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“ Do you have your own shoes ? ” I much get that question after I ’ ve requested a lane at my favored bowl alley. I somehow look like person who has a copulate of bowling shoes in his bag. Do I look that fishy ? possibly they just recognize me .
Do you REALLY need bowling shoes ? YES YOU DO. Bowling shoes are needed for safety first and performance second. Your shoes need to be clean with a smooth sole to allow you and all the other bowlers to walk up toward the pins and swing your ball into the lane without sticking or tripping on anything. Street shoes won ’ metric ton do this. Standard bowling alley shoes will and specialized bowling shoes will give you an even better know and performance .
As a casual bowler the lease shoes are fine but within only a few visits to the bowl lanes you can save money by owning your own shoes. As you increase your skill, you can opt for better acting shoes. As a bonus you can be looking good on the lanes .

Your Feet at the Bowling Alley

When you beginning come into the bowl bowling alley you are wearing street shoes. You are carrying the dirt and dust in from outside. If it ’ mho been a showery or snow-white day, your shoes or boots will be wet. After you ’ ve been assigned your lane and before you walk down to the bench or electric chair in front of your lane, STOP!

Look around for a rate to change into your bowling shoes. You want the floor where all the bowlers roam to be clean. I was chided once when I was in a haste to get to my lane and walked mighty by the sign saying, “ Please remove your street shoes before entering. ” You don ’ triiodothyronine want to share my embarrassment. I don ’ thymine do that anymore .
now that you have your bowl shoes on, you can prepare to bowl. Need a ball ? Go find one or two. I can help you choose a house ball. Got your own ? big ! You are ready to go. Scoring systems are pretty automatic pistol these days. I just have to enter my name and start bowling. If you are a relatively infrequent bowler hat, you may find the skid your bowl shoes awkward. It ’ randomness much better than street shoes or socks .
make I say socks ? More on that late. As a more know bowler you may notice the choice of the approach, that is, the depart of the lane you walk on before letting become of your ball at the pins. It may motivate you to think more about your shoes .
sometimes while bowling you may feel the need to visit the washroom. ( Some say bathroom or water closet but I don ’ metric ton design on taking a bath and I ’ m in North America, so it ’ sulfur washroom to me. ) Remember your shoes. It ’ south better not to walk into the washroom with bowling shoes because people in street shoes are besides using the facilities .
If it ’ mho precisely excessively inconvenient then I highly advise you to carefully wipe off your shoes when you return to the lanes. This advice is besides genuine when you are hungry and go to the bite bar or motivation to go to the front desk for help. alternatively, you can get shoe covers to slip over them when walking off the lanes .

Choosing Bowling Shoes

It ’ sulfur time to pick out some bowl shoes .
If you are renting shoes then size is the only choice. Make sure they are relatively comfortable and your feet don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate move around in them .
If you are quick to buy a match then there are two main categories of bowl shoes, athletic and performance. How frequently do you bowl ? If it ’ south doubly a month or less, an athletic bowling shoe is credibly you best choice. These look like running shoes or cross trainer shoes. There are kind of styles and price ranges so you have choice .
The sole is the difference. It is smooth for sliding. You want a comfortable fit, as with all shoes. Some have more traction than others so be mindful of how a lot skid you comfortably do when you are on the approach. A tap is that if you like to slide more you will want more heel on your shoe, allowing you to be on your sliding toe more. For those who want to control and brake more, a flat brake shoe will provide more friction .
If you bowl once a week, are joining a league, or looking forward to competitive bowl, then you will want to step up to performance bowling shoes. This will cost you well more but you are committed, correct ? If this is your decision, you want to know what your bowling style is. Which foot do you slide on ? Do you slide a bunch or minimally. Do you need to brake at the disgusting line ? Observe yourself, flush in house shoes and determine your style and what you need to support .
now you can choose a performance bowl brake shoe. These shoes have a slide lone and a grip exclusive so hold certain you get it right. Bowlers slide on the metrical foot opposite their ball carrying hand, right-handed bowlers slide on their forget foot and left-handers slide on their correct. We don ’ metric ton want to drop the ball on our foot now do we ?
The in truth dangerous bowlers who compete or bowl in unlike alleys buy performance shoes with exchangeable soles and heels. Some approaches are stickier than others. This allows you to adapt your shoe to different lanes and keep more reproducible in your bowling expressive style. Consistency is a key to better performance.

