Nick Cannon Really Knows How To Rock a Turban

When it comes to wearing a pillbox, no one pulls it off quite like Nick Cannon. When asked about why he chose to begin the practice, Nick is quoted as saying : “ I want to represent my inside king and do it in a fly way. It ‘s a great conversation man, but it besides allows me to express that apparitional side … I have a good time with it, but it actually does mean a lot to me. ”
While some people were more than supportive of the television receiver personality ‘s headgear option, not everyone was thrilled with the theme of the knocker, actor and comedian donning a turban, however. Dane Cook was flying to tear into the star topology ‘s headstall accessory .

Nick obviously is n’t letting the hate get to him ; hush identical much a pillbox rockin ‘ valet, he lets his apparitional side testify in his everyday life, whether he ‘s at an awards show as a host, on a trip to the memory, or with his kids .

Sikhism and Celebrity Status

When he started studying the Sikh faith, Nick found that the turban represents royalty, discipline and his sovereign state. He wants everyone who encounters him to know that not only is he committed to his religion, but besides to the theme that he is a fully sovereign being. No politics, no judicial system, no world can dictate to him how to live his life .
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While Nick strives to show his corroborate for the spiritual and all things sovereign, he balances both work and home liveliness as father to twins ; Moroccan and Monroe, whom he shares with ex-wife, Mariah Carey and son, Golden, whom he shares with Brittany Bell .
The television receiver personality and entertainer is set to premiere a newfangled day lecture show, Nick Cannon, in September and in his own words : “ We ‘re gearing up to deliver a must-see usher and I ‘m looking forward to coming to you on your television receiver ‘s this fall. ”

A Brief History

Turbans have been worn by many in the Middle East and can symbolize several things including : both the social and economic condition of the wearer, the season, a finical festival, standing in the residential district, and the area the person is from.

Depending on the culture of the homo or charwoman wearing the pillbox, you may besides see a reference to mood, religious values, customs and ceremony occasions. In India, dark blue, for case, is used for a condolence visit and white is considered a holy color .
While Nick Cannon ‘s hot tap pillbox that he wore for a Victoria Secret fashion show might not be considered particularly masculine, one could argue that possibly he was supporting the women on the catwalk, or all women in cosmopolitan. Pink is besides the color for breast cancer awareness, so possibly he was being supportive that direction, or possibly it ‘s his darling color !

In All Seriousness

It ‘s highly doubtful that Nick Cannon is wearing a turban as a promotion stunt as he ‘s been doing it for years. And if he truly is studying and practicing the Sikh faith, he would know just how important the turban is to a wearer ‘s culture and every day life .
Each time he picks a turban to put on it symbolizes thus much more than merely matching it to his outfit for the night. And although he ‘s great at doing just that, he besides seems to know and understand the huge significance of the pillbox and all it can and does exemplify .
And good in case you thought Nick Cannon ‘s turban was a fad, he has said himself that it absolutely is not, and it seems from even his most late pictures that it ‘s here to stay. But do n’t think for a hour that Nick has suffered in his career because of his unique choice of headgear. Along with his up and coming talk show, the knocker and television receiver personality is slated to do his film She Ball, and was selected to premiere at the Pan African Film Festival .

And that ‘s not all, his new track MADOFF had its official secrete on March 27. While Nick has embraced a certain repose that comes from being true to oneself, many in America and around the world calm cling to an adverse chemical reaction to change. On that note, the future time you encounter person in a turban or a hijab, take a note from Nick and embrace their dispute. We could all use a little more love in this world .
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