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Generally, the wedding ring is considered a token of love that unites a husband and wife in holy matrimony, and has gradually become a status symbol for many Christians and Muslims over time.
interestingly, while this decoration, which is normally made of gold, silver or bronze, is given scant regard in some churches and mosques, it is held in high think of in others .
But, does the wedding closed chain have its origin in the Holy Books ? How come the wedding gang has assumed such importance that thus much sentiment is immediately attached to it ? CHRIS IREKAMBA reports .

The Use Of The Wedding Ring Is not
Christian In Origin ’
( Dr. Cosmas Ilechukwu, General Overseer, Charismatic Renewal Ministries/National Vice-President ( PFN )
HISTORICALLY, the marry ring was first used among the ancient Egyptians to symbolise the infiniteness of sleep together. Hence, the ring is normally round without a visibly joining point .
The ancient Egyptians traditionally wore the marry ring on the fourth finger of the left hand because they believed that the finger enclosed the Vena Amoris, a special vein leading directly to the heart .
Like some early common Christian practices and traditions, the use of the marry band is not christian in origin. broadly today, couples exchange wedding rings made of metallic element of durable choice, as a testimony to their anticipation of a lifelong relationship that is based on categoric love, enduring fidelity and ageless friendship .
The use of wedding resound is not commanded in the Bible, and there is no indication that it was ever practised in the New Testament. The function of finger closed chain in the Bible was as a symbol of authority. For example, when the Pharaoh of Egypt promoted Joseph to a placement of authority, he put a signet ring on Joseph ’ randomness finger, as a gestural of his new agency in the land .
The signet resound was besides used as a token of dignity and social status. When the prodigal son returned base, the don commanded that a call be put on his feel to signify his full restitution as a son with full honor and privileges thereof. It is widely accepted in many denominations as a beautiful reminder that the marriage covenant is a life commitment between a valet and his wife. This in itself is a symbol of the covenant between Jesus and His church .
The ring reminds the copulate that they swore an oath of fidelity and ageless allegiance to their spouses. Besides, it reminds others that one is married and is not available for any romantic relationship with another person .
The marry hoop does not determine the choice or lastingness of the marriage relationship, as this absolutely depends on the individual couples concerned .
‘ Wedding Ring In Islam Has No Basis ’
( Arc. Taofeek Olawunmi Agbaje, President, Jama-at-ul Islamiyya of Nigeria / Overseas )
I SEEK recourse in Allah against the hellion ( ash-shaytan ) the accursed. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Compassionate. May the peace and blessings of Allah be on our noble Prophet Muhammad, his family, his companions and the generalization of those that follow his footsteps .
The wedding ring in Islam has no basis. It ’ s not part of the prerequisite for conjugal celebration. It was preferably an invention, which was introduced to copy the western culture/practice .
Wedding in Islam is conducted as “ Nikah, ” the prerequisites of which are proposal and acceptance between the prospective stableman and bride ; endorsement and approval by the parents/guardians of both the bride and the groom ; “ Mahr ” ( dowry ), which is a right ( compulsory endow ) from the prepare to the bridget. ( Although there ’ s a standard, but it could besides be anything reasonable within the limit of Islam requested by the bridget from the groom ) ; and two witnesses that are trustworthy .
however, some people will defend the space of ring, even though it is obvious that it ’ randomness not in any room a part of it, on the premise of an exemplify, when one of the Prophet ’ mho companions ( peace and blessings of Allah be upon him ) requested the hand of a lady in marriage. He was to introduce something for the lady as dowry, on which affair he confessed not having anything. The Prophet ( peace and blessings of Allah be upon him ) requested him to search his house that even if it is a metallic element ring he could get, that will suffice than nothing…

It is this narration that some people are using to justify the commute of rings. But chiefly, it is not tenable and should be discouraged, at least not as share of the wedding march .
‘ Wedding Ring Is not Bad But Using It To Bind Couples Is not Accepted ’
( Brother Felix Ekundayo Adedokun, Vice President, God ’ s Kingdom Society GKS ( The church of the Living God )
WE wear wedding rings like others, and it is an decorate that should be worn in moderation, such as your earrings and brackets. It can besides enhance your beauty, but not in excess .
marriage is an institution ordained by God, whether in the church service or a customary court. Matthew 19:6 says, “ What God has joined together, let not man put asunder. ” We wear the marry band as a smasher piece. The marriage is bonded by God and witnessed by people around not by the marry hoop, which is like any other ornament. What God has joined together let no man put asunder.

