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National Wear Red day is a popular day celebrated in America on the 3rd of February. But it is a capital external chopine to show support and spread awareness about the fact that heart disease is the issue one campaign of deathrate in women. On National Wear Red Day, we are using this opportunity to educate the Women in India to wear crimson to support kernel health of women .
In 2003, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the American Heart Association took action against a disease that was claiming the lives of about 500,000 american women each year – a disease that women weren ’ thyroxine paying consideration to. Arising from that carry through, National Wear Red Day was born. It is celebrated on the first Friday in February, per annum to raise awareness about women ’ s center health .
Some facts about women heart health in India :

  • In India, women are more at gamble of affection disease nowadays than 3 three years ago
  • The largest group of women at gamble of a heart disease are aged between 35-44
  • Heart disease risk is highest amongst housewives as it is amongst working professionals.

many studies reveal that 3 in 5 women in India are at high risk of cardiovascular disease angstrom early on as 35 years of age. With data showing such alarming results, it is important to take the necessity hindrance measuring stick and raise awareness .
Follow the list measures to prevent heart diseases :

  1. Get your cholesterol and blood pressure checked frequently

If you ’ re over 40, ask your doctor about having a health check to evaluate your gamble of developing heart disease. This would include checking your cholesterol grade and blood blackmail .
If your cholesterol floor or blood atmospheric pressure is higher than it should be, this augments your gamble of heart disease. Your doctor might suggest life style changes or, if deemed necessary, recommend medication to reduce your cholesterol or blood atmospheric pressure .
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  1. Stop smoking

You ’ rhenium doubly a probable to have a heart attack if you are a smoker. Studies show that more unseasoned women now smoke than youthful adult men. Stopping smoke will diminish your chances of dealing with center disease .
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  1. Exercise to prevent heart disease

Incorporate more drill, including regular aerobic exercises such as swim and walk. To truly protect your heart, you need to do at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic action, such as fast walk or bicycle, every week .

  1. Lose weight

About six in every 10 women in India are either corpulence or corpulent in urban areas. Carrying surfeit weight puts an unfortunate song on your heart, and you ’ re more likely to have high cholesterol and high blood press, which besides amplifies the risk of center disease .

  1. Drink moderately

Drinking a little alcohol frequently may be good for your heart, but make certain you stay within the commend drink limits. Drinking more will increase your risk of center problems .
besides much alcohol or binge-drinking, can injure the heart muscle leading to irregular heart rhythm or worse, heart failure .

  1. Balance your diet

Eat healthy and be particularly careful not to consume more strategic arms limitation talks than is recommended ( which is no more than 6g a day ) and to reduce the sum of saturated fatness you eat. Include enough of fruits and leafy greens in your daily diet .

  1. Manage your stress

Some researchers have suggested that stress can add to heart disease. If you feel you are under a batch of stress, it ’ randomness authoritative to discover how to relax. There are some easy techniques you can learn to help you manage stress, like meditation .
     8. Get regular health screenings
regular health check-ups can tell you what your health condition is and whether you need to take action. It is crucial to visit your healthcare provider at least once a year to get all your body checks and tests are done to see if you have some abnormalities or problems. By doing then, you can start treatment early if you have any problems .
     9. Get good quality sleep
Make sleep a precedence in your life. People who don ’ thymine get enough sleep have a higher gamble of fleshiness, diabetes, high blood press, heart attack and depression. Most adults need at least seven hours of rest each night. Set a sleep schedule and perplex to it by going to bed and waking up at the same times each day. Keep your bedroom dark and quietly, so it is easier to sleep. Getting enough rest is related to a healthy center .
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The most authoritative takeaway to all this is that the first measure to a healthy heart is for women to assess their stream kernel circumstance and hence the contiguous need is to go for a heart check-up. Let us encourage our women to take up more heart-healthy measures for a better living !
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disclaimer : The data included at this locate is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a health wish professional. Because of unique individual needs, the lector should consult their doctor to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader ’ second situation .

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