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Ipanema beach on hot summer day is a centripetal feast. The neutral fuscous tones of the backbone are broken up by elated pops of colorful beach umbrella — barraca — clusters. The water system is filled with people. possibly there are some surfers there or possibly there are good some kids diving under each wave, a.k.a. “ fish for alligators ” ( one of our sayings — pegar jacaré ). All of it is trimmed with the iconic total darkness and white tortoiseshell design of the sidewalk. The two mountain brothers — Dois Irmãos — keep watch over everything, holding up the flip for fiddling propeller planes to fly by, trailing department of commerce along the cloud. And, there are the number guideposts — Posto 8, 9, 10 — a numeral wayfinding system that are ladle with an mute code, where different communities flock together. modern bohemians, affluent socialites, chilled out surfer babes, tourists, LGBT, visitors from local suburbs — everyone gravitates towards their specific signpost. They tell you where you are on the beach, but besides where you belong on the beach. There ’ second in truth nothing like that sweet consequence where you slip your foot out of your bright arctic sandal and place it in the sandpaper. Your foot burns a small bite, making you walk with an extra bounce in your tone. You are at the best beach in the universe. Maybe it international relations and security network ’ t the most beautiful, the biggest, or the emptiest, but it ’ south unambiguously, undeniably the one with the best memories and stories. I no longer spend every summer and vacation with my family in Brazil. The pluck of work and pornographic life prevents me from visiting ampere frequently as I once could, but whenever I see interchange feet carrying people around the city, it brings me back to my place on Ipanema beach. I am here to tell you the report about flip-flops. It ’ s their particular day nowadays. I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think about flip-flops without picturing, smelling, feeling that Rio de Janeiro beach picture I grew up with. It ’ sulfur in my skin and between my toes. other things ignite those memories, besides. very cold coconuts — bem geladinho. String bikini — curtininha. Biscoito Globo cookies made of yucca flour — a staple farseeing ahead gluten-free was a thing. Frescobol. Guys in speedos, infinitely kicking a blue-green-yellow soccer ball in a circle. The ice lolly guy. The maté ridicule. The grill tall mallow guy with the portable little oven — queijo na braza. But, there is a reason only flip-flop get their own sidereal day. They are a ball-shaped phenomenon, a feat of market, and now, a closet necessity the populace over. They are besides symbolic of Brazil, their narrative woven with open socio-economic comment that ’ s still relevant to the country today.

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