Are flower leis inappropriate for high school graduation ceremonies?

SALT LAKE CITY — A wreath is a garland common in Hawaii and across Polynesia. Leis are given throughout the Pacific as gifts to honor visiting dignitaries, graduates or loved ones who are departing. So why would students not be allowed to don meaningful cultural overdress — like flower wreath — during gradation ceremonies at high school, particularly in the Jordan School District ?
Jordan School District policy governing the graduation attire code states :

  • Graduates are expected to wear the prescribed cap and gown without decoration, additions or alterations.
  • Only school-issued and -approved tassels, sashes, pins, hoods, cowls, mantles, cords, insignias or medals signifying achievement, honor, participation, membership or recognition may be worn.
  • Formal, semi-formal or customary dress attire is appropriate for a commencement ceremony.

On the even of Tuesday, May 24, the Jordan School District Board is slated to discuss potential exemption to the policy as it relates to graduation overdress.

Verona Mauga is a member of the KSL Community Board and recently attended a touch with the Jordan School District about cultural adornments at commencement ceremonies. She spoke with KSL NewsRadio ’ sulfur Dave & Dujanovic about the subject .

Cultural expression at high school graduation

Mauga said the school district policy is undefined on commencement attire .
“ It doesn ’ triiodothyronine specifically call out wreath or cultural attire. I ’ ve talked to several different board members and the overseer and the message is very indecipherable, ” she said .
One board member said the policy on graduation attire was revised six months ago, while another board member said the policy has always been in set and enforced .
“ Did they give a reason why ” wreath are banned at commencement ceremonies ? Dave asked .
“ They didn ’ thymine, ” she said, adding the district policy is designed to promote integrity among graduates .
“ But America is a state that is made up of immigrants. I think being able to come in at least one piece of cultural attire to honor your class and the diverse cultures that make up America, I think it ’ s an significant thing for students to be able to do, ” Mauga said .
“ Verona, I checked with the Granite School District future door to the Jordan School District this morning. They said in fact they do allow for the wear of wreath at the high school commencement, ” Debbie pointed out .

High school graduation should be inclusive

State Rep. Karen Kwan, who zone includes the Jordan School District, set up a meet for residential district members and the zone to address the offspring. She joined the show.

“ I think dress codes in general are kind of slippery, right ? Anytime you tell person what they can or can ’ thymine wear, that ’ south going to ruffle feather, ” Dave said. “ Is there an argumentation to be made that possibly this is a moment for equitable caps, gowns and tassels ? ” Kwan said the Jordan School District understands and celebrates the value of human diverseness because everyone has a cultural history .
She far pointed out the school zone ’ sulfur policy states :

  • Formal, semi-formal or customary dress attire is appropriate for a commencement ceremony.

“ Doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate that mean that it ’ s not banned, leis are not banned because that is customary dress attire for native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders ? ” Kwan asked .
She said her understanding is at Tuesday evening ’ randomness school board meet there will be a reinterpretation of the policy to allow for customary practices that are respectful of Pacific Islander culture, such as erosion of wreath .
“ Representative Kwan, in your view, should students be allowed to wear wreath ? ” Debbie asked .
“ Yes, parents should have a say in how students celebrate, ” she said .

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