The power of Black Onyx & How To Wear It

Black Onyx is derived from the greek news “ Onux ” which means fingernails or claw. According to the Greek mythology, Cupid used his arrows to trim the nails from Venus, the Goddess of love. As no depart of her body should decompose, the nails turned into stones finally .
This fabulous rock has besides been used by many cultures over the global for centuries. In ancient India and Persian tales, Onyx is used as a protection against malefic. It is besides believed to help to calm ardors of love due to the near and solid contrast of the white chalcedony formed in latitude bands .
Whatever the belief, there is something in common. For centuries, people from different cultures believed this natural rock, formed by Mother Earth, are believed to work in mighty ways. That is why Onyx are use in amulets, bracelets and other shape of jewelry, not fair for cosmetic purposes .
But why do some people wear black Onyx specifically ? Black stones are believed to be protective and grounding. We know that black is the absorption of all colors in the spectrum. If you mix peer parts of basal colors of red, scandalmongering and blue, you will get black color. consequently, black color is believed to support proportion and adaptability.

For black onyx, the formation of this stone can take its time. It has a behind, grounding and stable frequency, which translates into stable, firm, patronize and decision to help the wearers to persevere and pursue until they reach their goal .
Because of the black biased crystals in Onyx, it is besides believed that it can help to connect you with the region of the night where you can seek your true self. Like sleep helps you to recharge your body after a hard day ’ randomness make, black onyx can help to drain your negative energies that you accumulated over clock by absorbing them. This would help you to cope with difficult times associated with stress, grief and confusion.

once you have cleared off your mental loads, it can help you to make sound decisions by relieving your doubts, fears and anxieties. With a radiation of positive energy, you might be able to turn your challenging situation into a friendly one.

After all, it depends on you whether you believed in them. We are presently living in these challenging times when we are highly aroused. COVID-19, politics and racism are happening around the universe .
It may be even more difficult when factors that we can not control affect our knead and personal life. Finding ways to calm ourselves is the way that we can survive through these churning times .
At MYKU, we believed that every one is unique and should connect with their selected stones. The kinship between you and the stone is exclusive and should be built over clock. Therefore we hope you can connect to this unique timepiece and share with us this mutually single relationship would help you .

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