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Contact lenses can decidedly have some benefits over wearing glasses. For example, contact lenses can offer better viewing ease, increase your center comfort, and allow for vision correction without altering your appearance .
But for some people, contact lenses may not be the veracious solution. Keep read to learn more about why some people shouldn ’ t wear contact lenses and the alternative solutions available to you if you ’ re ineffective to wear contacts .

How Do I Know if Contacts are Right for Me?

If you presently wear glasses but you ’ ra concerned in contact lenses, your first gear dance step should be to get a proper liaison lens examination and appointment .
At Calgary Optometry Centre, we perform detail contact lens exams to ensure that contact lenses are the right treatment for you. But why are examination necessary ?

well, because liaison lenses sit immediately on your eye, it ’ randomness imperative that they fit correctly, and you get the correct type of contacts to suit your eye health and vision needs. Without a proper examination, touch lenses can harm your imagination and can even lead to infection .
During a reach lens examination, your optometrist will :

  • Ask questions about your lifestyle 
  • Assess the health of your eyes
  • Take specific measurements
  • Determine your contact lens prescription

All of this information helps your optometrist determine whether or not contact lenses are correct for you. If they are, this data besides helps your doctor blue-ribbon contacts dear suited for your needs .
5 reasons you may not be able to wear contact lenses including dry eye, blepharitis, eye allergies, having a unique prescription, or having contact lens intolerance.

Why Might I Not Be Able to Wear Contacts?

There are several reasons why contact lenses may not be good for you .

You Have Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye disease is an eye circumstance that affects how well your tears are able to lubricate your eyes. Without proper lubrication, your eyes and vision can suffer, leaving you with symptoms such as inflammation, blurred imagination, and an uncomfortable or spotty sensation .
In order for reach lenses to feel comfortable, a person needs to have an appropriate sum of healthy tears. Without the right amount of tears, your contact lenses can dry out, which can make contacts extremely uncomfortable to wear, and can even lead to an increased risk of infection or corneal scar .
Before you ’ re able to wear contacts, your optometrist may recommend dry eye therapy to get your eyes back to their healthy state .

You Have Blepharitis 

Blepharitis is a condition that causes ignition of the eyelids. It normally occurs when the vegetable oil glands in your eyes become clog, but can be caused by respective other eye diseases and conditions .
If you have Blepharitis, it is best to get your condition treated before wearing reach lenses. Because blepharitis normally involves bacteria buildup, it can increase your risk of eye infection while wearing contacts. In addition, it can be uncomfortable to insert, wear, and remove your lenses while you have this stipulate.

You Have Severe Eye Allergies 

If you have austere eye allergies, it might be unmanageable for you to wear contact lenses. Eye allergies can be seasonal worker or perennial, and are often identified by symptoms such as itch, inflammation, tearing, swelling, or burn .
Wearing contacts when you have allergies can much make your symptoms worse and can tied cause your eyes more significant damage, like corneal damage or scar .

You Have a Unique Prescription

During a contact lens examination, your optometrist will determine your contact lens prescription. In some cases, your prescription may not be suitable for contact lenses .
While contact lenses are made to cover all types of prescriptions, you may find that they don ’ thyroxine offer you the same quality of vision that you experience with glasses .

You Have Contact Lens Intolerance 

contact Lens Intolerance is a common stipulate among contact-wearers. If you have contact lens intolerance it causes you to experience pain and discomfort when wearing your contacts .
This condition can be caused by a variety show of factors, including allergies, poor people contact hygiene, and overwear .
Women holding a pair of glasses and contact lenses in the other thinking about her options

What are My Alternatives to Contact Lenses?

If your doctor has determined that contact lenses are not desirable for you, don ’ t worry ! There are calm other ways you can get the vision correction you want, without putting your eyes in harm ’ mho direction .
If you have an eye condition, such as dry eye disease or blepharitis, your doctor of the church will recommend treating the condition before wearing contacts again. once your eyes are back to their healthy state of matter, you should be able to wear your contact lenses like normal !

If you can ’ t or don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to wear contact lenses, you can consider alternatives, such as :

  • Eyeglasses
  • Laser eye surgery 
  • Implantable contact lenses
  • Specialty contact lenses 

Find Out if Contacts Are Right For You

At Calgary Optometry Centre, we have the expertness and skill to determine if contact lenses are a desirable treatment for you. If not, we can help you get the treatment you need so you can experience better sight !
Book an appointment with us nowadays for a contact lens examination to discover how we can help your vision excel .

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