Class Experience Policies and FAQs

Class Experience Policies and FAQs

Glass Academy Policy’s and FAQs

Welcome to the Glass Academy. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our class experiences, the studio, and assorted shows and events. If you can ’ metric ton find the solution to your question, please email us at : glassadmin @ .
* * 2022 COVID-19 Update : Glass Academy classes are resuming on a smaller scale and limited basis. We have reduced our class size and continue to exercise guard measures such as social outdistance within the studio, and shipping finished classify items directly to your family. If you have any questions about our protocols, please feel free to contact the studio directly.

Class Refund and Cancellation Policies:

  • There are no refunds on class experiences, once purchased.
  • If necessary, class reschedules must be requested prior to receiving “Class Reminder Email”, sent on the Tuesday before the class.
  • If you must reschedule your class with acceptable lead-time, there is a $10 rescheduling fee per order.  You will receive an e-gift card in the amount of purchased classes minus the $10 fee.  
  • In the case of low enrollment, we reserve the right to cancel any experience up to 48 hours prior to the date of the experience.  We will move you into another class without the rescheduling fee.
  • If, after receiving “Class Reminder Email”, you are unable to attend the class, we suggest giving the class to a friend as a gift or, if it was someone in your group who could not attend, making their item for them.
  • Arriving more than 30 minutes late will result in missing the safety demo and forfeiting your class experience.
  • In the case of poor weather conditions, equipment failure, power outage, or other natural disaster, we reserve the right to cancel any experience. Customers will be rescheduled at no additional cost. Please call the studio or check the website and/or our Facebook page for the most current updates. There will be a voicemail message on our phone and a post on social media if an experience has been canceled or we are closed.

Other Important Class Policies:

  • We do not accept participants younger than 16 for safety and insurance reasons. Participants aged 16 and 17 must turn in a signed parental consent form and have a guardian present during the experience.
  • Closed-toe shoes are required. If you wear open-toe shoes, you will NOT be allowed to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I wear to the studio?

  • Closed-toe shoes are required. If you wear open-toe shoes, you will NOT be allowed to participate.
  • Do not wear flowing clothing, such as long skirts or shirts with bell sleeves, as these can catch on tools and equipment.
  • Cotton clothing (or other natural fibers) are recommended; synthetic materials become quite uncomfortable due to the heat of the furnaces.
  • Our hot shop and gallery are in a warehouse, so keep in mind that the temperature outside is reflected inside—cold in the winter, warm in the summer—dress accordingly. We suggest wearing layers, including a sweater or light jacket, to classes during the winter months. In summer, shorts are ok.

What should I bring to class?

  • An open mind and sense of adventure!
  • Water, tea, or sports drinks; please stay hydrated—especially during the summer. (We also have a beverage cooler with water, soda, sports drinks, etc. available for purchase).
  • Optional: a camera or phone to capture your experience.

Is your studio accessible? 
unfortunately, the glassblowing bench, where all of the work will take place, can not accommodate wheelchairs or motorized scooters .
note : The felicitous Hour Class Experience does not require use of the glassblowing workbench, consequently will be the most accessible class .
If you have more questions about the handiness of our studio apartment, or have a disability, please give us a call or email us ! We will be felicitous to discuss the approachability of our studio and try our best to accommodate you within our base hit requirements .
note : we do not allow pets in the studio apartment, unless they ’ re servicing animals .
Where should I park?
Please park on the street in front of the building. There is batch of FREE street parking close to the front door. You may park on either side of the street .
Do you have tools for smaller hands or left handers?
We would love for everyone to get the chance to experience the wonder of working with mellow glass, so we do our best to provide an overall know, but some things barely don ’ triiodothyronine translate easily ! Our studio apartment benches are set up for people who are right-handed, and the tools only come in one size, a consequence of this being a male-dominated craft. We know this is a concern, but rest assured, we ’ ll do our best to make it work for you !
An interesting side note: Chris Nordin, one of the studio ’ randomness founders, is actually left handed. The italian headmaster who trained him refused to work with person who didn ’ t solve the looking glass with their right hand. It took weeks for Chris to adjust to blow good handed, but in the end, it paid off and he can make anything with ease !
What is the minimum age for participating in classes?
We do not accept participants younger than 16 for safety and policy reasons. Participants aged 16 and 17 must turn in a bless parental accept form and have a defender present during the experience .
How many students are in a class? 
We design all of our classes specifically with the student in mind. Each classify will have between 4 and 8 students, depending on the project ’ s complexity. The best room to learn glassblowing is by watching and then doing it yourself. Our classes are little enough that students can watch and learn from each early, without having to wait besides long for their turn.

