Bridgerton: Why Penelope Featherington Always Wears Yellow

Warning: Spoilers for Bridgerton season 1.
Netflix ‘s Bridgerton temper one ends with the huge disclosure of who Lady Whistledown in truth is, copying the wind of Julia Quinn ‘s novels, but it ‘s a secret that ‘s signposted throughout the season. One of the more insidious ways the message is secretly transmitted is in the manner Penelope Featherington dresses and besides both her and her family ‘s oblivious reactions to her dresses. For a good deal of the inaugural season, Pen wears scandalmongering and at one compass point makes an exacerbate joke about it, as if she hates the color choice, but it actually hides a mystery load intend .
At the end of Bridgerton season one, it is revealed that Penelope Featherington is the real number short ton resident behind the mysterious Lady Whistledown and her scandal-revealing society Papers. It ‘s not the most shock of twists, because it has hints throughout, but person in a more privileged situation would have made common sense, logically. Pen ‘s motivation seems to be her mistreatment as a liminal figure overlooked by debutante society and forced into existing as an outsider. It ‘s that status that allows her to operate in such a way, but Penelope ‘s oddity in the context of even her own family should have set off alarm bells for Eloise Bridgerton on her bay to discover Whistledown ‘s true identity .
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And on peak of that, her outfits act as an unconscious privy unwrap of the Lady Whistledown truth excessively, because Penelope ‘s option of chicken – no matter how unfavored by Pen herself – offers some penetration to those aware of Regency fashions. The fact that cipher else on the Bridgerton mold of characters, including those who pride themselves on being at the altitude of fashion and privilege carries its own message. Because chicken was actually the Regency era ‘s most fashionable color and the theme of Pen being forced to wear it by her oblivious mother fits the Featheringtons ‘ frequently amusing misfit status ( which is commented on at one compass point early in the temper ) .
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Regency era fashion tastes dictated that yellow ( along with greens, rose, blue, pale purples, and white ) was very fashionable, so while Penelope turns her nose up at having to wear it, she is, in fact, professing herself to be “ in vogue ”. Whether her ignorance of this fact is intentional is indecipherable, but it is telling that it is her family that chooses it for her, marking themselves as unaware of the true scar of good taste. Given that Lady Whistledown is the self-appointed ideal of virtue, smack, and fashion, it is fitting that she would be frequently seen in yellow as a insidious index .
beyond that, yellow has symbolic connotations that fit Penelope ‘s clandestine double life : the color is associated both with misrepresentation and jealousy and besides raw life, reason, and nirvana. That speaks to both of Penelope ‘s motivations : her treatment at the hands of the society that willfully pushes her to the english ( which leads her to reclaim master for herself ) and besides the well-intentioned pretense that she is doing good. Bridgerton ‘s complexities carry over into Penelope ‘s agenda, of class, because Penelope unwittingly reinforces the social instruments of manipulate she is suggested to be challenging. And the greatest tragedy is that ironically, given yellow ‘s association with creativity, her patrol of the aesthetic sub-culture of the short ton that is then tie to self-expression and individualism is the biggest boundary to that kind of welcoming culture growing and welcoming her in as Penelope and not as Lady Whistledown.

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