Borderlands 2: 10 Facts You Never Knew About Handsome Jack

The primary antagonist of the second gear game in the Borderlands franchise, hera are 10 facts about Handsome Jack which players may not have known. One of the richest, most memorable villains in gaming history has to be the corporate CEO-turned Dictator of Borderlands 2, Tales From The Borderlands and The Pre-Sequel, Handsome Jack .
This cockamamie Hyperion overlord largely carries the narrative and makes an already excellent game even more memorable with his goofy stories and funny quips ; not to mention his psychotic tendencies. There ‘s just something simultaneously charming and annoying about hearing Jack troll you as you struggle to gun your way through hordes of tough Bandits and robots .
One of the biggest features many are hoping for in the anticipate Borderlands 3 is a return appearance by Jack in some form—perhaps a flashback or render to his AI form ? much like Heath Ledger ‘s Joker from The Dark Knight, he ‘s good that democratic and dynamic of a villain. As you ‘d imagine, he besides comes with a pretty crazy and twist history, along with some foreign factoids.

With that said, let ‘s take a closer look at Handsome Jack and go over 10 facts you did n’t know about this iconic gambling villain .
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10 The Ultimate In Espionage

Being the classify of Orwellian-meets-corporate drawing card that Handsome Jack is, it ‘s no storm that he ‘s a master of Pandora espionage thanks to his overwork of Eridium and Hyperion technical school. For BL2 players that wonder just how it is that Jack apparently knows every move the Vault Hunters make and is able to communicate with them, the massive space post known as Helios provides the answer .
This h-shaped Death Star-esque lunar base orbits around the planet of Pandora ‘s lunar month. Using ECHO technical school, Jack is able to keep tabs on all of his corporation of Hyperion ‘s happenings. He uses it to launch and direct attacks on the crunch level by controlling Loaders/Constructors in addition to orbital assaults .

9 A Chronic Liar And Deceiver

It probably goes without saying that this crafty and conniving villain has said his contribution of lies, but few are mindful equitable how much he ‘s built his corporate and military empire on all these lies. Jack manages to rise to the top of the corporate ladder by concealing himself behind a masquerade and underhandedly killing the previous CEO of Hyperion to take operate for himself .
If this were n’t adequate, he uses his own daughter as a means to extract her Siren powers to control the ECHO technical school and as a screen of homo Eridium-powered battery to charge the Vault Key. While he claimed Angel ‘s power “ had to be restrained because of what she did to her mother, ” those who follow the narrative and daybook entries find that these reasonings are proved false .

8 Has Heterochromia

As if Handsome Jack ‘s appearance was n’t already bizarre enough, with his Texas Chainsaw-esque disguise sewed onto his face and slick corporate-meets-renegade attire, he besides has motley eyes. He can be seen without his masquerade with this condition, known as Heterochromia. Though he obviously saw paroxysm to portray this motley front with the eyes of his masquerade a well .
It ‘s surely a singular and apt assign for the designers to implement. It not only further makes Jack stand out as a strange villain, but it represents his dual nature of the charismatic capture joker, coupled with his sinister and psychotically violent nature underneath .
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7 His Daughter Is One Of the Six Sirens

There is a argue Jack was able to obtain the power he has beyond his underhand ways and his frequent strangulation of those that get in his way. He harnesses the ability of his daughter, Angel, against her will. unfortunately for Angel, she happens to be one of only 6 sirens on Pandora, which her crazy father is certain to exploit to open a Vault to unleash The Warrior .
These Sirens hold a enormous might on Pandora, which is harnessed by Eridium Ore. They are distinguishable by the large tattoo that run down much of their bodies. Angel ‘s powers are particularly utilitarian to Jack and his business because she has the ability to hack gadgets and look back or forward in time .

6 Has a Japanese Counterpart

While Handsome Jack is highly regarded by many as one of the best and most memorable villains in gaming thanks to his unique nature, he does have a screen of spiritual duplicate from the japanese contend game series, Blazblue.

