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THERE’S less than a month before sun-kissed babes and hunks descend on a Majorca villa in their quest to turn holiday romance into lasting love.
Love Island fans will be hoping for scandal, impertinence and sex after the last season broke show records by drawing in 3.3million viewers .Love Islander AJ Bunker reveals the secrets behind the show


Love Islander AJ Bunker reveals the secrets behind the show accredit : andreajanebunker/Instagram
The reality TV star was a bombshell in Season 7 last year


The reality television leading was a bombshell in Season 7 end year
Despite first airing seven years ago, there are a number of sub-rosa secrets at the villa that viewers might not know about .
In an exclusive consultation with The Sun, Andrea-Jane ‘ AJ ’ Bunker, from season seven, spills the beans on why all contestants wear sunglasses in the morning, why no one has a watch on and whether it truly is scripted .
AJ believes it was her saucy snaps online that led producers to contact her


AJ believes it was her fresh snaps online that led producers to contact her credit : andreajanebunker/Instagram

Producers ask if you’d have sex on TV

AJ claims producers approached her via Facebook to come in for an interview five years ago, but she turned them down due to being in a relationship .
last year, producers got back in partake and she jumped at the opportunity to go through auditions – even though she was n’t guaranteed a position on Love Island. She says she ’ second “ an open bible ” so wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate diffident when it came to detailing “ all cheat on exes ”, her “ awful past ” and embarrassing stories .
Throughout the work, she was “ on edge ” after being told she would alone hear binding if she made it on to the next round .
During an interview with television receiver executives, AJ was quizzed about her sex life and dating tactics .
“ They asked how I would catch a guy ’ s attention – I said I would approach him because in my eyes you ’ ve got to risk it for a chocolate biscuit, ” she told The Sun. “ I think they chose me as a bombshell because I don ’ thyroxine take care chatting up a guy even if he was attached. They based it on my personality. ”
AJ was asked if she “ would have sex on television ”, to which she answered ‘no ‘ because she “ grew-up Catholic and didn ’ triiodothyronine want to be ‘executed ‘ by my priest or mum ” .
The team besides asked if she was “ a sexual person ”, to rate her skills in the bedroom and tried to find out if she was coquettish or not .

After all the interviews, aspirant contestants had an “ agonising wait ” to find out if they have made it onto the indicate. AJ was given four weeks ‘ comment before travelling to Majorca for the show – but even then insists it was “ never 100 per cent ” she would appear on Love Island .
“ They normally put you in a hotel but because of Covid, I was in my own little villa with a chaperon for three and a half weeks, ” she said .
“ We were in shroud and weren ’ thymine allowed our phones from that detail on, so I had to bring mindfulness books and colouring books to keep myself busy .
“ It was a waiting bet on and nothing was guaranteed, I know loads of people were flown binding. I was always told it was never 100 per penny guaranteed until I stepped foot in the villa. ”

‘Not 100% scripted but producers nudge you’

AJ revealed producers try to find out who contestants are going to chat to... and where


AJ revealed producers try to find out who contestants are going to chat to … and where
In the past, many have speculated that Love Island is fake or scripted to make better television receiver, but AJ claims that ’ s not the case .
“ It ’ s not scripted 100 per cent but for film purposes, they ask who you want to chat to and where so the cameras can focus on you, ” she said .
“ They tell you which areas of the garden are already busy and suggest, ‘ Well, he ’ randomness sitting over there why not grab a new world chat now ’ – they give you a little push but it ‘s not forced. ”

Forced to sleep and stay awake

AJ was told to go back to sleep when she woke up early


AJ was told to go back to sleep when she woke up early
From the consequence Love Island hopefuls are flown out to Majorca, watches and phones are banned and there are no clocks, AJ says. She explained that they film the evictions “ in truth late at night ” due to it “ not getting dark in Spain until late in the even ”.

AJ added : “ You have no idea what time of day or night it is because there are no clocks and evening the ones on the cookers are set to random times .
“ When I first went into the villa my body clock had me up at 9am and asleep at 10pm, so I did struggle at first .
“ I tried to get up and they told me to go back to bed because they don ’ triiodothyronine want to miss anything being filmed. “ Another dawn, I wanted to go upstairs to unpack my stuff but they told me I couldn ’ thyroxine. Everything was on their terms and times. ”

Why contestants wear sunglasses in bed

AJ said she's always asked why Love Islanders always wear sunglasses in the morning


AJ said she ‘s constantly asked why Love Islanders constantly wear sunglasses in the dawn
AJ besides claimed contestants always wear sunglasses in the dawn – even in bed – because they are “ woken by a massive, bright light ” .
She added : “ It ’ s atrocious, it ’ s like the light of God. It ’ s the brightest and it ’ s why everyone wears sunglasses in the dawn .
“ It ’ s not because no one has any makeup on, it ’ randomness because we ’ ve all merely been blinded by that barbarous luminosity. ”

Banned conversations & not eating on camera

Love Island stars are rarely seen eating on the show, which AJ claims is to avoid viewers having to hear everyone chew .
AJ explained : “ But you ’ re not allowed to chat about anything to do with the villa because they want to save all that for the cameras. ”
She besides revealed that stars are “ not allowed sugarcoat or bad fast food ” but sometimes if they “ have been good ” they get little treats .
AJ said : “ One nox they bought us all a McDonald ’ mho, which was big, and at night, if we were good we would get bowl of sweets and all the snacks we shouldn ’ t have been eating. ”Love Island stars are now only allowed two alcoholic drinks per night


Love Island stars are now only allowed two alcoholic drinks per night
apart from that, most of the food was catered for and AJ claims it was “ bore, healthy ” food like chicken, pisces, potatoes, pasta, salad, fruit and yogurt .
She besides added of liquor rules : “ You ’ re only allowed two alcoholic drinks a nox, which is the worst, and they distance them out excessively, so you get one at the get down of the night and another four hours former .

Mobile loo nightmare

ascribable to coronavirus regulations, the television receiver stars were not allowed to have cleaners inside the villa at the same time as them .
This mean they had to make their own beds and there besides weren ’ thyroxine any beauty experts to sort their constitution, nails, lashes or haircloth. AJ said : “ One thing I was shocked about is that they locked us out of the villa when it was cleaning day .
“ When we needed the gutter, there was a mobile water closet, like you see in Glastonbury, that was being heated up by the spanish sun. It was hideous. ”

Lover to fighter

AJ is set to appear in Celebrity MMA next month


AJ is set to appear in Celebrity MMA next calendar month credit rating : andreajanebunker/Instagram
unfortunately for AJ, she didn ’ thyroxine find romance on Love Island and admitted she was gutted to enter the villa only to find out her puppy love Brad had already been sent home .
While AJ hasn ’ t given up on sleep together, she ’ sulfur taken a surprise new path now – battling it out on Celebrity MMA on June 24. The hair extension technician will struggle early Playboy model Carla Howe and it seems the sparks are already flying .
At a iron conference last workweek, the Love Island star was kicked in the genitalia and scratched on the grimace by her adversary and there has been a set of trash spill on-line .

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Warning to anyone who’s had Covid as symptoms that can last TWO YEARS revealed


Warning to anyone who’s had Covid as symptoms that can last TWO YEARS revealed

AJ said : “ I ’ ve gone from lover to combatant and can ’ metric ton wait for my battle. I ’ thousand going to knock her head off. ”
Love Island airs on Monday June 6. Celebrity MMA happens at OVO Arena Wembley on June 24

The last series of Love Island broke the show's viewing records


The last series of Love Island broke the read ‘s view records

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