When Does Fertility Return After Stopping Birth Control?

Birth control lets you decide if and when to get meaning. If you ‘re like many people, you may spend years using give birth control to prevent pregnancy .

But what happens when you ‘re ready to get pregnant ? Will you be able to get fraught right away after you stop using birth command ? Is it angstrom easy as stopping the pill or not inserting another NuvaRing ? The best answer we can give you is “ it depends. ”

There are many misconceptions about how easy it is to get meaning once you have stopped parturition master. This article discusses different birth control methods and how quickly you can expect birthrate to return after stopping them. It besides looks at some other factors that may affect richness .

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How hanker Will It Take to Get Pregnant ?

Most hormonal birth control methods stop you from ovulating, or releasing an egg. If you do not release an testis, there is nothing for sperm to fertilize. This is why you do not get meaning .

When you stop using hormonal parturition control, you will start ovulating again. When you are ovulating, you are fertile. But a come back of fertility does not automatically mean you will get pregnant .


Hormonal give birth see methods end ovulation. That is how they prevent pregnancy.

Fertility Return by Birth Control Method

When you regain your birthrate, your consistency begins to ovulate again. then, you can get pregnant. How long it takes depends on what parentage control method you were using. Let ‘s compare .

Barrier Methods and Natural Methods

If you were using a barrier method acting, there is good news. These methods do not interfere with fertility. Barrier methods include :

Barrier methods block sperm from reaching your egg. These methods do not stop ovulation. Whether you are using them or not, your monthly bicycle does not change .

As an add bonus, condoms besides protect you from sexually transmitted infections ( STIs ). Left untreated, some STIs can lead to sterility .

Some people use natural kin plan methods. If this is you, you may be able to get meaning firm. many of these methods have you keep track of your most fertile days. sol nowadays, just do the inverse. alternatively of avoiding sex around those days, go attempt to make a child .

Combination Birth Control Methods

Combination birth control methods include combination birth control pills, NuvaRing, and the temporary hookup. unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there about these methods .

You may have heard it takes at least three months for ovulation to start up again after you stop the pill. This is not normally on-key. For most people, ovulation will start within weeks. For some, though, it can take one to three months .

Think about it like this : The pill works because it stops ovulation. If you miss a couple of pills, you might ovulate and you might get pregnant. Some healthcare providers even say you are most fecund just after you stop taking the pill .

so where does the “ three-month myth ” come from ? Your healthcare provider may tell you to use a condom ( or another over-the-counter method acting ) until you have had three periods. This is precisely because waiting will help you keep chase of your cycle. That way, if you get fraught, it will be easier to guess when the pregnancy happened .

There is no checkup reason to wait after you stop birth control before trying to become meaning. merely be fix that your fertility may return within the first month. NuvaRing and the Patch work the lapp direction as the pill, so the same goes for these methods. Fertility should return promptly. Most research shows that 80 % of people who stop using these methods and want to get fraught will get meaning within the first year. This issue is the lapp as that of the general population .

This besides seems on-key for other types of parentage manipulate pills. When you stop progestin-only or extended-cycle pills, your fertility should return quickly .

intrauterine device

IUDs have a disgraceful reputation. You may believe they cause pelvic incendiary disease, which leads to sterility. This is besides not true .

There are two types of intrauterine device :

  • Hormonal (Mirena and Skyla)
  • Non-hormonal copper (ParaGard).

You can have your IUD removed at any time by a qualify healthcare provider. Please do not try to take it out yourself. Fertility returns identical quickly after removing an IUD, normally within a calendar month. This is true for both types of IUDs. Your uterus precisely inevitably time to get used to the IUD not being there anymore.

research shows that once an IUD is removed, pregnancy rates are about the lapp as the rest of the population .


This is a progestin-only give birth control implant. Nexplanon releases progestin for three years. You can have it removed any time before the three years are over, though .

Fertility will come binding quickly no matter how long you used this method acting. After the implant is removed, birthrate normally returns within a month .

Depo Provera

Depo Provera is an injection that prevents pregnancy for 12 weeks. Do n’t expect to get fraught cursorily after you stop this method. The manufacturer says you should stop getting the nip one class before you want to get meaning .

Why is this ? Depo Provera lone prevents pregnancy for three months. But the hormone, medroxyprogesterone acetate, stays in your body much longer. That is because it is injected into your muscle .

Though some people have reported the return of richness within three months after their last Depo Provera injection, this is not typical. It takes some time for the hormone to make its way wholly out of your torso .

On modal, it takes seven to 10 months to begin ovulating after you stop Depo Provera. For some people it may take more than a class.

other Fertility Factors to Consider

As a rule of hitchhike, your fertility should go back to the way it was before you started parentage control. If you had regular cycles before, you should have regular cycles again .

Your senesce may besides play a character. That is because birthrate drops as you get older. This is specially true once you turn 35 .

There has been a batch of research on the return of birthrate after stopping birth manipulate. A review of studies showed that birth restraint function does not injury richness. pregnancy rates within one class of stopping give birth dominance look like this :

  • Birth control pill: 72% to 94%
  • Condom/barrier method: 94%
  • Progestin-only birth control: 70% to 95%
  • Natural family planning: 92%
  • IUD: 71% to 96%


research shows that parentage control use does not injury fertility. After you stop using parentage control, your birthrate should go binding to the way it was before you started.

fertility Does not equal pregnancy

You may not get pregnant right off even after your richness returns. Some people become meaning within a calendar month. Others may try to get pregnant for a long time .

At this compass point, your ability to get fraught has nothing to do with former birth control manipulation. Your age, health, and lifestyle can all make it harder to get pregnant. You may besides experience sterility .

You may have concerns after you stop birth control. Talk to your healthcare supplier if :

  • Your period doesn’t come back after three months
  • The number of days you have your period changes
  • Your cycle is irregular
  • There is a major change in how heavy your bleeding is
  • You are younger than 35 and have been trying to get pregnant for 12 months
  • You are over 35 and have been trying to get pregnant for six months


Past use of parentage operate does not affect future birthrate. How quickly your fertility returns depends on the method you were using .

Barrier and lifelike methods do not affect ovulation, so you will already be fertile when you stop using them. When you stop most combination parturition control methods like the pill and NuvaRing, your richness should return within the first month. With Depo Provera, it may take seven to 10 months for birthrate to return .

early factors may besides impact your birthrate. Talk to your healthcare supplier if you have concerns after stopping birth control .

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to get pregnant after Nexplanon removal?

    It takes between 14 days to one calendar month for richness to return after Nexplanon removal.

  • What are fertility pills?

    Fertility pills refers to medications that increase the likelihood of the ovaries releasing more healthy eggs. In many cases, they are used by women who have absent periods, infrequent periods, or long cycles .

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