People Are Googling Why Hillary Clinton Only Wears Pants

Democratic presidential nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, greets supporters during a campaign rally with Democratic vice presidential nominee U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on July 30, 2016, in Pittsburgh. Of all the questions ! People are badly looking to Google to ask why democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wears only pants. In fact, it ’ south among the top five trending questions regarding Clinton, 68, on the day of the Monday, September 26, presidential debate .
Us Weekly spoke with visualize expert Richard Levick, who weighed in on the Oval Office hopeful ’ s commitment to slacks .
“ The pants suit has been a part of her political campaign since the beginning. Hillary wearing a pants suit is a way to get people to focus on her seriousness, to portray that she is good about the job, ” the chief executive officer of Washington, D.C.-based LEVICK Strategic Communications — who does not work with the politician — tells Us. “ Hillary ’ south campaign has never been about the clothe, it ’ randomness been about her kernel, and that ’ s how she wants to keep it. ”
The early first lady — whose political pursuits began in 1978 when she was appointed the beginning female chair of the Legal Services Corporation — has been sporting trousers rather than dresses or skirts for the majority of her career.

As Levick explains, “ It was common sense that a charwoman could not be president of the united states in people ’ randomness lifetimes, ” which is why he believes Clinton has made a concert attempt to sport styles that are considered more masculine : She wants people to know that she is more than able of holding position in a typically male-dominated sphere .
Hillary Clinton during an interview on Sept. 19, 2016. “ The idea of a female president was seen as something that good couldn ’ thymine find in the near future, and immediately it seems that America has joined the rest of the develop world in knowing that a woman is fully able of running a area, ” Levick says. “ Hillary comes from a generation where times were different for women, and her run for president is hush a huge hand to people of Hillary ’ sulfur generation. ”
But will Clinton wear a pants suit when she goes tete-a-tete with republican campaigner Donald Trump at Monday night ’ s presidential debate ? If the erstwhile Secretary of State wants to maintain her message, she should stick to her now-iconic look .
“ Hillary wants people to focus on her being serious, ” Levick adds. “ The pantsuits convey that she is serious, and to change for the first gear debate would not help that. ”
Levick believes that Clinton unfortunately faces a double criterion as a female politician.

“ I think if Hillary wore a dress it would make headlines deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as if Donald Trump came out in a full-dress tonight. Hillary is living by a double standard. If a man raises his voice and becomes authoritative, he is seen as hard. If Hillary does, she is accused of shrieking, ” Levick says. “ If Hillary wore a dress tonight it would be as radical and shocking as anything that she could say tonight. It would make all the headlines. Donald Trump will likely be wearing a dark befit, white shirt and blue or red tie, probably red. ”

He continues, “ It seems that Hillary has shattered the methamphetamine ceiling by running for president, but she silent has to walk the track. Her fashion choices are still being looked at in a wholly different way than any male play for office. ”

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