Where you’ll need to wear a mask in California — and where more mandates may be coming

A county in Northern California has reinstated a disguise mandate after hitting a high community tied for COVID-19, and Los Angeles County could do the lapp by the end of the month. Alameda County in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Oakland is located, issued a mask mandate Friday after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention moved it and a twelve other California counties into the highest flush for the virus as measured by encase counts angstrom well as hospital admissions and capacity. indeed far, the California counties that have reached the level at which the CDC recommends universal masking are all in the Bay Area, Sacramento Valley and the northerly contribution of the country and account for about 1 in 6 of all Californians, according to the Los Angeles Times.

But Los Angeles County may not be army for the liberation of rwanda behind. “ Our weekly case rate and the pace of increase in hospital admissions are of business, ” L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said Thursday, the newspaper reported, citing an 18 % increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations there over the previous week. Ferrer warned that if the county continues “ on the current trajectory … we ’ re likely to move into the CDC high community flat within a few weeks towards the end of June, indicating increase stress on the health worry system. ” presently, Los Angeles County and other Southern California coastal counties including San Diego and Orange, home to Disneyland, are at the CDC ’ s medium community floor — barely like Utah ’ second Salt Lake, Summit and Grand counties were after end Thursday ’ s hebdomadally update by the Utah Department of Health.

At a medium community level for the virus, the CDC advises those at high risk for a severe case of COVID-19 to consult with their health caution providers about whether they need to wear masks and take early precautions, including testing. Anyone support or outgo time with people at high risk besides may want to mask up and trial. The CDC besides suggests those in a medium-risk county should try to maintain improved public discussion throughout both private and populace indoor spaces. They should besides stay up-to-date on their COVID-19 vaccination, including booster shots immediately available to everyone 5 and older. Unlike California, mask mandates are improbable in Utah.

utah lawmakers, who have limited the exponent of state and local public health agencies, ended a statewide masquerade mandate in 2021 and overturned efforts to require face coverings in Salt Lake and Summit counties earlier this year during the record-breaking soar driven by the omicron variant of the virus. In Alameda County, California, the Los Angeles Times reported masks must be worn at indoor businesses and workplaces, including offices, stores, theaters and league centers, ampere well as restaurants and bars when not eating or drink ; on public department of transportation, including cab and tease shares ; and at Oakland International Airport. Masks are not being required for the final days of the school year in Alameda County ; however, they are mandated in Berkeley ’ s K-12 school organization, and Sacramento schools have besides taken action, the newspaper said. UCLA and some other campuses are mandating masks, besides.

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