The Symbolism of Roman Reigns’ Neckpiece ‘Ula Fala’

Published 12/05/2021, 4:30 PM EST Roman Reigns has risen to the clear of the roll, and there ’ s no pulling him gloomy. He ’ south shown why he deserves to be The Tribal Chief and sit at the mind of the table. ad article continues below this ad

But, coming to being The Tribal Chief, Reigns has rightfully embraced The Samoan Wrestling Family ’ mho cultures. One of them is wearing the Ula Fala that The Rock ’ s grandfather, Chief ‘ Peter ’ Maivia, used to wear. not lone did Chief Maivia wear it, but thus did former Superstar Umaga. In the Samoan culture, The High Chiefs and Orators wear them at important and meaning events and occasions. It ’ s made from the seeds of Pandana Fruits that have been painted loss. ad article continues below this ad The fact that Roman Reigns ensured to wear the Ula Fala at particular events showcase the importance of those events.


Every Relative of Roman Reigns in WWE

Roman Reigns and Dwayne Johnson brought The Samoan Culture to Hollywood

The Rock and The Tribal Chief worked together in the Fast and Furious by-product series called Hobbs & Shaw. The duet played the function of brothers, and brought the traditional Samoan War Dance, Siva Tau, to the audience. Dwayne Johnson led the dancing while Roman Reigns and others followed behind. however, Johnson ensured the sensitivity was maintained and only a few shots of the war dance were taken.

This was a significant consequence for The Rock and for Reigns since they come from families who bonded over their culture and union. In fact, Reigns and Dwayne Johnson refer to each other as cousins, but they ’ re not related by blood. Rock ’ s grandfather was invited to be a part of Reigns ’ syndicate by The Tribal Chief ’ s grandfather. Since then, the two families have referred to each other as families.


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The Tribal Chief takes on Brock Lesnar at WWE Day 1

Brock Lesnar returned to WWE SmackDown after WWE lifted the indefinite suspension. Upon returning he learnt that Sami Zayn is the # 1 rival who would fight Reigns for the Universal Championship at WWE Day 1. ad article continues below this ad however, he convinced Zayn to challenge Reigns on SmackDown and not wait for Day 1. On the other hand, he got the assurance from Sonya Deville that he would fight the achiever at Day 1. Before Zayn could face Reigns, Lesnar appeared in the resound and destroyed Zayn with Suplexes and F5s. Reigns tapped Sami Zayn out for the victory within a few seconds. ADVERTISEMENT

article continues below this ad now, Brock Lesnar will take on Roman Reigns at WWE Day 1 PPV .

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