The Surprising Behind-The-Scenes Drama Of ‘What Not To Wear’

Since the show ‘s end, some concern drama has brewed between the read ‘s jumper cable figures and former friends. TLC is home to some of the most matter to shows on the belittled shield, and it has been this way for quite some fourth dimension. Show like Our little Family and 90 Day Fiance were hits that made its focal points celebrated names in crop up culture .
What not to Wear was a staple on the network for years, and this was largely thanks to the chemistry between Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. however, things were not as they appeared on screen, and since the show ‘s end, some interesting drama has brewed between the show ‘s go figures and former friends .

Let ‘s take a look at the drama from What not to Wear .

‘What Not To Wear’ Was A Hit

In January of 2003, What not to Wear made its introduction on the modest riddle, and thanks to its interesting precede and antic hosts, the show was able to find a big audience and boom on television for years .
For 10 seasons and 345 episodes, What not to Wear was a dynamic show on television that helped hopeless dressers learn a thing or two about fashion and stepping up their wardrobe game .
Stacy London was with the show from the identical beginning, and Clinton Kelly would make his presence felt on the second season of the show, which took things to another level. The couple had such a genuine chemistry with one another, and fans loved what they were bringing to the board .
finally, the series would come to an end, which was a bummer for the fans. Things, however, got very interesting when some drama made its means into the headlines .
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Things Weren’t Easy While Filming

E7EF839B-2333-4397-9775-0112B338F131 Via Being at work with familiar faces can grow boring, even when the co-workers are friends with one another. It ‘s just the nature of spend so much time around the same people. Turns out, Clinton felt some type of manner about working with Stacy, and he opened up about it in his reserve .
In his book, Clinton wrote, “ I either adored her or despised her, and never anything in between. We spent about sixty hours a week in captivity, rarely more than an arm ’ sulfur length away from each early. Trust me when I tell you that is just besides much time to spend with any other homo being you did n’t choose of your own complimentary will. ”
He besides wrote, “ There ‘s a depart of me that will love Stacy London constantly, and a part of me that would be barely fine if I never saw her again for the remainder of my biography. ”

immediately, Clinton was being honest and revealing his true feelings in his reserve, but this must have come as a shock to Stacy. Fans had no estimate that Clinton felt this way, as everything seemed to be going well enough on the come on. Clearly, Stacy did not take besides charitable to what Clinton had penned, and suddenly, play was beginning to unfold in a way that fans were not expecting .
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More Drama Happened When The Show Ended

On social media, things escalated in the eyes of fans when Clinton was blocked by Stacy London .
Clinton revealed, “ It seems juicy, but it in truth was n’t that juicy. I ‘ll just explain the narrative. then yesterday, I leave work and I check chirrup on the means to the metro. I notice that I ‘ve been tagged in the lapp tweet with my erstwhile What not to Wear co-host, Stacy London. So I click on her list to see what this pinch is about, and what pops up is, ‘You ‘ve been blocked from viewing Stacy London ‘s tweets. ‘ ”
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“ It was like getting a little bang in the confront, like ‘What is that all about ? Like how and why and when ? ‘ therefore, I get a screenshot and I tweeted it because I thought the people of Twitter should know, ” he continued .
Stacy, however, would stew on what had gone down, and she would finally unblock Clinton on social media .
Stacy wrote, “ But last night ( and WHY death nox, I ‘m not sure ) it occurred to me that taking action like blocking people in ordain to feel some sense of control over others actions is a lay waste to of my meter. I ca n’t stop people from the way they behave. I ca n’t stop them from being angry with me, hurtful to me, or deaf to me. ”

The two were dynamic on television together, but things were n’t what they seemed behind the scenes. possibly one day, they can reconnect and start up another hit read with one another .
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