When to Wear a Luxury Silk Bow Tie Instead of a Necktie

No one wants to feel overdressed at the kinds of events we wear bow ties or neckties to. here is some advice to help you choose between wearing a bow tie or a necktie for your following evening out .

Designer Bow Ties Are Formal

You wo n’t wear bow ties identical often unless you want to make them apart of your personal dash. Bow ties are worn with dinner jacket and pleat shirts. People do n’t wear dinner jacket unless it ‘s for a very special occasion. It is for this reason that wearing a crouch tie is considered much more formal than wearing a necktie .

Keep in mind you do n’t have to alone wear a bow tie with a dinner jacket. many successful people have worn bow ties as part of their outfits as a symbol of their originality and singularity. A submit tie says you are self convinced and have a lack of concern for what people think of you. The drift is that wearing a bow affiliation should be meaningful, adopted either to be symbolic or worn on rare occasions.

When You Should Not Wear a Bow Tie

Men's Silk Tie and Matching Pocket Square | Nathon Kong
Luxury designer bow ties attract attention. If you do n’t want to wear bow ties to a conventional consequence you can constantly wear a necktie rather. If you want to wear a lavishness or designer bow tie only as something special, then you should avoid wearing them to casual events .
It may not be allow to wear bow ties for serious occasions, such as events with a full-dress code where uniformity is expected or at funerals .

When You Can Wear a Bow Tie 

Wedding Bow Tie for Men | Men's Fashion | Nathon Kong
The best events to wear bow ties to are the courtly events. These are much ceremonies with invite guests and an travel guidebook, like charity events, prize ceremonies, and weddings. The guests are n’t all going to be people that you know and depending on the ceremony there can be person who is identical influential deliver. A unique bow connect helps you to stand out and breaks the frost.

What it Means to Wear a Bow Tie: Wear an Art Piece that Tells a Story

Abstract Pattern Bow Tie | Nathon Kong
You want people to notice you when you wear a bow affiliation. You want to wear something that is original, artistic, and meaningful. Buy a unique silk bow tie here. Each patterned submit marry is a one of a kind, limited edition print of an artwork created by members of Les Impatients. Les Impatients organizes curative art programs for artistes with a diagnose mental health issue. 10 % of your purchases go to support this local non-profit organization so that they can continue to support Montreal art .
Each art piece comes in a gift box with a certificate of authenticity that tells the floor of the artist behind the artwork. When you wear a Nathon Kong bow tie, you carry the story of an artist ‘s recovery and subscribe mental health .

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