14 Pictures Of Rey Mysterio With No Mask Fans Need To See

Rey Mysterio wearing a dissemble is known to most wrestle fans, but these pictures of Mysterio in substantial life without a mask need to be seen. Rey Mysterio is one of the most iconic and long-familiar wrestlers in the world and one of the big reasons for that is toss off to his masks. He constantly looks antic and the mask has become a huge separate of his success. It has added a big element of mystery to him which has given him a superhero-style character. however, there are many images of Mysterio without a dissemble that fans could enjoy seeing, and in this list, we will show 10 images of him without his mask .
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Updated on December 12th 2021 by Andrew Kelly: even after over thirty years of overhaul in the writhe business, Rey Mysterio is silent a top-level lucha libre performer. Despite his age, he is far from becoming a parody of himself, with his high-flying manner still some of the smoothest in the business. WWE have made many attempts of establishing newer masked individuals to take the reigns and become ‘ the adjacent ’ Rey Mysterio, with fail projects such as Sin Cara and Kalisto acting as testify that this is no easy feat.

Mysterio ’ s masquerade is one of the most iconic pieces of gear in professional wrestle history, and even those who don ’ triiodothyronine follow the product close will easily recognize him. Although he has wrestled without a dissemble in the past, as meter has gone on, he has become more and more lenient when it comes to the privacy regarding his front. With a growing kin, it is comfortable to see why he wouldn ’ metric ton want to stay hidden forever, and there are many pictures out there which show the future Hall of Famer without his signature mask .

14/14 Young Love

Rey Mysterio and wife Angie young Rey Mysterio has been married to Angie Gutiérezz since 1996, and this snap sees them early on in their kinship, young and happy. Since their marriage, they have brought into the populace two children – Dominik and Aalyah .
All three of these class members have appeared on WWE television, with Dominik now an active full-time performer, with both Angie and Aalyah playing a function in Rey Mysterio ’ s feud with Seth Rollins in 2020. Controversy surrounded that history ascribable to the love fish between Buddy Murphy and Mysterio ’ south daughter, ascribable to the large age break .

13/14 Backstage With Tyson Fury

WWE Rey Mysterio and Tyson Fury Known as the lineal heavyweight champion, and one of the biggest names in packing, Tyson Fury made a motion into the universe of professional wrestle in 2019. He would spark a feud with Braun Strowman, leading to a catch between the pair at WWE ’ s Crown Jewel consequence in Saudi Arabia .
In footage following Fury, Mysterio was seen hanging around in the wing area with Fury and a few others. The six-foot-nine giant aboard WWE ’ s ‘ biggest short man ’ is surely a sight to behold, even with Fury standing a few feet back, yet still towering over the multi-time universe ace. fury has kept his feel towards WWE identical populace, with him openly declaring his desire to return at some point. Fury and WWE have intertwined in many ways, with Big E playing a function in his late fight against Deontay Wilder .

12/14 Rey Mysterio Jr As A Junior

Rey Mysterio as a kid Mysterio is renowned for not just being a babyface wrestler, but besides having a babyface – flush present. This mental picture from bet on when he was a child shows a fall resemblance to how his son Dominik looked around that age, appearing on WWE television .
tied when seeing Dominik on WWE television receiver today, those who know what Mysterio looks like can see how much he looks like his old world, despite the storyline regarding Eddie Guerrero being his father. tied with a bad smile etched upon his confront, the unseasoned Mysterio would have had no mind about how much of a caption and family name he would become in the professional wrestle industry .

11/14 Family Man

Rey Mysterio and Family The Mysterio family are very candid when it comes to sharing their lives on social media, with them openly revealing snapshots of days out, particular occasions, and holidays. Often, one of the four will post a picture of all the members of the kin together, with Mysterio unmasked .
Fans may feel strange about seeing Mysterio so openly reveal his appearance, but in this day and historic period, and specially with him probable nearing the end of his career, no one came blame him for wanting to spend meter outside with his love ones without having to wear a mask .

10/14 Relaxing In Real Life

Rey Mysterio and Wife While wrestling surely takes up a huge chunk of Rey Mysterio ‘s life, it is n’t everything, and nor should it be. He ca n’t be switched on to being ‘Rey Mysterio ‘ 24/7 and because of that, there are many moments when he is just relaxing like a normal person .
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This double is a perfective example of that, spend fourth dimension with his wife on an evening out, barely like most people do. Of course, the mask was n’t being worn here and it ‘s just a sign of Mysterio ‘s real liveliness .

