Batman’s Real Reason For Robin’s Colorful Costume is Tragic

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman/Catwoman #7
In the latest offspring of DC Comics ‘ Batman/Catwoman, Selina Kyle reveals the real and tragic reason the Dark Knight dressed Robin in bright colors for his costume. Featuring an complect narrative bent in the past, present, and potential future of Bruce Wayne ‘s and Selina Kyle ‘s relationship, the future sees the former Catwoman ultimately killing the Joker. however, this newfangled issue sees her placed under catch by none early than Gotham ‘s new patrol commissioner Dick Grayson, Batman ‘s foremost Robin, who ‘s apparently evolved beyond his solo vigilantism as Nightwing. however, this picture is where she reveals this newfangled truth about the Robin costume that Dick himself did n’t even know .
In anterior issues of Batman/Catwoman, Selina Kyle killed the Joker ( in the story ‘s future ), the result of a dispute where the Joker horrifically killed the Phantasm in the present. While Selina had obviously wanted to kill Joker for years, Batman would n’t let her. As a consequence, she had to wait until her conserve passed away, allowing her to finally murder the Joker in this 12-issue maxi-series from Tom King and Clay Mann, providing an alternate timeline for the Bat and Cat based on King ‘s vision from when he was writing DC ‘s flagship serial a few years ago.

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finally, adequate testify was found by Selina and Bruce ‘s daughter Helena ( the future Batwoman ), and this moderate to Commissioner Grayson arriving at Wayne Manor to arrest Selina for the murder of the Joker. however, as she ‘s being lead to the patrol cable car she tells Dick that she once asked Batman why he had Robin preen in such bright colors : “ Should n’t he be in black like you ? ” While Dick responds that Batman believed black would allow Dick to rely on the iniquity quite than his own skills, thereby forcing him to work unvoiced to limit his vulnerabilities, Selina reveals that Batman once told her the real and much dark reason : to make the joker joke at him and neglect Dick as a terror .


clearly, this is a much more tragic origin for Robin ‘s costume, and it ‘s made tied worse due to the fact that it ultimately failed when it came to the second Robin Jason Todd, who was murdered by the Joker in Death in the Family. furthermore, it besides communicates the levels of caution and healthy levels of concern Batman had of the Joker. That being said, the anecdote serves Selina well, making the distributor point that she has no compunction for her actions, while besides implying that Dick should n’t be arresting her for killing the homo that would n’t have hesitated to viciously kill him over the years given the prospect .
It ‘s going to be matter to to see what this alternate future holds for Selina Kyle as Batman/Catwoman continues, as the rest of the issue reveals that she already has the means to escape after being booked by the GCPD. In any case, the fact that Robin ‘s bright colors were a desperate attack to protect his sidekicks from the Joker is kind of distorted, specially because it ultimately did n’t even work. hush, the colored Robin costume lives on, purportedly for the sake of custom .
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