brush. You don’t want to ruin the dazzle of your jewelry.

■ Use a Cotton Swab or a Q-Tip to Apply Concealer around Your Nose Piercing

not in the climate to wear basis but want some coverage ? possibly you don ’ t have an angled brush around your constitution kit. not a problem. A dim-witted cotton dab can help with that. here ’ s how to work it !

  • Use
    medium coverage concealer! Concealer is ideal if you have some blemishes in the
    vicinity of the piercing. Concealers that come in twist-tubes are super-good
    for being precise. You won’t even need a Q-tip!
  • Or
    use that Q-tip! If you have a foundation or cream concealer, you can gently
    apply it with a cotton swab. It definitely works in a pinch!
  • Tapered
    makeup brushes work too! If you want the concealer to give you coverage rather
    than a full face of foundation, tapered blending brushes can really make skin
    flaws vanish away and are easy to use without upsetting the site of the

■ Or Simply Use Your Fingertips

You can always use the hands you were born with to apply constitution, but remember my aureate principle : WASH THEM FIRST ! It ’ randomness messier than using makeup tools or cotton swabs, but it will get the job done. One thing about fingertips though is if you have bulkier fingers, you might not be able to get cheeseparing to the pierce without touching it. so err on the side of caution. If you think you can ’ metric ton get up close enough, then choose one of the other methods. You don ’ thymine want to get makeup in that pierce. Consider perspiration adenine well. If you live in a hot climate or you go to the gymnasium, you should be extra careful with constitution moving down your face and into the acute area. While going to the gymnasium with makeup on international relations and security network ’ t the best idea even without a pierce since it can lead to breakouts, you can ’ metric ton avoid sliding makeup when you live somewhere hot or it ’ randomness summer. That ’ south why you should wait until it heals, but if you can ’ triiodothyronine, be easy and lightly in your application.


You can wear makeup after you get your nose pierced, but you should most decidedly wait before you bust out your favorite constitution. The longer you wait, the less probable to get an infection. Waiting for 1 to 2 months until the pierce has amply healed is the ideal site of all. By following these proper care tips and keeping it clean, you ’ ll be able to enjoy that extra moment of dazzle that will bring more easy to the center of your face !

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