9/14 A Great Image

Rey Mysterio, Great Khali, Kurt Angle Rey Mysterio is person who is beloved by both fans and his chap wrestlers, and that is why this image is perfect. The overlord Of 619 hanging out with Kurt Angle and The Great Khali truly makes for such a random, even fantastic word picture .
Taken behind the scenes at a picture, it ‘s a rare glimpse at Mysterio anterior to him heading out to the gang and it is surely a fantastic mental picture. It showcases the friendships of the endowment and his nearness with different wrestlers all at once .

8/14 In The Ring

Rey Mysterio wrestling without a mask While a set of people go searching for images of Rey Mysterio just in general life without his mask on, the fact is that he did besides wrestle without a dissemble for a while. Because of that, there are many images of him that can be found in the hoop without one.

It ‘s rare that these get shown because he is n’t anywhere near as iconic without his celebrated mask. however, as this persona proves, he did compete without the dissemble during his career. In WCW, Mysterio actually wrestled as a heel whilst unmasked – a far cry from the huge babyface he is today .

7/14 A Mask…Of A Mask

Rey Mysterio and Titus O'Neil COVID masks While this technically does have Rey Mysterio with a mask, it is fair a sign of the times as everyone is presently wearing masks to battle COVID-19. This double is a hilarious one as Rey is wearing a mask of a mask .
Showing himself offstage where he would normally not have a masquerade on, he is still representing his own brand by having his COVID-19 expression mask besides having his own dissemble invention on acme of it. Mask-ception .

6/14 Gym Mask

Rey Mysterio in the gym Another time that Rey Mysterio tends to wear a slightly different mask to the usual one is when he is in the gymnasium. He frequently wears a mask to work on his breathe in order to make his gymnasium workouts more difficult .
Mysterio quite much shares selfies of himself in the gymnasium, chiefly because the mask does protect his identity. however, there are batch of times when he is working out without that, as can be seen in the left double .

5/14 Strike A Pose

MVP and Rey Mysterio When most fans get the chance to take a painting with Rey Mysterio, he will be wearing a mask. however, that is n’t the case for his fellow WWE Superstars, as they get to take pictures with the real Mysterio .
While most of them do n’t end up surfacing on the internet, this is a rare exercise of one that did with this mental picture of Rey and MVP being a fun one. Mysterio has been under the mask for his entire WWE career, so stroke like this are a rarity, although Mysterio revealed that he originally signed for the company during his run with not wearing a disguise – until Vince McMahon himself decided he should wear it .

4/14 Accidental Unmasking

Rey Mysterio unmasked by Randy Orton Throughout Rey Mysterio ‘s career, his mask has been the target of countless wrestlers and every now and then it has led to him being unmasked. normally when that happens he quickly covers his face to avoid the problem, but sometimes his identity ends up being revealed .
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A classic exercise of that was during his feud with Randy Orton, where the Viper made the mask a adult part of his attack. It led to this consequence being captured where Mysterio ‘s face in truth was showcased powerfully .

3/14 Ultimate Babyface

Rey Mysterio Unmasked Rey Mysterio has always been a top babyface, and it seems like tied without his mask he would have been in that function. As this older double shows, Rey has a true babyface anyhow that would have worked absolutely for his underdog device .
This rare image is one that very gives the writhe community a good front at what he is like as a person, with his youthful looks being something people do know him for. His youthful looks aside, his iconic mask blueprint manages to maintain a flat of infinite youth for Mysterio .

2/14 Family Snaps

Rey Mysterio unmasked with wife and daughter It ‘s clearly that syndicate is a bad separate of Rey Mysterio ‘s life, and not just on-screen with storylines. He is just as close with them in his veridical life and that is why he happily shares images of his family on-line .
Of path, when he is out with his class, the mask does n’t come with him, and that is where these brilliant images end up surfacing on-line. While Rey often tends to cover up a little bite of his expression, it ‘s clear fair who he is from these images .

1/14 Father & Son Bonding

Rey and Dominik Mysterio unmasked Dominik Mysterio is person who has begun popping up frequently on WWE television receiver recently as it seems he is soon to be making an official in-ring appearance. It is clear that he has a bang-up bond with his founder, with their chemistry being identical easy to see .
A lot of that is likely down to the time they ‘ve spent together throughout their lives. This is a bang-up effigy of the two of them, showing their stuffiness and friendship, and of course, it ‘s besides a great dart of Rey without his mask. There have been talks in holocene times to split up there couple, which would see Dominik turning on his don, although it remains to be seen if this will happen .

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