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If you ’ ve always watched a field hockey game on television, you may have noticed the television camera shots of players arriving at the sphere they are playing at wearing some in truth courteous suits.

But why do field hockey players wear suits ? Hockey players wear suits because it is required under the collective bargaining agreement between the NHL and the NHLPA. Exhibit 14: Form of Standard Club Rules, point 5: Players must wear jackets, dress pants and ties to all team games and while traveling unless otherwise specified by the Coach or General Manager. source : NHLPA Collective bargain agreement

Hockey is a sport big on tradition

It besides comes toss off to tradition in the sport. Hockey is credibly the one fun that values tradition above all. Players have been arriving to games in suit and ties dating all the way back to the 20 ’ s. nothing has changed since then. Starting in runt ( ages 11-12 ) players on A and AAA teams are required to wear suits to their games. They continue to do so throughout their play career. When I was 12 years erstwhile, I inactive remember the nip on bind I would wear because, well, I was 12 ! And hadn ’ thyroxine learned to tie one yet.

The idea behind wearing formal clothing on your way to playing a hockey game is to promote team unity, hygiene, professionalism, self-respect, confidence etc. As they say, look well, feel effective, play dependable .

Hockey dress codes are losing popularity

not everyone in the field hockey world is thrilled with the old educate dress code. From young field hockey parents to broadcasters, to NHL players and even their agents, there is a growing movement to shut down this old “ tired ” tradition of suiting up before you suit up for a game of field hockey.

In the National Hockey League

The stream NHL dress code unjustly restricts players ’ self-expression, inhibits their marketability, and leads to a system in which parents must purchase new suits for their unseasoned children every year, putting however another fiscal obstacle in the way of minor field hockey. The NHLPA and the NHL agreed to a more slack dress code for the league ’ s return-to-play plan during the 2019–20 season, which was put on defy due to global events.

many players, including NHL ace Auston Matthews who players for the Toronto Maple Leafs, were very receptive to the estimate of being able to express themselves in their clothe choices without being held down and told what to wear.

In youth hockey

The price of youth field hockey is high enough, parents are not thrilled with the add “ unnecessary ” costs of purchasing suits for their children as well. As we know, kids grow fast, this means parents are purchasing a new become closely every year, the cost of which promptly adds up .


Gord Miller, who calls NHL field hockey games for TSN, is vocally opposed to the theme of continuing on with field hockey players having to wear suits. More specifically, he doesn ’ metric ton think it ’ randomness right to force 13-year-old kids playing minor field hockey to wear suits to games.

Why do hockey coaches wear suits?

Anytime you watch field hockey, you ’ ll notice the coaches behind the bench are always dressed to the nines. But why do field hockey coaches wear suits ? Hockey coaches wear suits to portray an image of professionalism. They are the leader of their team and representing their organization and dress accordingly. NHL coaches are also required to wear suits by their organizations. separate of being a coach is leading by model, and if leagues require their players to dress up for games, then the bus needs to set that standard and show up looking professional each and every nox.

Is the hockey dress code going to change?

It seems as time goes on the dress codes are lento being loosened starting at the NHL horizontal surface. It ’ randomness going to take the NHL doing aside with their current attire code rules to create a ripple effect down to the lower levels of field hockey. very, it ’ s only a count of time until field hockey players will be able to wear what ever they like before games, much like the players in the NBA. personally, I think that day can ’ metric ton come soon enough.

update : As of September thirtieth 2021, the Arizona Coyotes have become the first NHL team to ditch the suit snip code. Starting in the 2021-22 NHL season, players for the Arizona Coyotes will no long have a game day attire code .

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