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Something went amiss, please try again late. Invalid e-mail Something went incorrectly, please try again late. Want the day ‘s sports headlines straight to your inbox ? Our unblock newsletter will keep you ahead of the game Khabib Nurmagomedov wears a big flocculent hat when weighing in for his UFC fights vitamin a well as ahead and after his the bouts.

It is known as a papakha ( pronounce puh-pah-hah and men in a region of Eastern Europe and Western Asia called Caucasus traditionally wear it. Khabib ‘s hat is apparently in tribute to his Avar roots and is made of shagged sheep ‘s skin and wool, then adjusted with a basic r-2. The hat is believed to have originated in the 17th or eighteenth hundred and would be worn by men who were ‘competing ‘ for the interest of a young dame .

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When the hats were removed, it was a signboard that the feud was over and the headstall would then be thrown into the dame ‘s window. If she kept it, it was a signal that the proposal had a good casual of suceeding. The hat was besides worn to signify that the wearer was strong and self-sufficient, qualities needed to survive and to thrive in the mountains of the Caucus region. When talking to Russia today about the hat, Nurmagomedov said : “ [ My ] Papakha represents where I am from. My small hometown in Dagestan. “ This is traditional headdress for Dagestan, for Chechnya, for the Caucasus region. And it ‘s very authoritative for me. very authoritative. ”
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Georgie Derluguian, an expert on the cultural cultures of the area, told Fightland : “ This is a warrior, batch kin, and this is what their shepherds wear. “ What Nurmagomedov wears is a very bushy, baseless papakha ; and papakha merely means ‘hat ‘. “ The size is adjusted very plainly by a little objet d’art of r-2, which is going through the edge of papakha. So you can regulate the size, pretty much like swimming trunks. ” The hat was character of the russian united states army ‘s uniform around World War I but long before that they were worn by tribes who stood against the Russians in the nineteenth hundred – therefore the radio link to Nurmagomedov. The hat is besides steeped in superstitions ; you lone take it off to fight the enemy and when you do take it off, you ca n’t put it on until the contend is finished. When Nurmagomedov met Cristiano Ronaldo earlier this year, he gave the then Real Madrid star a hat while he was gifted a real Madrid shirt .

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After his fights, Nurmagomedov will often put the hat on the head of Joe Rogan who conducts the post-fight interviews in the Octagon. And one fan has been lucky enough to get her hands on Nurmagomedov ‘s hat. Known as ‘Mini Khabib ‘ on social media, she said : “ I ‘ve been going to UFC shows since iodine was five years old ; I ‘ve been to 40 populate shows and watched every pay-per-view and survive consequence, and I besides train MMA. “ Khabib is not only a big champion but a big homo being ; he does a batch for his residential district and the fans and he ‘s a bang-up role model. “ At UFC 209 at a fan ‘s Q & A, Khabib was giving gifts to fans who asked the best questions and I was lucky enough to be given his celebrated papakha. Since then I ‘ve been to many UFC events wearing this papakha with price as one was honoured to be given it. “ then at UFC 219 Khabib brought me up on stage and made me formally part of the team – then after his win against [ Edson ] Barboza, I got to get in the UFC Octagon, this was unintentional and a miracle. ”

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