Breaking Bad: Why Marie Schrader Always Wears Purple

Warning ! Contains SPOILERS for Better Call SaulHank ‘s wife, Breaking Bad ‘s Marie Schrader, had a habit of wearing shades of purple throughout all five seasons, and it was n’t just a random color choice. Betsy Brandt played the judgemental baby of Skyler White ( Anna Gunn ) and the wife of DEA agentive role Hank Schrader ( Dean Norris ). As the sister-in-law of the cardinal character, Walter White ( Bryan Cranston ), Marie remained in the colored for much of the series, but she finally learned the truth. Breaking Bad serial godhead Vince Gilligan made calculate decisions with every aspect of the show ‘s characters – including color symbolism in their clothing .
Marie appeared in all but a modest handful of episodes that made up Breaking Bad ‘s melt, serving as an integral visualize connected to the White family. Despite being devoted to Hank and Skyler, Marie had a leaning to overstep her boundaries. She was besides a piece of a control condition addict, leading to numerous arguments between her and her baby. In accession to a shoplifting addiction, Marie was forced to care for her bedfast conserve after he was ambushed and ill injured. Matters became worse when Marie learned of Walt ‘s bivalent identity as Heisenberg, equally well as Skyler ‘s cognition of ( and affair in ) her conserve ‘s criminal activeness .

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For the majority of her time onscreen as Hank ‘s wife, Breaking Bad character Marie Schrader wore purple. Whether it was blouses, sweaters, or outerwear, Marie had a stock wardrobe of empurpled garments. That was n’t adequate, however, since she besides made sure most of her home plate furnishings matched her favorite color of clothes, including items in her kitchen. Hank was distinctly mindful of his wife ‘s affectionateness for purple because he often got her gifts in the specific shade. Whereas Walter White ‘s Heisenberg transformation changed his clothes chiefly to black, Skyler was known for wearing blue. Since empurpled is next to blue on the color bicycle, it was no surprise that it was chosen for Marie. That said, Gilligan besides connected Marie ‘s arc to the deep mean behind the color purple .

The Meaning Behind Marie’s Choice Of Purple In Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad When asked about Marie ‘s favorite discolor, Gilligan explained that purple is traditionally linked to royalty and notions of nobility, power, and luxury. It was no secret that Marie put herself up on a pedestal. While ignoring her own problems, she had a habit of acting like she lived a happier life than others, specially when she compared herself to Skyler. Purple is besides used to represent pride, commitment, and wisdom, which were all traits linked to Marie despite her flaws. concluding but not least, purple can be used to symbolize self-deception or being misled. Skyler and Walt lied to Marie repeatedly when it came to Walt ‘s activity in the methamphetamine drug trade .

When considering the constant purple sported by Hank ‘s wife, Breaking Bad viewers had theorized that Marie was n’t actually a fan of purple, but rather, Hank loved the color. Considering she loved her husband profoundly, she systematically wore the color and purchased respective dwelling goods to deliver purple for Hank to enjoy. Following Hank ‘s tragic death Marie was shown wear black and white to symbolize her grief. With her conserve gone, she lost her world power along with her sense of nobility. With that, her attraction to purple melt.

The Meaning Behind Clothing Colors On Breaking Bad

breaking bad Marie Schrader is n’t the lone quality from Breaking Bad whose clothe colors inform her fictional character, but she does help exemplify how they work. The characters in Breaking Bad most associated with meth are identical often shown wearing yellow ( such as Walt, Jesse, and Gus Fring ), with all early characters positioned either near or far from jaundiced on the color bicycle depending on how close they are to the illegal drug trade. Marie ‘s empurpled is immediately opposite yellow, which illustrates her distance from Walt ‘s methamphetamine empire despite being a victim of it. apart from this color roulette wheel theory about the characters ‘ connections or lack thereof to meth, Breaking Bad ‘s colors are besides linked to traditional associations, with fleeceable representing envy, money, and greed, crimson representing aggression or wrath, and blue loyalty .
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How Better Call Saul Frames Marie’s Clothing Colors Through Monochrome

Betsy Brandt as Marie Schrader in Better Call Saul fascinatingly, Marie Schrader was the only Breaking Bad character to appear in Better Call Saul ‘s contemporary timeline besides Saul Goodman himself. She made a cameo appearance in the spinoff ‘s series stopping point, being present at Saul ‘s prosecution hearing to confront him about his function in her conserve ‘s death in the Breaking Bad episode “ Ozymandias. ” Because all the contemporary scenes in Jimmy ‘s Better Call Saul Gene timeline are framed in arrant black and white, it ‘s impossible to know whether Marie wore purple in this scenery, but the drain of color from the scenery reflects the revisit of her grief over Hank, rendering whatever she chose to wear as monochrome. This continues the lapp color outline she sported after Hank ‘s end in Breaking Bad, and the monochrome is a knock-down way to visually trap Marie in a now-permanent shadow of grief – the hearing ‘s last impression of the character, rob of her cherished empurpled by the floor itself rather than any wardrobe choices.

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