Sunstone in Astrology- Benefits and Correct Way to Wear

Sunstone in Astrology sunstone is a type of precious jewel Ruby and consequently, is besides a precious stone. It has a metallic appearance. The stone gives an changeable consequence when viewed from different angles.The light-reflecting inclusions that results in a aglitter impression called aventurescence. It is besides called Goldstone. Chemically speaking, it is plagioclase feldspar. besides, some crystals of hematite are salute. It is these crystals that cause the ocular effects .
United States, Canada, Greece, and India are the major sources of this stone. One strange trait of Sunstone is that the lapp stone may display more than one color. Sun, as you may have guessed, is the rule of this Ratna. It is the birthstone of the Zodiac Sign Libra. Sunstone provides it ’ s wearer with good luck .


  • Sunstone results in an increase in a person’s creativity. People who want fame can wear this because it attracts fame and wealth.
  • The wearer also tends to become more independent.
  • Because the ruler is the Sun, it possesses the warm qualities of Suryadeva. It makes him/her much more kind and delightful.
  • People aspiring to be politicians or already politicians should wear this stone. It brings responsibility and leadership qualities to the wearer. Sunstone has the potential to take the person to higher status and power.
  • It also earns respect from others.
  • Sometimes, when you are hesitant to do something that you are good at, this Ratna brings out that talent.
  • When you are under a crisis, wearing this stone can bring optimism to your life and make you confident. It possesses the ability to make you fearless.
  • Sunstone attracts positive thoughts. Your decision-making skills also improve during this course.
  • While wearing, if you work hard you will see that your efforts multiply themselves for your sake.
  • It makes the wearer more active and confident.
  • Sunstone, like it’s ruler himself, displays love. So, you are likely to experience romance in your life.
  • It cleanses the aura of the wearer to give a much more positive vibe.

Medical Benefits:

  • Sunstone promotes and improves the self-healing powers of the wearer by regulating the autonomous nervous system.
  • Diseases and ailments due to the sudden change of weather.
  • Throat problems like sore throats can also be cured.
  • There will be cures to problems in cartilage, stomach ulcers and cardiac shortcomings.
  • It also does a much more unique and important work of aligning the chakras, especially the base and sacral chakras. The lighter shades of Sunstone are ideal for sacral chakra and the darker ones for the base chakra.
  • Sunstones also improve the efficiency of all organs, because it regulates the resonance and ‘chemistry’ of the organs.
  • It also acts as an excellent cure for chronic body and joint aches.
  • Due to the increase in metabolism, it helps to lose weight.

Mental Benefits:

  • When placed on the solar plexus as a locket or a pendant, it can calm a person of anxiety.
  • Sunstone also gains mental peace and mental stability. It bring about freedom and happiness in a person’s life.
  • It also restores sweetness in your life and will nurture like the Mother Earth herself, bestowing all her love.
  • As someone who constantly experiences nightmares and horrifying dreams, you can try to keep it under your pillow so that it can also it’s power.
  • If you are someone who struggles with continuing your workouts, you can start wearing this to increase your vitality and energy.
  • Sunstone can lighten up one’s bad moods and can be a natural anti-depressant.
  • People who are sensitive can wear this because it gets him/her self-confidence.
  • Since it is also associated with the sacral chakra, it gives rise to what we call ‘gut feeling’.
  • Sunstone clears the mind of unwanted thoughts, leading to somewhat easier meditation. It should be worn adjacent to the pineal gland to give the maximum benefit.

Correct Way to Wear Sunstone:

sunstone, like all early astrological remedies, must be worn after getting approval from an astrologer. It should be worn with a gold band. Before wearing it, it must be placed in a concoction of cow ’ south milk and holy place water for approximately eight hours. then, he/she must chant mantras of Suryadeva and seek his blessings. It must be worn in the center finger on Sundays .
It can be worn on any hand. If you seek to help others, you should wear it on your dominant handwriting. Whereas, if you seek to make yourself better, then it should be worn on your non-dominant hand. Sunstones must be cleaned with halfhearted or halfhearted water. And high-temperature exposures must not take space.


The yellow hues of sunstone are desirable for those with Leo signal. The dark orange shades are much more apposite with Virgo. finally, the red shades are for those with, as said before, the sign of Libra .
Sunstones are by and large considered to be impersonal in nature and can be worn without any side-effects. But it is constantly recommended that you wear it alone in character of the aforesaid problems. so, you must always consult an astrologer.

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