Why does Nick Cannon wear a turban?

NICK Cannon has recently made headlines after his fourth baby mama gave give birth to his seventh child .
however, as The Masked Singer host gears up for season six, some fans are curious why Cannon wears a turban on the hebdomadally whistle competition display .Nick Cannon has been seen on multiple occasions wearing a turban


Nick Cannon has been seen on multiple occasions wearing a turban credit : Getty

Why does Nick Cannon wear a turban?

Week-by-week viewers of The Masked Singer have noticed Cannon donning a turban, whether a aglitter pillbox or a square black one .
In an consultation on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cannon called his turban his “ pennant ” and added he wears them to raise “ cultural reason ” .
Cannon said he ‘s been studying turbans “ for quite some time ” and wears them to encourage others to “ embrace differences ” .
“ It is my crown, I feel like a king, I feel royal out here, ” he explained to Ellen. “ When I ‘m with the kids, I can precisely throw one on. Throw a baseball diamond in on there every immediately and then, feel your royalty out [ sic ]. ” Cannon far explained his farseeing pastime in different religions and cultures and stated he wants to promote a more progressive, open-minded and liberal brain .
“ No topic what background you ‘re from, no matter which religion or culture, if you could all barely embrace it and good everybody love another, ” he said .

What did Nick Cannon say about how many kids he has?

While appearing on Kevin Hart ’ s talk usher Hart to Heart, Cannon poked fun at his growing family after Hart asked who he is “ as a dad. ”
The Masked Singer host joked that he “ doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know ” how many kids he has and guessed “ eight or nine. ” Cannon responded to Hart while laughing : “ I ‘m a dad to a solid bunch of mother * * * ers. ”
When Hart asked how many kids he has, the television ace facetiously replied : “ I do n’t know that .
“ You ‘re gon na put me on the spot ? It ‘s like Spades. I got eight and a possible nine. I like children, damn it ! ”
Cannon shares twins Moroccan and Monroe, 10, with ex-wife, Mariah Carey who he split from in 2012.

The television receiver star besides has a son Golden, five, and daughter, Powerful, eight months, with Brittany Bell .
In June, he welcomed twins Zillion and Zion with Abby De La Rosa and a son Zen with Alyssa Scott .
Nick Cannon called his turban his 'crown'


Nick Cannon called his turban his ‘crown ‘ credit : Getty – subscriber
Cannon previously opened up to Charlamagne Tha God about the recoil he has been getting after he recently welcomed his fourthly child with his third gear baby ma in under a year .
Speaking of sharing multiple children with different women while appearing on the Breakfast Club, Cannon said : ” Why do people question it ? ” He added : “ That ‘s a Eurocentric concept when you think about the ideas… that you ’ re supposed to have this one person for the perch of your life. The theme that a man should have one charwoman ? We shouldn ’ t have anything. I have no ownership over this person. ”
Sharing his thoughts on monogamy, Cannon said that he ’ randomness “ never actually subscribed to that mentality. ”
He added : “ I understand the initiation of marriage, but if we go back to what that ‘s about, that was to classify property. One father gave another man his daughter for land. I don ’ metric ton want ownership over anybody. I don ’ t have possession over any of the mothers. We created a beautiful entity. ”
Despite creating close bonds with all of his children, the actor added that having so many children wasn ’ t his “ decisiveness. ” The comedian said : “ Those women, all women, are the ones that open themselves up and say ‘ I would like to allow this world in my world. And I will birth this child. ‘ It ai n’t my decisiveness. I ‘m following lawsuit. ”
Cannon added that all the women in his life sentence know how he feels about monogamy .
“ I ’ m not going around like, ‘Who am I gon na impregnate following ? ‘ ” the knocker joked, adding, “ Nah. It ’ randomness normally scenarios. When you look at a family social organization, the woman is always the one who leads and makes decisions. ”

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