Softball Face Masks: What are They and are They Necessary?

Do I Need to Wear a Face Mask for Softball ?

Is your child modern to softball and you don ’ thymine know whether or not a grimace disguise may be necessary ? possibly you don ’ thymine flush know what a face mask is and want to learn more about it ? Either way, we ’ ra here to give you the summation on softball face masks and if your child in truth needs one. Keep take for more !

Are Face Masks Required in Softball ?

While face masks are not required in softball, it ’ s not rare to see every girl on the battlefield wearing a face mask on young teams. many feel that it is lone necessary for the pitcher to wear a grimace mask, while some think every girl on the baseball diamond, and even in the outfield should be wearing one. The sole function of a face dissemble is to protect the individual from a argumentation drive or bad hop to the face. Some choose to wear a sass guard, but this fails to protect the eyes and head .

Why Should I Wear a Facemask ?

just a quick search on Youtube and you ’ ll be able to watch dateless videos of pitchers getting reach square in the face from a pipeline force. In baseball, the pitcher is 60 feet aside from the dinge. In softball, however, the pitcher is merely about 40 feet away by the time she finishes her wind-up. This is an extremely close distance to be facing a buffet swinging at a ball that could be returning at up to 70 miles per hour when you ’ re at the collegiate floor. At lower levels of softball, pitchers are not throwing as hard, but you never know what could happen in the blink of an eye. It is constantly up to the parent or the individual in making the decision to wear a face masquerade, but we think it ’ second better to be safe than regretful.

When Should my kyd Stop Wearing a expression Mask ?

As your child gets older and keeps playing softball, the grade of play entirely gets better. Yes, pitchers get better and can master more pitches and movement, but hitters ALSO get dear. Getting older and playing at a higher level does not necessarily mean you can avoid getting hit in the face. With this being said, pitchers are typically the only side we see wearing font masks as they get older. Infielders and other positions normally stop wearing face masks around ages 12-15. When you get to the high school and collegiate level, there are placid many pitchers that clothing expression masks. For these individuals, taking a production line drive to the face is barely not worth it.

If your kid is embarrassed to wear a face mask, there are batch of big names out there that wear one at the collegiate and professional degree ! Have you heard of Kelly Barnhill ? She pitched for the University of Florida and plays professionally for the Chicago Bandits. She calm wears a disguise ! Paige Lowary ( pitcher ), Oklahoma alumni and professional actor, started wearing a face mask after she got hit in the confront with a production line drive. This left her with a black eye and a concussion. now, we don ’ triiodothyronine want to scare you. We are merely here to share the reality of what could happen to any of our softballers out there !

Where can I buy a softball Face Mask ?

You can easily find a softball mask at your local sporting goods store. They are besides sold on-line, and are actually relatively brassy. There are respective different kinds of face masks. Masks do in both youth and adult sizes, and normally have adjustable straps. You can choose between metallic element and formative, and a kind of colors and designs. You can even match your font masquerade to your team uniform !

Are Face Masks Necessary ?

girl pitching with face mask thus, now that we ’ ve gone over all there is to know about softball face masks, is it actually necessity ? Like we mentioned earlier, it is ultimately up to the individual or the parent. If you think it ’ s not worth it to take one to the front, then it ’ s probably smart to spend the $ 30 or $ 40 for a font masquerade that will final years and protect your kid ’ s confront. however, if you think the distraction of having a bar in front of your child ’ s face during a game is unnecessary, then possibly a sass guard duty is a better choice. Either way, it ’ mho identical important to protect our kids and their beautiful faces !

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