Best Biome To Build A Base In Don’t Starve Together

We take a look at the pros and cons of building a free-base in each different biome in Do n’t Starve together and rank them all. Having somewhere to call home in the clear world, survival venture of the Do n’t Starve series is overriding. A place to cook, to store valuables and to defend from Deerclops when he comes for your structures in the deep winter nights .
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inescapably some biomes are going to be better than others at keeping your bobble-headed friends safe, but you might be surprised by the options available to your favorite specific characters ( such as Walter the Scout and Wurt the Half-Pint Merm ).


8 Rockyland: A Whole Lotta Rocks

Rockland Biome Map Don't Starve Together fabulously utilitarian resources in the Constant can be found abundantly in the Rockyland biome, such as Rocks, Flint, Gold, Nitre and Ice. Setting up al-qaeda here as Maxwell, for exemplify, with his Shadow minions would keep the team amply stocked and able to make batch of Gunpowder, Crock Pots, Wigfrid Helmets, Ice Flingomatics and much more .
however, plants ca n’t grow through the Rocky Turf ( used to make cobble ), so you would have to dig it up and relocate whatever is needed nearby. Because of this it ‘s not the best identify to base for newbies. On lead of that, Rockylands can besides be home to the Spider Queen set nibble. At least you ‘ll have plenty of silk .

7 Savanna: Become A Beefalo Herder

WX in Savanna with Beefalo and a Rabbit Wearing Strawhat and a Walking Cane Don't Starve Together If you want wide open spaces then the Savanna biome could be for you. not much grows out here away from Grass Tufts, but there ‘s no dearth of delectable, regretful, cunning rabbits. Planning a base around their burrows can be slippery, but they can always be dug up which removes the spawn web site of a Rabbit .
Your nucleotide will besides come with the built in defensive measure of Beefalo. These mobs will attack for 34 damage and will gang up on Hound waves and bosses alike. Watch out for Spring though, as entangle season is upon us and these furred beasts become a little territorial. Try wearing a Beefalo Hat, they might ignore you .

6 Swamp: High Risk, High Reward

Wilson in Swamp with a Merm Outside Mermhouse Wearing Armour near Reeds Don't Starve Together This area is n’t further up the list as it would put many players out of their comfort zone. But for those wanting a challenge and a fountainhead startle on syndicate drop resources ( such as Silk, Spider Glands, Tentacle Spikes and Tentacle Spots ) and slowly access to the native reed plants, then the Swamp is the place to base .
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Playing as Wurt makes it a much more relax have as she can detect Tentacles stirring underground and is friendly with early Merms. She even has a whole character discharge rebuilding her species ‘ early glory, but comes with the downside of being vegetarian ( though these recipes may help deal with that ) .
Webber besides benefits from the Swamp as Spider Dens pop up there a-plenty, providing him with warriors at his beck and call in the dangerous bog. The sanity loss standing near Tentacles is an issue ( equally well as possible Health loss ), but the mob in this biome are great against Hounds, Bearger, Deerclops and anyone else you choose to mess with .

5 Sunken Forest Cave: Like A Normal Forest, But Underground

Sunken Forest with Cave Entrance Staircase and Lightflowers Don't Starve Together This might seem counterintuitive, setting up a safe invest in the deep, dark and dangerous Caves, but it comes with a overplus of advantages, such as no Wildfire in the Summer, and in fact no overheating at all. There are no seasonal bosses coming to get you, and no Fire Hounds to ruin your day either, barely Depth Worms .
These areas much come with Grass Tufts, Twigs and Trees, and Lightflowers to restock your Miner Hat, and have sunlight during the day. Most characters will have to cope with a constant sanity drain, however Maxwell and Walter do n’t seem to mind it down there, although you will have to forfeit Pig farms and Bees. Do n’t forget Bunnymen are all besides felicitous living in the twilight with you, though.

4 Forest: Can’t See The Forest For The Trees

WX in Forest Biome Wearing Rainhat with Spider Nests and Walking Cane Don't Starve Together If Logs are a changeless informant of frustration for you, then why not live in a Forest ? Maxwell and Woody are very useful characters and can clear out quad for a base in no clock, though other characters will take a draw longer .
The Forest is a pretty safe biome with limited enemies, equally retentive as you keep the Tree Guardians appeased, and there are normally the odd Pigs you can employ as cheap labor. With all this wood around the gamble of Wildfire in the Summer is identical high, so lineage up on Luxury Fans. And pay attention to the decelerate spread of Petrification, or all your Logs will turn to stone .

3 Deciduous Forest: Watch Out For Pesky Birchnutters

Maxwell in Deciduous Biome with Catcoon Don't Starve Together Why is this forest thus much better, you may ask. Well for starters, the Pig King constantly spawns in a deciduous Forest, along with his piglet cortege. other reliable generation includes a Wormhole, the Glommer statue and a Sinkhole. Catcoons are spread out among the colorful trees, and will throw up useful items from time to time. They can besides be farmed for big Meat and Cat Tails. Do n’t forget to pick up the Pan Flute that always appears adjacent to Glommer excessively .
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The downsides constantly catch up though, and we must n’t forget about Tree Guardians here besides. Birchnut Trees spawn Poison Birchnut Trees if you cut besides many down and their kit out form is not adenine easy as their fir counterpart. besides, living in the Pig King ‘s territory wo n’t be safe for Krampus ‘s protégé Wortox, as he is considered an evil character .

2 Oasis Desert: Stay Away From Dragonfly!

Willow in the Desert Oasis in Summer with Chester Wearing Strawhat and Walking Cane Don't Starve Together Of the two Deserts it ‘s clear that one reign supreme, and that is of run the Oasis Desert. Immune to Wildfires in the Summer, this miniskirt paradise is barely the station to get away from it all and relax with some fish. That is, if you get the Desert Goggles. Without them paradise turns into a personal prison, as once Antlion rears her atrocious head in Summer the Sandstorm begins, and walking through it without the Goggles is arduous .
Volt Goats can only be found in the Desert which can be farmed for their Horns and Electric Milk ( used in the delectable Ice Cream, and Milkmade Hats ), angstrom well as Cactus for a bright Sanity boost. Tumbleweeds drift across this biome, and catching up to them can prove beneficial as they drop about every resource in the bet on, including rare gem !

1 Grasslands: Home To Bees and Bushes

Wilson Wearing a Silk Hat and Walking Cane with WX and Wolfgang in the Grasslands near Berry Bush Don't Starve Together Who ever said playing on easy mode was a bad thing ? This biome is full of lavish vegetation, busy Beehives, and the episodic Pond. You ‘ll find enough of Flowers which engender Butterflies, and there are no built-in enemies ( possibly a Frog or two from the Pond ).

Grasslands are ample and roomy excessively. The perfect position for a base, if you do n’t mind travelling for some of the rare resources. Pretty idyllic .
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