Adapting to Your Bowling Shoes

When you first get your shoes, take them base and walk around in them. Reduce the stiffness and break them in before you get on the lanes .
When you are on the lane, test the skid on all parts of the approach, left, right, and focus on. Be mindful of the conditions before you throw your first ball .

Cost of Bowling Shoes

You may find a bargain under $ 30 at Walmart but expect to pay $ 40- $ 80 US for athletic shoes and $ 120- $ 250 for performance shoes. Add tax and embark onto that. If it ’ s your first time, and you are cautious, go to your local pro denounce inside the bowl bowling alley and get fitted with a popular brand. For the more adventurous or have, there are big on-line choices at,,, and more. has a sure Fit design for a few dollars that pays for the substitute and ship of a pair that doesn ’ triiodothyronine match .

Fine Tuning Your Bowling Shoes

The brand and style choices for bowl shoes is amazing, particularly if you buy on-line. There are a twelve colors, at least 8 reliable brands, several performance series, and shoes for kids. Of course veracious and left-handed bowlers have specialized choices .
From a performance point of view, you credibly want to talk with early bowlers or at least check out the reviews on Amazon. The choices are overwhelming .
If you are looking at rival, you will want to move to interchangeable soles and heels. Different lanes, different alleys, unlike seasons, and different custom will require finely tuning of your shoes to perform your best .

Taking Care of Your Bowling Shoes

once you decide to invest in your own bowl shoes, you need to take care of them. They will surely survive longer and look better. The first thing is to keep them in a shoe bag or your bowling bag when you ’ re not wearing them. It ’ randomness best to keep them in a cool, dry seat. just after bowling, let them air out so that moisture doesn ’ t accumulate. Get in the habit of completely untying the shoes. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate good slip in and out of them. They will hold up better .
It ’ second easy to clean the upper character of your shoes. You can dip a fabric in some warm saponaceous water and wipe around the edge and on the clear of the shoe. A gentle scrub of any spots should be enough. Some bowlers have used a charming eraser on older white shoes if necessary. Try it with caution. You can likewise wipe off the heels and any non-sliding sole but if they are interchangeable be careful around the Velcro .
Keeping the sole, the slippery sole, in dependable supreme headquarters allied powers europe requires especial treatment. If it is cheating or oily, wipe it gently and focus on the dirty spots to minimize scrubbing the wholly sole. The slide sole is normally made of palpate or micro character. continuously sliding on it tends to compress the fibers changing your behavior over time. You can restore the performance by brushing the sole .
Brushes have one of three types of fibers, natural, synthetic, or metallic. The traditional bowling shoe brush has metallic bristles. Dexter, one of the independent bowling brake shoe manufacturers, recommends non-metallic brushes on their soles .
To increase the slither, brush the sole from toe to heal. To increase the clash, brush from heel to toe. For an in-between consequence, brush the sole side to side. This raises the fibers on the sole. These same techniques apply when you find yourself on new lanes and you want to change your sliding ability .

Related Questions

Can I wear bowling shoes as regular shoes?

Do not wear the lapp shoes on the street that you wear on the lanes. If you are making a style statement then go right ahead. Otherwise, bowl shoes are happiest on bowling lanes .

Can I bowl in socks?

They now have bowling shoes for kids and toddlers. Socks may be playfulness for 40 seconds on the lane but they are not safe or allow for bowling .

How much do bowling shoes make a difference?

One accident can be the deviation between a gutter ball and a strike, winning the game or coming up short, holding the trophy or shaking the winner ’ sulfur hand. Your foot is the foundation of a good, coherent bowl feel. The bowling industry has progressed into better lanes, better balls, and better shoes. Choose wisely, join the action, and join the fun .

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