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We recommend wearing a helmet for this week ’ second Younger recapitulate. last workweek, Sutton Foster got slapped with a manuscript. This week, she loses arduous in a dodgeball match. But equitable in time for your summer read lists, Liza is in broad bookworm modality, including reading Anna Karenina in a diner. hera ’ what Liza the Literate is up to in Younger : episode 9.

EPISODE 9: I’m With Stupid

Liza the Literate Talks Tolstoy
We actually, actually like Charles. He keeps up with Liza ’ s kid. He gets her literary references and throws some right back at her. He makes it a point to emphasize that he values her work ethic and compassion. He knows where to get well french goner. unfortunately, this cold open is all we see of him this week : a quick reminder of what Liza could have if she didn ’ thyroxine make lost in a lie—a lie that was in the first place told for the sake of her career.

Liza the Literate Predicts a Bestseller 
At Charles ’ suggestion, Liza takes a look at the splash pile, where all of the unasked manuscripts sent to Empirical end up. While laughing her way through the batch, Liza happens upon one that intrigues her : The Scarf. Kelsey doesn ’ triiodothyronine by it. “ You have a better luck at matching with Ryan Gosling on Tinder than finding a thoroughly book in the slosh pile. ” And remember : Hilary Duff knows about Tinder likelihoods. Cut to a collage of Liza roaming the streets of New York while lost in the manuscript and wearing—get this—a scarf.

Liza the Literate is Better Off Reading
As we start to fall for Charles, Josh continues to lose points. After showing zero interest in The Scarf ( and the work of understand, he takes Liza to a dodgeball game. If anything, watching Liza get bruised up and hit in the Frida gains her sympathy, which makes what happens adjacent that much more frustrating !

Liza the Literate Knows Collective Nouns
Following the game, Jen, a.k.a. the one who threw a ball at Liza ’ sulfur Frida, lets her know that, speaking from have, Josh is “ gorgeous, but dumb as a box of hair. ” This leads to a spectacular nightmare sequence involving corporate nouns, but it ’ s besides the catalyst for this Josh harangue : He and Liza share nothing in common apart from physical attraction, and Liza inexplicably takes the blame for that. The hurdles she jumps in the office—the cause she started this solid younger charade—are much more concern and satisfying than watching Liza convert herself that she besides enjoys listening to the J aim.

Liza the Literate Tries “Living in Brooklyn”
After finishing The Scarf she has her friend Michelle ’ s book club give it a shot. The whole gang loves it…and besides think Liza is a lesbian because she ’ mho exist with a lesbian artist. Lorie insists she alone came for the cocktails and that she hasn ’ triiodothyronine read a book since eminent school, but as it turns out, she has some fantasies of her own about living in Brooklyn. This is apparently a metaphor for being a lesbian. Awkward kiss aside, Liza accomplishes her mission as The Scarf picks up buzz. What ’ randomness specially great is that if she succeeds, her big break at Empirical will have nothing to do with her being 26.

Diana’s Statement Jewelry of the Week!
Fun fact : the original function title for Younger was actually Younger: Come for Sutton Foster Coming Up With Art History-Based Euphemisms for Her Vagina; Stay for Miriam Shor’s Statement Jewelry. television receiver Land had to cut it down. There ’ randomness a batch going on with this look. The necklace plays with depth and faded tones, but we besides want to highlight the earrings. Two mammoth, golden stars to remind us that we all shine a little bright thanks to Diana Trout.

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