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What has the Chelsea defender been wearing and what is the purpose of it ? Goal brings you all you need to know If you ‘ve been paying close attention to Germany at Euro 2020, you ‘ll have noticed that their defender Antonio Rudiger is wearing a mask while he plays .
It ‘s not a tribute to Batman, or even to Robin, nor is it a fashion affirmation, so what precisely is the Chelsea centre-back got it on his face during games ?
In case you ‘ve been wondering what it ‘s for, Goal brings you all you need to know.

Why is Antonio Rudiger wearing a face mask?

The confront mask worn by Antonio Rudiger during games is a protective one designed to shield his facial bones and minimise the risk of far injury .
Rudiger first gear sustained a blow to his face during the first branch of Chelsea ‘s Champions League semi-final clang against Real Madrid on April 27 .
“ He has a little bone injury on the side of the confront, ” explained Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel at the time. “ The collision [ with Alvaro Odriozola ] at the identical end of the bet on was a act unlucky. ”
Since then, Rudiger has played games with a face masquerade as a protective measure and has continued to do so into June while playing for Germany at the european Championship .
Antonio Rudiger mask Germany 2021 Bernardo Silva Portugal Getty The cause for the sequel of the mask is that Rudiger believes his national team will have to get stuck in if they want to beat the best.

“ It ’ sulfur silent there for security, ” said the no-nonsense 28-year-old ahead of Germany ‘s merging with France. “ I ’ ll have to see what the Chelsea doctors say when I get back to London. ”
He added : ” We have to be a short dirty, not always be courteous or try to play nice football. Against players like them, you have to throw down a marker. ”
Tuchel indicated that it was a “ little bone injury ” but Rudiger late confirmed that he had suffered a break jaw when he collided with Odriozola .
protective confront masks such as the one wear by Rudiger can besides be used in cases where players have broken other bones in their face, such as the nose, cheek or orbital .
The defender is by no means the only football player to have donned a confront mask while playing and, interestingly, a number of Chelsea stars have had to do so in the past .
Cesc Fabregas wore one after having his nose broken during a game against Stoke City, while Cesar Azpilicueta had to put one on for a while after hurting his cheekbone in a game against Crystal Palace .
Midfielder Nemanja Matic wore a confront mask for a issue of games at Chelsea, as did John Terry, Ramires and Fernando Torres, therefore Rudiger is following a banal custom at Stamford Bridge .
The nature of Rudiger ‘s function as a defender, where he is likely to be challenging for headers and putting his body in front of goal-bound shots, means that a protective mask is a wise accesssory to have.

Can you buy face guards & how much do they cost?

face guards such as the one that Rudiger wears can be bought online or sourced through medical supplies shops like pharmacies .
While not normally worn in football, they are worn more much by athletes in sports where there is a higher likelihood of a facial wound while playing .
They can cost in the region of £60 or $ 60 and you should consult your repair or a checkup professional before using one .

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