It is God Almighty, Who weds couples, and not the marry band. The issue of the wedding ring is not badly, but using it to bind the pair is not accepted. We wed members with God ’ s words from the Bible, the wedding ring is an ornament or a decoration like your earrings, and like other things, overindulgence is regretful .
‘ Wedding Ring Is An ancient egyptian Practice ’
( Very Rev. Msgr. Gabriel Osu, Director, Social Communications, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos )
IN our company, wedding rings are significant to couples planning to wed. many couples are known to invest therefore a lot in procuring identical exclusive rings, which are sometimes seen as condition symbols. The swerve monetary value of battle and marriage rings suggests they have very important meanings for couples .
During engagement parties, it is the norm for a prospective groom to place the engagement band in the middle finger ( third ) of the left hand of his fiancé. This normally symbolises that the lady in question has been taken and was no longer in research of a husband .
On the day of the wedding proper, the couples exchange the wedding ring as physical testify that they belong to one another. The couple would say, “ Take this ring as a symbol of my love and fidelity from this day ahead till death do us part. ” Some would say that the plumpness of the hoop means that their love has no beginning and no ending. The isthmus with no end represents ageless life and beloved, and its opening representing a gateway to worlds unknown .
But basically, the ring as worn by the match, should be a visible sign of their beloved and committedness to one another and to show to the world that they belong to person. It is believed that if a married person refuses to wear the resound, it shows that the marriage is in crisis .
historically, the origin of wearing the wedding band on the hoop finger of the leave pass is an ancient egyptian practice. They believed that the feel enclosed a especial vein that was connected directly to the affection .
so, when you wear the ring on that finger, it is assumed that your heart has been joined to the one who places the ring in your finger. such does not suggest divorce, as is immediately being practised by some. therefore, the wear of the marry ring is an ancient adaptation.
however, I want to state of matter hera that the ring is just a symbol. It does not on its own make or mar a marriage. rather, it is the campaign of the couples, their liveliness of commitment, allowance and dependence on God that determines the success or otherwise of the marriage .
‘ The Practice Was Brought Into Nigeria
By Christian Missionaries ’
( Baba Aladura, Elder ( Dr. ) Israel Akinadewo, Secretary, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Lagos State/Prelate, Motailatu Church, Cherubim and Seraphim Worldwide )
THE manipulation of wedding rings, in the celebration of marriages, has enjoyed a universal acceptability, even beyond religions. While the use of wedding rings was not mentioned in the Bible, something similar transpired between king Pharaoh of Egypt and Joseph .
According to Genesis 41:37-57, the king was sol elated at the discipline interpretation of his dream by Joseph, that he had to remove his ring, and insert it on Joseph ’ second finger. ” This, the king of Egypt did, strictly to show his appreciation to Joseph and his invaluable contributions toward saving the integral nation from impending hunger .
however, while the habit of ring for marriages has no mention in the Bible, historians have said that it came from the ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. According to Carrie Fox ( 2010 ), in his history of the Wedding Ring, while the exact origin is nameless, historians believe that ancient Egypt started the custom .
This practice, according to him, was as a result of archaeological discoveries, some dating back more than 3,000 years ago. This use of the wedding closed chain, he said, is viewed by the company as a symbol of endless love between man and a woman .
therefore, having become an acceptable drill by the society, the wear of this ring, on the allow finger ( depending on the custom and polish, but largely on the fourthly finger ), will first show at a glance that the man/woman with the ring is married .
second, it reminds the parties of the vow existing between them, thereby guarding against infidelity, and third, it strengthens the love between the couples .
While the borrowing of the use of wedding rings by the church was said to have started in the ninth Century AD, it has no biblical reference/support and the Bible did not speak against it either. It is like person saying that because your local diagnose is not found in the Bible, then it has become unbiblical.

however, the habit of the marry hoop is strictly a romantic mentality from the secular worldly concern, which was brought into the church for spiritual bless. christian missionaries brought this exercise into Nigeria and it became acceptable to the society .
While some religious organisations, which are not disposed to the use of wedding rings can not be faulted, those who use them believe that it cements the more the adhesiveness between couples, and that when there is love in a syndicate, the company will be the better for it .

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