This villain, Yuuki Terumi, shares many of Jack ‘s bizarre traits, including his conceited, arrogant demeanor, trash-talking tendencies, and his bent for trolling his enemies. While it is nameless whether Handsome Jack was inspired in any way by him, the two decidedly parcel many of the like sadistic characteristics .

5 His Peculiar And Deadly Wardrobe

much like his personality, Handsome Jack sports a very discrete wardrobe that leaves quite the mental picture. His darling semblance appears to be yellow, as the attire largely hidden below his befit jacket is a scandalmongering Hyperion shirt. His jeans and shoes besides sport yellow stripes running down them .
His kit does n’t just look harsh though ; he besides is equipped with some assorted weaponry. This includes an Old West-style accelerator holster in addition to two small laser guns attached to his wrists. One would suspect this is meant as a stand-in option in case he ca n’t overpower his foes via his usual strangulations .

4 The Strange Meanings Behind His Name

As it turns out, Jack ‘s lies extend to his identical name ; he is neither “ big ” with his creepy stitched-on mask, nor is his real name “ Jack. ” Those who have played Borderlands : The Pre-Sequel may have picked up the fact that Jack ‘s real diagnose is actually John .
then why call him “ Jack ” at all ? Well, apparently writer Anthony Burch in the first place intended the name to act as a proxy and a reference to Doctor Who ‘s Captain Jack Harkness, but the name proved popular, so they rolled with it. besides, given the fact that “ John ” means “ God is courteous ” while his alias “ Jack ” similarly means “ The grace/mercy of the overlord, ” it surely fits together …

3 The Reason Behind His Mask

Jack ‘s rather stock looking human expression mask seems a spot excess and otiose, and yet it ‘s become a define sport of this slick and brash corporate villain. But what precisely is its determination ? Is his self-love such that he just wanted to cover his appearance with that of a more attractive individual ? Or is it just a consequence of his maniacal ways, and he ‘s possibly decided to sport the confront of one of those bandits he despises thus much ?
As it turns out, the masquerade is meant to cover up a scar he had received from the Siren Lilith in events anterior to Borderlands 2 as a result of her destroying an artifact Jack retrieves inside the Elpis vault .

2 He Possesses A “Cheeky” Diamond Pony

Borderlands 2 Butt Stallion many Borderlands 2 players recall that early on in the game when trekking across the Southern Shelf, during one of Jack ‘s bits of troll, he mentions his acquisition of a knight. Jack, being Jack, names the sawhorse “ Butt Stallion, ” and it ‘s apparently made entirely of diamond .
Given Handsome Jack ‘s inclination to lie and flaunt his riches, we ‘re led to believe that Butt Stallion is either a baseball diamond statue or just a even knight. however, we later find this unfortunately named animal ourselves and discover that this horse is in fact made of diamond. On clear of this, the horse can be farmed for rare weapons by feeding it Eridium … Thanks, Jack !

1 His Character Was Inspired By Nathan Fillion

While the Blazblue connection seems apparent for those who know both characters, what BL2 fans may find surprising is the origin for much of Handsome Jack ‘s inspiration. purportedly, the writers at Gearbox had partially modeled Jack ‘s witty and crafty characteristics off Firefly lead Nathon Fillion—specifically his demeanor and tendency to tell cockamamie stories during his interview with Jimmy Kimmel .
Do n’t get those pitchforks ready fair so far, though, Fillion fans. It ‘s clear that the developers did n’t view the actor as a harebrained killer or anything of that nature. rather, it ‘s Jack ‘s more charm, benign characteristics which are reasonably lifted from Fillion.

While it seems like an odd connection, BL2 vets and Jack fans can likely pick up at least hints of like traits when watching the Kimmel interview. You ‘ve got the dry style of humor, slenderly sarcastic tone, and charming “ count of fact ” nature tinged with a bit of arrogance .
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