Quora Question: How Much Control Do Soldiers Have Over the Customization of Their Weapon?

Quora Questions are part of a partnership between Newsweek and Quora, through which we ‘ll be posting relevant and matter to answers from Quora contributors throughout the workweek. Read more about the partnership here. Quora question : How much Control Do Soldiers Have Over the Customization of Their Weapon ? answer from Dan Rosenthal, OIF I/II vet, Infantry/Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition team : basically none. Every one item in your unit of measurement ‘s armory is accounted for by serial act and hand signature. If you do n’t need it, it ‘s under lock and key. It gets assigned out to you based on the MTOE — basically a document that says who is in what position in the unit, and is assigned to what weapon system. This means that everything is precisely uniform, and precisely how is expected : your team will have two SAWs, two M203s, and cipher has to guess about it. As I mentioned, you have to sign for everything. This is called accountability for sensible items. Your rifle, your optics, your attachments, your NODs ( nox imagination ) — all are sensitive items. You are absolutely screwed if you can not produce your sensitive items for a arrest. This means that you wo n’t be carrying a spare ACOG lying about. If it ‘s signed out for you, it ‘s being used. differently, it ‘s back in the arsenal.

There is a bit of allowance with minor, ergonomic accessories. If you want to put a bag sleeve on your rifle, you ‘re risking fuss with your senior NCOs, but since it ‘s an easily removable, cheap mod, you may get overlooked. ( Or, you do this right before you leave the wire ). certain things like putting a personally owned flashlight on your forward track is broadly not a trouble, assuming you were n’t issued one in the beginning place. I got away for a farseeing time having rigged up a green laser to my PAQ-4 IR laser, so I could have a day visible-light laser. I finally stopped because other units did n’t know what it was. Lots of people bought those decent Magpul polymer mags and magazine iteration attachments. See all that 550 cord and 100mph tape on my M68 and PEQ/4 ? That ‘s what we call “ dumbbell cord ”, to make extra sure it does n’t come off and you lose a sensitive item.

Some things merely ca n’t be well swapped. When you are issued a rifle, you ‘re issued the entire rifle. To put a collapsible stock on an M16a2 entails separating the lower receiver, removing the stock entirely ( something not taught in basic fieldstripping ) and replacing it. But guess what ? possibly now the cushion spring assembly does n’t fit because collapsible stocks often require a unlike length. Or, possibly you ‘re encountering weapons malfunctions, because you ‘re using the wrong form and the weapon is not cycling properly ? effective job high-speed, if you find this out in a firefight and get person killed. Adjusting my front sight mail while zeroing my rifle on the crop.

You may get in trouble for putting unapproved accessories on your weapon. When I was in Iraq, there was an NCO who had ordered a 3×9 telescope out of some magazine to put on his M16. He got chewed out for doing sol, because it was not properly zero and he was putting everyone at hazard if person had to use his plunder ; not to mention that the M68 that was already assigned to him was a sensitive detail. once you enter the mystery squirrel land of particular operations, this becomes less of a concern, as you tend to be issued things like SOPMOD kits and are expected to tailor what you ‘re using to the mission profile. As a Ranger, for case, you may have a act more freedom with this than person in 82nd Airborne would ; particularly if you are in RRC. In SF, you end up with a bunch more freedom to tailor your equipment but you placid do so in consultation with the team. It ‘s not like you ‘re saying, “ Oh, hmm, I think I ‘ll take a bipod today because why the hell not, ” when you ‘re going to be clear up buildings. How much control do soldiers have over the customization of their weapon ? originally appeared on Quora : The best answer to any wonder. Ask a interrogate, get a big answer. Learn from experts and access insider cognition. You can follow Quora on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. More questions :

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