How Brothers Ayo & Teo Made Surgical Masks This Season’s ‘It’ Accessory

Brothers Ayo and Teo are identical especial when it comes to their favorite outfits. Teo, 17, will most likely be in a Bathing Ape hoodie, a pair of cheeseparing biker jeans and Adidas Yeezys kicks. Ayo, 20, excessively, will be in skinny jeans, but with a silk bandanna waving from his belt. There will probably be a garroter range around his neck and Air Jordans on his feet .



Ayo & Teo

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But go to any of their much-loved Instagram clips — or even watch the television for their single “ Rolex ” — and you ’ ll see the two bop along with only their eyes and noteworthy hairstyles ( Teo ’ second afro and Ayo ’ randomness red braids ) visible, making the young, viral dancing sensations celebrated for accessorizing with the season ’ south new ( and oddest ) it-item : surgical masks .

“ Honestly, sometimes we precisely have them on [ when we ’ rhenium not performing ], ” Ayo tells Billboard of the masks. “ Teo will wear it in a restaurant and good have it hanging on his ear. The masks are in truth a part of us, I guess. ”
While the mask movement has retentive existed in easterly countries like China, Korea and Japan for health reasons ( over in Asia it ’ mho called “ Smog Couture, ” a way to fashionably protect oneself from air pollutants and toxins ), their original purpose here was to cover the wild faces they ’ d make while dancing. early fans used to comment on the brothers ’ Insta television, mentioning their curl lips and grimacing mouths ; the masks covered up their mugs while providing a act of cool and mystery. The pair prefers the japanese brand A Bathing Ape ( BAPE ), which makes masks with shark snarls and lesser panda mouths on sale for $ 52, before they constantly sell out and end up on resale platforms, like eBay, for quadruple the monetary value .

To Ayo and Teo ’ south surprise, wearing these masks has nowadays become a swerve hera in the U.S besides — notably amongst rappers like 2 Chainz and Travis Scott. “ There ’ s a batch of people wearing the masks now, ” Ayo says, noting that the brothers are honored when big names start rocking their signature expression. “ I don ’ thyroxine understand why people tripper off of farce like that anyhow. You ’ re supposed to love that. angstrom soon as you let it be known that you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like people wearing the stuff that you wear, that ’ south when you lose love. ”
Off-White couturier Virgil Abloh is banking on the accessory, recently adding a trio of masks to his Fall-Winter 2017 note for $ 529 a pop, which sold out about immediately upon acquittance. “ [ Adding masks ] was a natural evolution to relate in a more particular way to a modern demographic, ” Abloh explains. “ It ’ s the stigmatize ’ s philosophy to be both global and local at the same prison term, not good one brand to all people. ”
The couturier says confront masks are “ both fashion and function ”, and because of their dual purpose is “ a standout accessory in that way. ” And thanks to demand for the “ hot ticket detail, ” Off-White is presently working on producing for their moment drop .

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When the boys learn they missed out of the first gear wave of Abloh ’ mho masks, their response is one of immediate fecal matter : “ For real ? ” Ayo says, intelligibly bummed out. “ What ? ” Teo wonders in incredulity. But, promptly recovering, they reveal they ’ re actually dropping their own mugwump clothing trace in a topic of weeks, with masks being a focal point. “ Our masks are about to be ampere dope as the BAPE masks, ” Ayo says confidently .
The post is called WAY, an acronym for We Are Young, and will feature a crop of hoodies, denim, masks and tees to start. They ’ ra working on picking a logo now, favoring one of Teo ’ s silhouette doing their idolize Reverse dancing be active, comparing it to the NBA ’ sulfur signature symbol. “ It ’ s about to be lit, ” Ayo says .

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