Take the opportunity to mingle with your classmates and consider trading picture-taking duties during the experience. It ’ s a perfect prospect to make fresh friends ! You ’ ll besides get a tour of the studio apartment along with a 20 % dismiss coupon ( valid on the day of your classify ) that you can use on anything in the gallery. We highly suggest taking advantage of this opportunity to discover, admire, and leverage beautiful products in our gallery for gifts, special occasions, and keepsakes .
On the day of your experience, if we have any open slots available, you will have the option to make extra projects at a 50 % discount rate rate. Your teacher will let you know if this option is available for you during your class or you can ask at check-in .
What should I expect when I come to the class?
Arrive a few minutes early to get settled in. Our host will check you in and give you a enlistment of the gallery. After the go, one of our instructors will start out by giving you a bite of background information on the process and how to navigate the studio safely. following comes a demonstration on how the merchandise is crafted : discolor patterns, shapes, and styles, along with gathering the field glass, turning the pipe, and keeping the glass on the punti gat .
You will see an example of what the eat up product will look like. We ’ ll explain blistering shop condom zones, how to sit at the workbench and use glass specific tools, then you ’ ll be ready to roll ! Students will then take turns stepping over to the bench to make their glass keepsake using the supplies and colors curated for this class .
Watching others is the best way to learn techniques so be prepared to sit and watch fellow students as they try their hand at glass blow. You may go first and be done, or you may be stopping point and will get your turn after the other students have gone. Remember, you ’ ll learn by watching so it ’ south crucial to watch others and learn how to work with the glaze. At times you ’ ll participate as a group therefore be certain to bring your camera. Feel exempt to ask others to take that arrant shoot, if you attend the class alone .
What colors are used for the classes? 
We base our color choices on the season and rotate them on a regular footing. The glassblowing instructors will be certain to guide you on the perfective color combinations for your project .
Will I be able to bring my piece home with me?
Your project will need 24–48 hours to cool to room temperature, so you will not be able to take your detail home immediately after class. We will ship your glass stick out directly to your home plate during the workweek following your class .
Can I request a specific instructor?
No, unfortunately not. There is no guarantee that a specific teacher will be available for your course or consequence but know that each of our instructors bring a level of fun and excitation to each class they teach .
Do you teach people how to be glassblowers or learn this craft as a hobby?
We call our classes “ experiences, ” because we give you the opportunity to work with hot molten glaze, but we do not teach you to become a glassblower or create intricate pieces. Our experiences are fun and arouse, and you will learn a great deal. however, keep in mind that we offer only entry-level classes .
We invite you to watch our alive glassblowing feeds on our YouTube channel or attend a seasonal worker show where our glassblowing masters do all the fancy techniques and special tricks. Those shows happen seven times a year ; visit the home page to find the date of the next seasonal worker show.

Glassblowing is a difficult artwork form and takes a life to learn. If you truly want the intensive instruction that will enable you to make glassblowing your hobby or career, we suggest enrolling in an accredit college that teaches glassblowing ( such as the College for Creative Studies in Detroit ) or finding a studio apartment that can take you on as an apprentice .
Will I shape the whole item or will the instructor do it?
Our instructors are trained to assist you in the initiation of your glass item, and to recognize how to assist you. We ’ ve discovered if we let the scholar do more, sometimes the results are not the best. It ’ s merely a matter of skill floor, and our ultimate goal is to help you create something you love. Our student-to-teacher work proportion on each part is an ideal counterweight forged by trial and mistake over the years. If you tell the teacher you want to experience more shape, they will let you do it—just ask ! Our classes are designed to for all skill levels, and are repeatable ! You may sign up for the lapp class again and again. As you learn more and become more comfortable you may get to experience more shape of the token .

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