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Inosuke Hashibira is one of demon slayer The biggest puzzle Little is known about this character ’ south biography, other than minor hints that get in the way of the zanzibar copal. He ’ s a quality that ’ randomness hard to miss ; Mispronouncing everyone ’ mho name, swallowing his food careless of dinner etiquette, and his aggressive nature are all signature traits of Inosuke .
however, Inosuke ’ randomness signature staple is the wild boar ’ s head that he wears over himself. In a series entire of antic characters, Inosuke ’ s unique appearance in truth stands out. so what does this stylistic choice have to do with it ?

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Inosuke’s childhood

Inosuke was born into an abusive home, specifically, an abusive father. When he was an baby, his mother Kotoha took him and ran away from her home. After escaping, the two are taken in by Doma, the leader of the Paradise Faith fad. unbeknown to them, Doma was a member of the twelve kizuki, i.e. the upper rate two. Kotoha learns that Doma is eating his followers, and follows Doma once again with baby Innosuke. On top of a mountain to run somewhere else, Kotoha hurls Inosuke into the river below and is in turn consumed by Doma. Inosuke was then discovered and raised by a wild boar. His initiation to the life of a demon cause of death began when he ran into one on his batch fair before the final selection. Inosuke proposes a contest with the devil cause of death, declaring that if he emerges triumphant, he will take his swords. He won the rival, learned about the demons and decided to participate in the final examination excerpt. After this, he escapes and becomes a newfangled extremity of the Demon Slayer Corps .

first impressions

When Tanjiro and Zenitsu travel to the Tsuzumi Mansion to rescue some children from the monster Kyogai, their blood demon art changes the focus and localization of the rooms and corridors in the mansion. The pair fall upon towards the tail end of these events wearing Inosuke in his boar ’ second head, which was trapped in the mansion due to Kyogai ’ s delusions of lineage devil art .
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After escaping with the three of them ’ children, Inosuke tries to kill Nejuko, not knowing that she is Tanjiro ’ s sister. In on-key Inosuke fashion, he gets into a few fights with Tanjiro and Genitsu, professes his athletic art, and remembers everyone ’ randomness names falsely .

Why pig’s head?

Seeing that Inosuke was an baby, he could not remember his birth mother. For him, his mother was the sow who raised him. She finally died, so it is possible that Inosuke wears a wild boar ’ randomness fountainhead as a reminder of her. This would explain why he about never removes it, the head is familiar and slack. Pigs are his kin, and don ’ t people by and large resemble his class ?

Since Inosuke was raised by raving mad animals, it would be no surprise that he adopted their way of life. In nature, some animals take a variety show of measures to exterminate other animals that may harm them. In Innosuke ’ s encase, he may wear a boar ’ randomness head to be adenine chilling as possible to protect himself from any at hand risk. His angry personality and contend style besides compliment the baseless animal sitting on Inosuke ’ south shoulders .
running joke demon slayer Inosuke has an amazingly beautiful face. It ’ south amusing that person arsenic mouthy as Inosuke has the prettiest facial features of all the characters. His cherished confront has been the part of many comments and incidents throughout the anime, which enrage Inosuke. It could be argued that possibly by covering his delicate face with something equally severe as a boar ’ south head, he would have avoided comments about his face. alternatively, it ’ s possible that Inosuke might merely want to hide his homo face from the world raw. After all, if his mother is a Varaha, then surely he is besides one .
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