Fetish fashion! What’s behind Kim Kardashian’s wild new look?

Name : fashionable fetish tire. Appearance : chic bondage dress, probably in black. Age: Since Monday, at least.

Because? well, take a front at the picture. Bloody hell, is that a dementor, or a ringwraith? Or just a shadow, the empty black space where someone used to be ? Actually it ’ randomness Kim Kardashian at this year ’ sulfur Met Gala in New York. The Met Gala? That event where A-list celebs try to outdo one another on the red carpet? Bingo ! It ’ second manner ’ sulfur boastfully night out, the diligence ’ south Oscars, bigger than ever this class on account of being cancelled last year because of Covid … Why did K ardashian go dressed as some sort of bondage ninja? Fetishwear has become something of a staple of the catwalks, and, according to the Daily Mail, the high street. Kardashian ’ sulfur outfit, however, was designed by Demna Gvasalia, the creative director at Balenciaga. He was there, besides – Vogue said Kardashian ’ sulfur company, wearing a blackout hoodie, was Gvasalia after some meditation that it might be Kardashian ’ sulfur estranged conserve, Kanye West. What’s the point of this Met Gala then? To promote the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is where it ’ south hold. And it ’ s an opportunity for designers, models, musicians, actors and anyone else with an invite to flaunt fabulous fashions.

Like executioner chic! What did other people go as? The knocker Lil Nas X wore three outfits – although one looked like he had hired a C-3PO outfit, but it was actually by Versace and about surely cost a fortune. Schitt ’ s Creek ’ s Dan Levy went as Google Maps. And the german singer Kim Petras had a horse ’ sulfur head attached to her front man – possibly something to do with the fantastic west. Or that bit from The Godfather ? possibly. Most of the conversation was about Kardashian , then? Obviously. She went to a listening party of her ex-wife ’ s new album, Donda, sporting a alike all-black disguise, while West has been wearing a blacked-out head cover, excessively. I s this her tribute to his new work? Maybe. Or possibly a crafty excavation – because he has spoken in the past about her outfits being “ besides revealing ” and “ excessively sexy ”. Booooo ( West, not the outfits). She posted another picture of herself in a different all-black leather costume, complete with wax mask.

Is black the new black then? possibly, unless bondage is the new black. One thing is for certain, though : it ’ sulfur either absolutely ace … or else a bit wyrd and creepy. Do say: “ $ 30,000 a buttocks you say ? Super, I ’ ll take a table. ” Don’t say: “ My Halloween costume ’ s barely like that, I got it online for 20 chew. ”

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