When Can I Wear Jeans After a BBL?

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For about a ten, brazilian butt lifts have gained grip in both popularity and normality. In fact, over 20,000 butt augmentations were performed across the state in 2020. Due to the natural-looking results, this particular surgical routine has become more wide performed when compared to buttock implants and other types of augmentation in the area. The brazilian border face lift ( or BBL for short-circuit ) utilizes a person ’ s own fat by removing it from areas like the stomach, hips or thighs and moving it to the target area, adding human body, shape and lift for a naturally buoyant and youthful look. In summation to the operation itself, post-surgical wish is fabulously important. That being said, you may have some clothing-related questions pertaining to BBL convalescence, and we ’ rhenium here to help .
When it comes to BBL recovery, post-surgical compression garments are your best acquaintance. These garments are designed to provide the sum of compression needed to hold a post-liposuction shape and aid in the heal march. For a BBL specifically, these garments should have a non-compression area around the buttocks then as not to ruin the modern form of the augmented area where the fat grafts are located. It ’ s a good idea to stay away from clothe that is fitted or tight around the butt sphere after surgery, which begs the doubt : When is it safe to wear your favorite jeans and other tight-fitting pants after a brazilian butt lift ?
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The Ins and Outs of BBL Recovery

After a BBL, know that you ’ rhenium looking at about a two-month convalescence period, though your surgeon will give you a detailed timeline of what that should look like. You may be given post-surgical garments to wear while in the initial stages of convalescence, but it ’ s besides a good idea to be prepared and invest in a high-grade lipo compression garment prior to your BBL. This way, you can rest easy during your recovery from begin to finish knowing your compression dress is doing the most to help you heal correctly and send you on your means to showing off your new front ! By avoiding elongated seated positions and wearing post-surgical garments, you should be in the clear to start wearing leggings and jeans ( with or without jeans-friendly butt-lifting shapewear ) around the 8-week mark.

At Leonisa, we are committed to providing only the best when it comes to post-surgical garments. For liposuction and brazilian butt lifts, in finical, our Waist-to-Knee Post-Surgical Body Shaper is arrant. Made with your comfort and recovery in mind, we ’ ve included antibacterial sweat-wicking ( and breathable ) fabric that features a soft inner layer, adjustable straps and microfiber cutouts around the butt sphere. Plus, the intend zippers on each side make for easy removal and won ’ thymine irritate incision marks.

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An Extra Lift

As your convalescence period progresses and firm formation garments are no long necessary for daily wear, you ’ ll want to show off your results and enjoy your raw look. While delicate, seamless panties are best to wear after most of the bring around is done, you can besides keep wearing your compression dress or other butt-lifting shapewear pieces when you want an extra plagiarize or added shaping ability around the stomach, hips and thighs. As constantly, you don ’ t need a border pilfer as an excuse to wear great shapewear ! even if you ’ ra not planning on a BBL, you can still get all the butt-lifting and contouring might that comes with wearing butt-lifting panties underneath your jeans .
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