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When you tell people that you are an accountant, the effigy that pops in their lead often looks like the one above. Some older gentleman wearing a weight-lift white shirt, spectacles, a green visor sitting under some acute easy immersed in calculation. All of the above hint at an individual who, while quite intelligent and diligent about their work, is credibly not viewed as the life of the party. But why is this the image that comes to mind ? Where is the social accountant ? Where is the person who likes to go rock climbing on the weekends ? Where are the real men and women who represent the accountancy profession ?
truth be told, the trope classically associated with account professionals is actually barely stereotyped. now what do I mean by that ? Well, a pigeonhole is a think that may be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things, but that belief may or may not accurately reflect reality. The reason this image has persisted so farseeing is largely based on historical grounds. however, the reality of the current account profession is that most people have “ another side ” to them which isn ’ triiodothyronine reflected when they are with clients and colleagues. The lapp would be dependable for me ampere well .
In this mail I talked a fortune about how I got into the profession ( which was kind of by accident ) equally well as some of the things I like to do in my excess prison term. But what I wanted to focus on today is the why behind why I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fit the mold so to speak.

I’ve always had a business mind. Back in my younger days, I use to do yard work for our neighbors. They had a reasonably big house and converted much of their yard space into gardens. The one in front was fully of flowers and the one in second had vegetables and other plants. One day I was working with the owner ’ s wife and she asked me what I wanted to be when I “ grew up. ” Without hesitation I spouted off something to the consequence of I wouldn ’ thyroxine take care owning a landscape business, a car wash, a towing company, etc. Why I didn ’ triiodothyronine mention going to college still escapes me, but obviously I was focused on starting something .
If you fast-forward to my time in college and calibrate school, one vogue always tended to emerge. While I was good at my accounting classes, I about always did better in my business classes. Whether it was commercial enterprise scheme, economics or investment hypothesis, I plainly was always able to grasp the concepts and meld them with the consort fiscal impact. What this means is that I not merely understood the account english of the transaction, I besides got how it related to the commercial enterprise. therefore, over the course of my 13 years in Corporate America, I ended up moving more towards the commercial enterprise side of the fiscal house ( e.g. Sr. Financial Analyst, Manager or Financial Planning & Analysis ) and farther away from the report side .
Most “ typical ” accountants get business in general, but sometimes get besides entrenched in making sure all the numbers tick and tie. While this is function of making sure your financials are solid, it ’ s not what most clientele owners are looking for. Many want person to give them insights on what they see ; not simply regurgitate what happened last month. They besides want person who understands all the business functions and knows why market spends therefore much money ( i.e. because sales don ’ thymine happen without it and no sales means no bookkeeper/accountant ). I was fortunate enough to work on cross functional teams in my bodied days therefore I get how the puzzle fits together. unfortunately, not all fiscal professionals do .
I steal from the best and forget the rest. What I mean by this is that when it comes to clientele, I look for what works and discard what doesn ’ thymine. The key with this ( for me ) is that it doesn ’ t make a difference what diligence the concept is used in, so long as it ’ s the best one .
For case, in the indemnity industry it is known that you must manage the customer relationship if you want to be successful. I mean, what ’ s the remainder between one insurance supplier and another ? not a lot to the untrained eye. But what will keep you with your agentive role given that everything else is equal across all providers ? The direction that they treat you when then deliver service and how they engage with you when they aren ’ triiodothyronine. This is why you get a birthday calling card, a calendar for your refrigerator and those monthly newsletters each year. All of the proceeding are ways to keep you feeling as if your agentive role cares about you AND keep them top of mind whenever person asks you “ do you know a good insurance agent ? ”

so what does that have to do with me ? All of the above are marketing tools adapted from another industry and applied to our practice to help us keep our clients engaged. Do they work ? I like to think sol as we have a reasonably high customer retention proportion. But what ’ mho different about this is that not all accountants conduct their market in this manner. Some think that ad in the scandalmongering pages is the means to go. Some feel that splashing your name all across a golf tournament is the trick. Me ? I think advertising where your competition international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine or doesn ’ metric ton focus is how you gain the business that they ’ ra fail. If you want to get average results ( no matter what the topic/activity ) precisely do what everyone else does. Thus, we always look to emulate the best companies out there, tied if it ’ s viewed as improper or unorthodox for a fiscal services firm. Bet that would make that stodgy green visor CPA peal over in his dangerous huh ?
I like to let my personality show. While I like to consider myself a relatively intelligent person, I do like to do things that are outside of what I ’ ll call cerebral endeavors. I participated in sports while I was in gamey school, and while I wasn ’ t any dependable at most of them, I still liked the thrill of rival. This passion for a challenge is prevailing in my business dealings ampere well as my hobbies. Whether it ’ s weightlift, cycling, riding motorcycles or playing a good ‘ ol game of tag with my daughter, I like to have fun .
In addition to the above, I besides like people. I mean, you can ’ t very be effective as an accountant if you don ’ t like people or you feel that they are always getting on your nerves. therefore I like talking to people, learning what makes them tick, what ’ randomness going on in their lives and equitable bouncing ideas about. While you might not see me shutting down the party or dance till the cows come home plate, I do like to mix and mingle with people every once in awhile. I mean hey, you can ’ thymine expect me to use my genius all sidereal day dealing with numbers and business problems and then not have an mercantile establishment to decompress right ?
All of the above are just childlike examples of what goes on in my life. What ’ s more important is that if my clients ask, I have no problem telling them about what I do outside of ferment. Why ? Read the final target.

I like to share. While I tend to do my best think and problem resolution when I am by myself ( i.e. distinctive introvert ), I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate function without some interaction from others ( i.e. classic extrovert ). thus, I strive to achieve a balance between my motivation for inner quite and my desire to be active and have fun with early folks. The conclusion result is what you see in this blog ; me sharing my life with you, my friends, teammates, colleagues and anyone else who happens to stumble upon it .
Do I mind sharing what I do outside of clientele ? No. many people view accountants as intellectual, emotionless, lumps of sludge that have no life outside of crunching numbers. By sharing my escapades, it proves that I am human and that I am no unlike than they are. It offers them a glimpse into my life and what makes me click. Do most stereotyped accountants do this ? I wouldn ’ t know ; but that ’ sulfur because I ’ m not your distinctive accountant !
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