How to Wear Chambray Clothing for Travel

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chambray is in all the stores justly now and we ’ ra loving it ! Find out how to wear chambray clothing for your future trip and livestock astir on our favorite pieces !

How to Wear Chambray Clothing

Written By : Niki Landry

intend of chambray as your “ summer-weight denim ”. It has the benefits of a versatile denim assemble in your travel wardrobe :

  • you can wear it repeatedly without washing
  • you can dress it up or down
  • it works in a variety of destinations

Unlike denim, chambray is quite thinly, which has the add benefit of taking up less space AND weight in your bag. Anything that helps us pack light is constantly good !

Dress | Sunhat | Sandals

Chambray fabric is typically woven of lifelike cotton or linen fibers, and sometimes offered with a minor share of synthetic materials. I typically look for items with a blend of fibers for the best of both worlds .
Chambray is woven with both bluing ( in varying shades and sometimes gray/black ) and white fibers, and the weave gives the dress a mottle impression that ’ s perfect for layering onto casual outfits .


Some of the most versatile pieces are button down shirts and dresses. They ’ rhenium best suit for two types of trips : when you ’ ra traveling to warm or hot climates, or when you ’ re traveling to different climates on the same trip. Chambray clothing is easy to layer when the temperature drops ( without adding unnecessary majority ) !


The dress Alex is wearing in these images is the “Discover Jean Classic Dress” found on Soul Escape. Read this follow-up to find out why Soul Escape has become one of our favored destinations to buy cute summer clothes and vacation clothe !
Travel Fashion Girl is constantly on the hunt for the pieces that give you the utmost options in one dress, and chambray seems to fit the bill. With a casual look evocative of denim, but lightweight and breathable, chambray is popular among travelers for its versatility and laid-back expressive style .

You can besides try this alike dress from Forever 21 !

Here, I’ve picked some of my favorite items and offered some ideas on how to wear chambray clothing in your travel wardrobe:



Shorts | Chino | Skirt | Joggers

Heading to a hot and humid finish, but still want to look pulled together ?
Chambray is a perfect denim alternative for those trips where heavy jeans aren ’ thyroxine suitable for the weather .
These bottoms coordinate with every color and have an airy quality alike to linen–great for beach resorts and tropical destinations. chambray does tend to wrinkle, but I ’ ve found options with blend fabrics that hold its determine a little better than 100 % cotton .

Chambray skirts are especially popular this spring and summer season.


Blazer | Jacket | Shirt

Destinations with ideal temperatures during the day can sometimes leave you chilly at night or in shady areas .
rather of packing a few jackets to coordinate with all of your outfits, choose one that works with everything in your bag. One chambray jacket is all you need.
I like the casual material in a classic blazer cut or a utility style for the most flexibility. They aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate besides arduous to wear during the day and provide a short shelter and warmheartedness on cold blowy nights .


Side-Slit | Embroidered Yoke | Classic | Quarter Sleeve

The chambray shirtdress seems to be the outfit of the season, with styles popping up in every invest store. It is such an easy form to wear on many body types, and is super comfortable for a day out sightseeing. Pair it with a scarf and tan sandals for a perfect travel kit .
Another flattering vogue is tunic style dresses, which can be wear poolside, shop, or café-hopping around town. chambray dresses make great transitional pieces to add to your packing number .


Tank | Boyfriend | Shirt | Sleeveless

I normally like to select invest items in chambray where they will get the most manipulation, like a bottom or coat. For exemplify, if I were bringing along chambray shorts I wouldn ’ thymine inevitably pack a shirt in the same fabric. If it works with your ejection seat wardrobe, chambray can be a great choice for a top equally well .
One of the easiest tips on how to wear chambray invest on your travels is to choose collared, button-down shirts. These are a favorite because they are easy to keep scavenge and are very comfortable and can be worn as a lightweight jacket if needed .
The railroad detail adds a elusive chevron to this classic style shirt. besides, I like the fall tuck addition on the back of the short sleeve version. It gives some shape to avoid an excessively boxlike attend .

Chambray is one of the most versatile clothing fabrics you can bring on a trip. The great news is that it’s very popular right now, which means you can find it in every cut, shape, and price point. So stock up on one or two pieces that you can wear on your next trip (and many more to come).
Do you have any other tips on how to wear chambray clothing on a trip? Comment below!

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