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People, including people who are blind, wear sunglasses chiefly to prevent the harmful effects of the sun ’ south UV rays. But there are other reasons why benighted glasses help person who can not see .
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Reasons Blind People Wear Sunglasses

People wear glasses for diverse reasons, but it is chiefly for protection against the searing cheerfulness, hence the name sunglasses. And at times you will see blind people donning a match of dark sunglasses, despite the fact they can not see the sunday .
many people speculate that the blind tire sunglasses to hide their eyes. Although this might be dependable, there are more reasons why more than 1 million clinically blind people wear sunglasses .

Protection from UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays are harmful light wavelengths from the sun that can affect your eyes, causing photokeratitis, an infection that causes excitement of the cornea. To protect their eyes, the blind will use sunglasses to stop these rays from getting into their eyes.

typically, the sunglasses will protect the eyes of the subterfuge from ultraviolet rays in the follow ways :

  • Completely blocking both Ultraviolet-B and A radiations
  • Screening out 75-90% of visible light
  • Wraparound frames for additional protection against the solar radiation

Improves Vision

You don ’ t have to lose all of your sight for the eye sophisticate to declare you blind. If the ocular acuity in your better-seeing eye is below 20/200, then you are legally blind. It means you can however see, but you need to be 20 feet closer to an object to see it, and so far a person with normal imagination would see the lapp thing when they are 200 feet away .
If you have this type of ocular impairment, you can improve your vision by wearing sunglasses since they reduce limelight, a light that bounces in every direction affecting your eyesight .

Safeguard against Dust and Injury

It is difficult to shield your body from something that you can ’ thymine see, and this is what blind people face every day. If you are blind, your eyes get constantly affected by debris and foreign objects as you can ’ thyroxine see and get out of the way in clock time. For that reason, wearing sunglasses is crucial, particularly when you are outside.

Inform Others about Their Condition

A blind person might want to communicate with other people about their condition without saying it out loud. ideally, you will recognize that a person is blind if they walk around with a white stick. evenly, the blind can besides use sunglasses to communicate their ocular impairment .
And this can come in handy when they are in areas with many pedestrians, such as zebra cross pathways .

Minimize Effects of Photophobia

continually exposing your eyes to sunlight can affect them and lead to conditions such as photalgia, where your eyes become sensitive to light, causing you to experience migraines.

Photophobia is a serious trouble for blind people since the structures that regulate the sum of lighter entering their eyes ( iris ) may not be functioning correctly. consequently, using sunglasses will help limit the amount of light entering their eyes, protecting them from migraines .

Aesthetic Reasons

Some blind people may besides choose to wear glasses for aesthetic reasons. That is specially true if they have physical defects with their eyes, such as disfigurations or abnormal shapes. Others could even have crossed eyes ( strabismus ) where the eyes are facing face-to-face directions .
consequently, such people will wear sunglasses to avoid causing discomfort to people when they look into their eyes .


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