What Is La’Porsha Renae’s Key Earring On ‘American Idol’? The Singer’s Jewelry Has Major Significance

La ’ Porsha Renae is credibly the most electrify performer that american Idol has seen since the likes of Kelly Clarkson or Fantasia Barrino. From the moment of her audition, American Idol fans have been captivated by Renae ’ s spirit, her brilliant hair’s-breadth ( dearly nicknamed Kokomo ), her bone-chillingly beautiful voice, and besides a alluring, mysterious key earring La’Porsha Renae wears on all american Idol live shows. so, what ’ s the conduct behind this off-beat accessory ? It turns out that the identify earring has manner more significance than merely as a firearm of far-out style. La’Posha Renae has proven to be a leading on american Idol. She could very well win the integral show. But, every week while she ‘s recapturing the hearts of America, the key earring besides recaptures my attention. thus, what is this key ? It turns out that it is actually a Giving Key. The Giving Keys is a company started by Caitlin Crosby that makes and sells jewelry out of keys, engraved with inspirational words. The keys are intended to be inspirational, and a beginning of potency and encouragement to and from the giver and the receiver. The company partners with nonprofit organizations to help combat the permeant trouble of homelessness in America. The floor of The Giving Keys begins, inauspiciously enough, in a New York City motel. In an try on Huffington Post, actress and singer/songwriter Caitlin Crosby explains that she fell in love with the look of the honest-to-god, rusted key to her motel room, so she “ permanently borrowed ” it and began wearing it on a chain around her neck as a musical composition of jewelry. Once she was back home in Los Angeles, she engraved the give voice “ Love ” on it, inspired by the many compliments she received. She began to sell versatile used and discarded keys engraved with uplifting messages on the trade tables at her shows. She told the fans, as it says on the company web site, that we are all like these keys, “ alone, flawed, scarred, and sometimes discarded by others. ” nowadays, these old, otherwise worthless objects have a renewed aim.

Crosby knew that she wanted the keys to have some sort of bigger sociable purpose than just a message of paying it forward. According to the company ‘s “ fib ” on their web site, the inspiration came from a find run into with a homeless couple bearing a sign that read, “ Ugly, hungry, and homeless. ” She took the couple, Rob and Cera, to dinner that night, and by the end of the evening they had become her business partners ( after discovering that Cera made jewelry ). today, the company ‘s mission is to help those affected by homelessness. It partners with organizations such as Chrysalis and The Downtown Women ’ mho Center, which work to provide jobs and house to those people. The Giving Keys employs 28 people who have struggled with homelessness, and has helped 22 be active into permanent housing.

Messages on The Giving Keys are things like FEARLESS, HOPE, and STRENGTH. When the key-wearer encounters person in necessitate of the message they wear, they are encouraged to give the key off and parcel their own story. La ’ Porsha Renae has shared humble snippets of her own extraordinary struggles on the home stage, including her ongoing divorce and history with misuse, and has emerged as a mighty, amazing wedge. The Giving Key, which she has attached to the hoop earring herself, is a beautiful symbol of her own travel, and a assemble of encouragement to us all .

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