Why Successful People Wear the Same Thing Every Day

Everyone wants to be more fat — particularly entrepreneurs. One way to increase productivity ? Simplify your decision-making processes by building habits. In studying the effects of extraneous variables on the result of legal cases, researchers segmented judicial deliberations into three distinct “ decision sessions. ” Over the course of these “ decision sessions, ” they found the percentage of favorable rulings dropped gradually from about 65 percentage to closely zero within each school term. After a break, it spiked back improving to around 65 percentage. separate of the reason ? Decision tire.

It ‘s said the average person makes 35,000 decisions every sidereal day. What to eat for breakfast ? What shirt to wear ? Which door to go through ? Where to go for lunch ? A bare way to save brain power is to cut down on the number of decisions you need to make. Some of the most successful people have already figured this out. They merely wear the lapp thing each and every day.

Uniforms for Success

In HBO ‘s 2017 objective series, Defiant Ones, Andre Young — better known as Dr. Dre — mentions he wears the lapp shoes every day : nike ‘s Air Force 1. Barack Obama wears alone gray or blue suits. Mark Zuckerberg sports his iconic gray Brunello Cucinelli jersey. Steve Jobs became celebrated for a black turtleneck, jeans, and New Balance sneakers. I ‘ve been wearing the like clothes for over 10 years. My getups typically include : Asics Gel Kayano sneakers, Levi ‘s 513 jeans, a zip-up Lululemon Sojourn Jacket, ST33LE t-shirts, and Grant Slim-Fit Non-Iron Banana Republic dress shirts. I have 15 pairs of Levi ‘s, six Lululemon jackets, 10 of those t-shirts, and 15 dress shirts. No joke. Unlike some entrepreneurs, I do swap out colors. But the staples remain the same.

here ‘s why we do it, and why you should besides :

1. You’ll waste less time.

I hate wasting time. Having a unconstipated uniform makes it promptly and easy to get dressed. Rather than deliberating for five or even ten minutes, I can grab my outfit, throw it on, and get started on the more important things on my disturbance list. A go-to outfit besides saves loads of time patronize. You know what you ‘re looking for and can get right to your favorite store. Or better yet, if you know your size, manner, and color, you can order everything on-line — without the annoyance of sending back returns.

2. You’ll save brainpower.

As Obama said in an consultation with Vanity Fair, “ You need to focus your decision-making energy. You need to routinize yourself. You ca n’t be going through the day distracted by trivium. ” When you wear the same thing, you ‘re one tone closer to avoiding the beguilement of trivium. It takes no think to get dressed in the morning. You can channel all that decision-making exponent immediately into growing your commercial enterprise.

3. You’ll always feel good in what you’re wearing.

If you choose your clothes for comfort, they ‘ll always feel good. If you choose them for vogue, you ‘ll always think they look good on you ( even if others disagree ). Either way, you ‘ll feel good about what you ‘re wearing. It ‘s an automatic assurance boost. I constantly get made playfulness of by my friends and kin for wearing the same thing, but it works. See if it could work for you .

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