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indeed, about masks – they do next to nothing if you don ’ t wear them by rights.

Yep, even the fabric coverings touted as the best thing since social distance have instructions. We ’ ve laid them out below, based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization .
And remember : Masks are effective alone if they cover your talk, nozzle and chin. And however tempting it may be to remove your mask for a moment, doing that could expose your fingers and confront to the very virus you ’ re trying to avoid .
Keep that and more in beware when wearing your masquerade – If we all do it right, we could save 33,000 lives .

How to properly wear a mask

Wash your hands and grab a clean cloth mask.

  • Follow the steps to properly wash hands. ( If you ’ ve forgotten the multi-step work, read our refresher course here
  • alone wear clean, breathable side masks. Re-wearing the same mask could expose you to contaminants .

Put on your mask, holding it by the ear loops.

  • Your mask should besides fit snugly against the sides of your face – no open flaps. But it shouldn ’ thymine be thus tight that it ’ south unmanageable to breathe through .
  • Your mask may have a pumped-up side, entail to adhere to the form of your nose. Press down on it over your nose for a more comfortable burst .

Make sure your nose, mouth and chin are covered.

  • If your mask has pleats, they should open down .
  • Pull your masquerade up so it covers your nose, and tug it down so it covers your mouth .
  • After you ’ ve put your dissemble on, don ’ t touch it again until it ’ south time to take it off .

How not to wear a mask

Beware of these three conversant mask mistakes :
1. It’s too loose . If your mask has large openings around your nose, sass and the sides of your face, it can ’ t efficaciously protect you from viruses that can slip through those cracks. Your mask should fit snugly against your confront .
2. You forgot your nose . Your nose needs to stay inside your masquerade – the virus is respiratory and travels through the publicize, and you could breathe it in .
3. You put it back on and touched it. You shouldn ’ t take your mask off for a dampen when you ’ re even in populace. It ’ s hot, certain, but it ’ s besides possible you could contaminate your mouth or face with any germs your mask catch .

How to properly take off your mask

Take off your mask by the ear loops.

  • When your voyage into the public populace is complete, remove your mask by the ear loops alone .
  • Don ’ thymine touch the front man of your dissemble – it could be contaminated .
  • Make sure you hold the mask away from your face as you remove it .

Store your mask immediately

  • If you ’ re not immediately going to wash your mask after you use it, place it in a clean, resealable formative cup of tea. Pick it up by the ear loops to place it inside the bag, and store the bag in a cool, clean and jerk place .

Wash your hands again … and again …

  • It ’ s become a pandemic mantra – wash your hands immediately after removing the mask. Wash your hands while you ’ ra wearing it, excessively. Just wash your hands frequently and thoroughly when you ’ re out in the world and when you return, and you ’ ll weaken the chances the virus will stick around .

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